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Low Chun Yee

Low Law Corporation | Website

  • 20 Cecil Street, PLUS Building #15-00, Singapore 049705

Mr. Low Chun Yee is a highly skilled advocate with a strong background in criminal law. After graduating from the National University of Singapore, Mr. Low joined the Attorney General’s Chambers as a Deputy Public Prosecutor / State Counsel for several years. A seasoned litigator, Mr. Low’s extensive experience as…


Low Chun Yee

31 review

I am very grateful to have Mr low as my defence lawyer. Since the day i engaged him, he has been very helpful and patience in everyway. Most importantly, he is well-versed in his law knowledge.

If you are looking for a lawyer, think no more as Mr Low will be the right man to represent you!

Leonard Lim,

My case was more serious than someone called Mr. Liew. To that extend there is a bail-out needed during the investigation period. Finally, the case was concluded in a short 2.5 month (usually took 3-6 months) with the result of most minimum – a stern warning.

Mr. Low does in passionately manner with swift responses which is critical during the investigation periods, what important is he seems know every inside out for what happened during the incidence and you felt he is the person you can put the hope on.

We did not met face to face throughout the process (only via Emil and WeChat) but he is able to draft a very good representations letter (to Attorney General) which I believers is the reason for me to get out.

I really appreciate everything he did for me, I would also highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representations.

Thanks Mr. Low !

Quek, 28-Sep 2023.


I chanced upon this very site and found out about Mr Low Chun Yee. Read his profile and I decided he is the lawyer I should reach out. Immediately I Whatsapp him and he responded quite fast. He is very direct and clear on the options I will land into after hearing my story when we met in his office. He is also responsive to advise you what to do when a situation pops out. Strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal help. Thank you so much, Mr. Low for helping me to settle my case.

Ms Lee A. N.,

Mr Low is very knowledgeable and direct. On our first meeting, I appreciate how he delve straight into the case. I like that he does not mince his words yet exercise empathy along the way. He is a wonderful communicator with the ability to make you feel comfortable sharing at the same time.

After we decided to engage his help, he shown a lot of perseverance and good listening skills. When I had any doubts, he was able to clear it with his logical reasoning.

Throughout the case, he was very prompt with his replies and he was able to show me different perspectives which shows his vast experience as a lawyer.

Safe to say, we got the results we hoped for in the shortest amount of time possible and we would not have done it without his advise and assistance.

Thank you, Mr Low! I was happy that you were on our side.


I would like to thank Mr Low for his professionalism and openness. Although, I have decided not to pursue the case due to practical and financial reason, I really appreciate his great advice, knowledge sharing and openness during the consultation. He is a great lawyer!!!


I contacted mr Low to ask for advice. Although it was a short consult, mr Low evaluated my situation thoroughly and gave me his honest inputs on the matter, which helped a lot. I appreciate the help and advice given to me. Thank you !


Weeks ago , a report was made against me. Chanced upon this very site and found out about Mr Low Chun Yee. I contacted the law firm and he got back to me the very same day. Even advised me ways to save cost on legal consult. He is very passionate and experienced. Doesn’t give false hope. He would reply even when I asked simple questions and queries pertaining to my case and his replies were very detailed even though he didn’t charge me a single cent since the day I contacted him. Eventually my case was given a warning in just barely 3 weeks. Mr Low totally changed my views and opinions about Lawyers. I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal help.

Mr Liew,

I would like to thank Mr Low for his hard work, professionalism and knowledge dealing with my son’s case. I would definitely recommend Mr Low to anyone who requires his expertise.

Mrs Foo,

I hereby would like to thank Mr Low for the excellent service and the hard work given to settle my case.
Thanks so much, especially for your patience. Thanks for always replying me whenever I text you. Much satisfaction.
Thanks once again to Mr Low, you helped me.
I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr Low
Friendly, highly professionalism, attentive, systematic, thorough knowledgeable,approachable and given proper expert advocacy.


Mr Low Chun Yee has provided legal advice and guided me went through the legal procedure smoothly for my criminal case, he recently represented me in court and defended for me to get the most minimum sentence.
I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and trustworthy person, not to mention the excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details.
I really appreciate everything he did for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation.
Thanks Again!

Lydia Lu,

Mr Low has provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. While working with Mr Low, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer me wrong.

I would highly recommend Mr Low to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from Mr Low again.

