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Power of Attorney in Singapore – Types and usages

A Power of Attorney (“POA”) is an instrument created by a person who appoints another person to act on his behalf. The creator of the POA is called the donor, while the person appointed

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Corporate lawyers for SMEs in Singapore – how they can help your business

By all measures Singapore is a reputable business hub and a world-leading financial centre. One of the main reasons is a fair and stringent legal framework – with strong laws and fair courts investors

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Medical negligence and malpractice in Singapore

Medical negligence or malpractice is a failure to exercise an accepted standard of care in medical professional skills or knowledge, resulting in injury, damage or loss. Such transgressions can have severe consequences – in 2007

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Letters of demand and their usages in Singapore

A letter of demand (“LOD”) is a letter setting out a list of demands for the recipient to comply with. LODs are usually sent by lawyers on behalf of their clients, threatening legal action

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