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Singapore Legal System »

What is a commissioner of oath?

“Commissioners for oaths” generally refer to advocates and solicitors, court interpreters, officers in the employment of government ministries, departments, statutory boards, government-linked companies and employees of designated non-profit organisations who are considered fit and

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International Law »

What is a notary public?

In Singapore, the number of notaries public number in the hundreds. A notary public must be a qualified lawyer. The Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public appoints eligible lawyers as notaries public. These

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New Media, News »

The new Copyright Act – the death of online piracy?

On July 8 2014, the Singapore Parliament passed a bill amending the Copyright Act, aiming to give copyright owners greater ability to protect their content from the reaches of online piracy. The crux of

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Criminal and Civil Law, Criminal Law »

Admissibility of evidence in the Singapore courts

Within the Singapore legal system, a body of statutes, together with case law, regulate the use of evidence in our courts. These statutes include the Evidence Act (“EA”), the Criminal Procedure Code (for criminal

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