Sophia Elynna,

Mr. Low Chun Yee is a Great Lawyer. He upholds & executes his profession very well. His explanation for every situation is Crystal Clear. He is able to come out with every possible aspects of the case which could really be of great help. Mr. Low is always confident no matter the cases assigned to him. He is very proactive & efficient. In my opinion, his support throughout the Mentions/Trials is superb. Whenever possible, he tries his very best to squeeze his schedule in between to physically be there with you during your Mentions/Trials. I am sincerely Thankful for the effort & hardwork that Mr. Low had put in for my case. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Low Chun Yee, from Kalidass Law Corporation to take up your cases. All the best to Mr. Lows future endeavour and may God bless you.

Hariq Hogan,

A really great lawyer. Open minded and really tries hes best to help.

Mohammed ariff bin zain,

Thank you Mr Low for helping me throughout the court case
You are helpful and understanding
Take the trouble to go through numerous court mentions and you are always there for advice
Great lawyer with bright future

Ong Lai Chai,

Mr Low is able to provide helpful, timely and professional legal advice through layman format. He will share all the necessary and important information regarding the scenario, implication and consequence of a legal matter. He is attentive and able to provide constructive feedback and concerns with great deal of patience. I would especially like to commend Mr Low on his professionalism and superlative skills ! I would also like to recommend Mr Low to anyone who needs a great and professional lawyer!


He was a great lawyer.. Had great points to help me out sincerely.. In order how much i did, he still got my probation. Thank you so much

Thana Balan,

Thank You Mr.low For your Help Over My Case. Much Appreciated and everything went smoothly. Thank you once again ! Highly Recommend.


Thank you for helping me for my case. Everything was smooth and faster than I expected. Thank you for your time Mr Low ! Highly recommended !

Best Wishes !

Gowri R,

Mr Low is definitely the lawyer to go for if you’re seeking help for your cases. He is very knowledgeable and quick witted, i am so glad i got to meet him and also being able to see how he gathers the information from his clients and defend for his clients to the very minimum sentences. Lastly with his past background as a DPP, you can trust his judgements in terms of what sort of consequences someone has to face so as to get the client more self prepared and ready.
Thank you once again Mr Low, will definitely introduce to friends that may be in need of help.

Brandon Lee,

To Mr Low

I would like to say thank you for helping me on my case of 2018 Oct, Regarding Of my family matters . And it is a last minute court order to have a lawyer to stand in . I’m so luck to have you as my lawyer to handle my case.

I do appreciate what have you done for help me to resolve the case .

Once again Thank you & Wishing all the success. Mr Low.

Andy Kok

Andy Kok Wai Kit,

Mr Low recently represented my brother in court and I feel extremely fortunate to have met such a professional, efficient and capable lawyer like him. He is exceptionally caring and empathetic towards the situations of his clients and I can tell he puts in his very all into everything that he does. Mr Low is a lawyer that gives you a great sense of assurance and confidence and at the same time, would not deliver you a false sense of hope.

So far, having came across many other lawyers, Mr Low is the lawyer that mesmerized me the most due to his extremely diligent and meticulous character. His service is really tip top! With his strong dedication and intellect, I’m sure he will be able to help a lot more others and I must say, it is indeed is not easy to come across such a respectable lawyer like Mr Low. I’ll definitely recommend him to anyone who is in need of help. On top of that, I really feel he deserves the title as the best criminal lawyer in Singapore! Dear Mr Low, on behalf of my family, thank you so much for your help!

Ann Goh,

Hi sir im happy with the sentence . thank god to have a lawyer like u. hope one day u will be famous and known to people who you can help out . Great service !

Jeevan M,

Mr Low Chun Yee recently represented me in a real estate transaction and it was quickly evident through working with her that she is knowledgeable, experienced, and respectful. During the process Mr Low spent ample time with me to walk me through the process and ensure that we understood what was expected of me.I highly recommend Mr Low Chun Yee.

Thank you so much for your guidance and help with my legal troubles. Your kindness and support were so greatly appreciated when i needed it most. Than you again.

Nurul Akasha Bte Mohamad Rapi,

I initially had difficulties and financial problems to fight my case. I was adviced to apply for legal aid services to engage a lawyer. As the application processes and successed, i was appointed Mr Low Chun Yee in kalidass law coporation. He had fought the best and the least of punishment for me and had also adviced me on certain things i have to be aware of. Mr Low is also a firm person who believes that everyone deserves a chance and also firm to the law. To his appeals, i have a better chance now to live in a better way. To that , i hope that he will be the best and trustworthy for engaging him to fight for cases.


Mr Low was appointed to represent me for my case through CLAS. A very patient person and gives the best advise from his past experience as an ex-prosecutor. Which is also a reason for me to prepare myself for the judgement of the case i was in. I would also say that he is highly recommended because of his professionalism. A lawyer who will never give you false hope.


