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Criminal and Civil Law, Singapore Legal System »

Legal fees in civil litigation

Where litigation is pursued, the litigant’s lawyers may:- a)       Charge on an hourly basis; or b)       Agree on a lump sum fee; or c)       Agree on a fee cap with the client, either limiting the fees for

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Criminal and Civil Law, Singapore Legal System »

Civil Litigation in Singapore

Litigation refers to the process of taking legal action. Litigation stands in contrast to mediation, neutral evaluation, and arbitration, which are often cheaper, alternative methods of dispute resolution. Litigation can generally be categorised into civil

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Death, Wills »

Inheritance (Family Provision) Act in Singapore

When a person passes away, his property is distributed in accordance to his will, but in the absence of a will, the Intestate Succession Act prescribes the rules of distribution. In some situations, the

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Accidents, Neighbour disputes »

Occupiers’ liability in Singapore

Occupiers’ liability is a legal rule Singapore inherited from English common law. This rule has since undergone radical change, as a result of the seminal decision by the Singapore Court of Appeal, in the

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