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Sexual harassment in Singapore (Workplace sexual harassment)

Sexual harassment refers to the making of unwelcome sexual advancements. It can take many forms, including physical or verbal bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange

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Gag orders – the law in Singapore

A gag order is a court-made order protecting the identities of witnesses in court proceedings. This power is derived from section 7 of the State Courts Act, and section 8 of the Supreme Court

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Public assemblies and processions in Singapore – police permits and the Public Order Act

Public assemblies and public processions are activities regulated by the Public Order Act, a law enforced in Singapore by the Singapore Police Force. Generally, police permits are required before these activities may be held. What

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Types of injunctions in Singapore

An injunction is a court-ordered remedy awarded to a plaintiff to restrain a defendant from doing an act. Injunctions are usually awarded where damages (or monetary recompense) would be inadequate to compensate the plaintiff.

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