Corporate Secretarial Fees in Singapore

At, we recognise that corporate services are essential for the smooth running of businesses.

We’ve partnered with an experienced ACRA-approved service provider to offer a comprehensive range of corporate services at competitive prices. You can refer to the table below for our fees for these corporate secretary services in Singapore:

Do enquire if you require these services in Malaysia too.

If you were to hire our partner firm as your corporate secretary, you can engage their corporate secretarial services at the discounted prices listed below.

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Corporate Services

Company Incorporation (includes 1 year of Corporate Secretary Service worth $350) $650, one-time fee
Corporate Secretary Service, includes 

  1. Provision, act and appointment of named secretary with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  2. Preparation of Annual General Meeting documents
  3. Lodgement of Annual Return filing with ACRA
  4. Maintain, update and upkeep the client’s statutory registers
  5. Email reminders of when filing dates will become due
  6. Advise on various corporate matters and statutory requirements in relation to the above matters
$300 per year
Nominee Resident Director $1800 per year
Registered Address $180 per year ($120 for clients of the corporate secretarial service)
Striking Off Company From $300 per job
Changing Registered Office Address & Operating Hours
Conversion from Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited Company
Conversion from Limited Liability Partnership to Private Limited Company
AGM and filing of Annual Return with ACRA $60 (ACRA AR filing fee)
Extension of time for AGM and filing Annual Return $220 per section (includes $200 ACRA filing fee)
Change of Financial Year-End $20
Change of company name $100 (includes $15 ACRA filing fee)
Update of paid-up capital  $100
Pocket Common Seal $65
Add on one company seal inclusive of resolution $85
Change of business activities $20
Approval of director fees in EGM $50
Access to the register book in ACRA $40 per transaction (includes $20 ACRA charge)

Appointment of Company Officers and Other Company Personnel

Appointing and change of director  $20
Appointment of first auditor $20
Change in auditor  $50
Appointing and changing of shareholder particulars $120 + Stamp duty fee to IRAS for transfer of shares either to existing or new shareholder; $20 for change of shareholder’s particulars
Appointing and change of secretary $20
Change in where Register of Members is kept $20
Change in beneficial owners, registrable controllers and nominator of nominee director $50
Registration of alternate address for each officer $60 (includes $40 ACRA charge)
Attend meeting by the corporate secretary or representative $100 per hour + $140 per trip

Corporate Secretarial Documents

Updating of Data Protection Officer with ACRA $50
Change in company constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association $200 for preparation of shareholders’ resolution and updating ACRA of the change
Preparing EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) documents $50
Records of minutes Included in the corporate secretarial services retaining fee, otherwise $300 per year
Preparing Board Resolution From $20
Preparing Shareholder’s Resolution From $20
Resolution for Declaration of Dividend $50
Updating of Register of Controllers with ACRA $50
Resolution for purchase of property $20
Approval of director fees in AGM for Private Limited Company Included in the corporate secretarial services retaining fee, otherwise $300 per year
Purchase of updated business profile $20 (included $5.50 ACRA charge)
Witness for Share Transfer Agreement $70
Certifying true copy of documents Depends on what documents to be certified
The signing of bank resolutions or other documents (in the corporate secretary’s office) $20

Immigration Services

Employment Pass Application
$860 per application
Permanent Residency Application $2000 per application

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping From $600 per year
Set up accounting system $300, one-time fee
Compilation of financial statements $300 per year

Tax and Audit Services

Annual Tax Return From $300 per year
Statutory Audit From $2000 per audit

Personal Income Tax

Personal Income Tax Filing From $300 per year

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