Mr Low has been very responsible and professional in the way he handles his work and clients . I had previously engage mr low for my case and he was so responsible about it that I felt amazed at the service he actually offered I had never been this amazed by any lawyers as most of them doesn’t let you feel that they are fighting for you at all or even being responsible enough about what they are doing . I give this compliment to Mr Low as when he was handling my case he would give updates about my case at the soonest possible time without me even having to pester and ask for updates . He would even give advices on what would be a better route to look at and what are the possibilities that would happen . He gives clear instructions on what he needs as to fight the case for you and would advice what’s best for you and afterwards ask what’s your idea about the plan be came up with , with all this being said I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or love ones in need as I had engage other Lawyers before and was never this satisfied with the work given done

Lin Qunxiang,

Mr.low chun yew was assigned to me from CLAS he is a very professional lawyer I met so far he understands what client’s needs and analyze legal issues and provide important guidance to the best outcome he has achieved. I’m very thankful to him and will continue to recommend him to my social friends and share around with such a great talent lawyer with so much passion on his Career.


Hired Mr Low as a criminal lawyer for my case. Would say that he is experienced, professional and helpful. Having been on both sides of the table he is a lawyer that knows what to expect from the judges and prosecutor.


Mr Low Chun Yee was assigned to me through CLAS. He is a very confident lawyer and he gives excellent advises through his experiences as a ex-prosecutor and a lawyer. He does his job professionally, and he is definitely a lawyer that you can rely on. I have recommended him a Friend of mine, and will definitely continue to do so.

Thank you Mr Low!


I met Mr. Low when I had a case and I applied for the legal aid, and Mr. Low took my case with no fee. I’m very thankful that Mr. Low was willing to help me with the case. Mr. Low is a very professional and good lawyer, he explained my situation very clear, he supported me during the trial, and he helped me to get the lowest possible punishment from the court. I’m really thankful to meet Mr. Low and for everything he has done to help others in the process of lawsuit. God bless.

Kasim aripin,

Mr Low Chun Yee was assigned to my family as the pro-bono lawyer through Criminal Legal Aid Scheme.
Even though we were receiving free legal advice through CLAS; Mr Low was at all times professional, proactive, efficient and most importantly, relatable. He was able to explain all matters, however trivial, to us in a friendly manner that was easy for an elderly person to understand. I will not hesitate to recommend Mr Low to anyone who seeks legal help.

Abigael Tay,

Chua Hock Lu

Kalidass Law Corporation | Website

  • 160 Robinson Road, #23-06 SBF Center, Singapore 068914
  • Office Hours:

    9 am - 6 pm

Hock Lu’s primary area of practice is in criminal defence litigation, and he has experience assisting in a variety of offences. Hock Lu believes in the need for every accused person to have a chance to be heard, and the importance of adequate oral and written advocacy. He is committed…

Lim Kim Hong

KIM & CO | Website

  • 10 Anson Road #24-16A International Plaza Singapore 079903
  • Office Hours:

    Monday-Thursday: 9am to 6pm Friday: 9am to 5pm

Lim Kim Hong, fondly known to all as Kim, obtained her Law Degree from the National University of Singapore in 1987. She was called to the Singapore Bar in March 1988.  She worked in 4 law firms before she finally decided to set up her own practice Kim & Co [KNC]…


Lim Kim Hong

10 review

Grateful to Ms Kim for professionally and patiently guiding me through the whole entire process providing practical advice & prompt updates. Ms Kim consultation was clear and helpful in understanding my options moving forward.

I highly recommended Ms Kim & her team to whoever seeking legal representation or advice.

J. Goh,

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Ms. Lim and Nadiah for their legal assistance throughout this ordeal. They had been very thorough and meticulous in handling my case, ensuring that I’m not on the losing end of the battle. I’m really thankful for all they have done for me thus far! Thank you!

J. Peh,

Needed some notarization done and engaged Kim & Co for the job – simple, fuss free and fast! Very impressed with their efficiency and speediness

WS Ong,

The CFO of my former employer recommended me to use M/s Kim & Co, Advocates & Solicitor, for any legal issues in Singapore our start-up company may face.
It was a great recommendation.
M/s Kim & Co. has been of great help to us to find an amicable solution for a legal problem, analysing the build up and the legal situation, giving us a frank picture of our possibilities, and then accompanying us through the process till finding an amicable agreement.
We highly appreciated the fact that M/s Kim & Co has been forthcoming and didn’t charge us each and every hour they spent on our case.
We will continue to use M/s Kim & Co. for other issues and can highly recommend, in particular to Small and Medium sized companies, to contact M/s Kim & Co and use their services.

A. Gruber,

I have used Kim & Co. as notaries public for documents for important international transactions. They’ve been consistently responsive, reliable, and effective. Highly recommended for individual or corporate work.

P. Allen, Singapore,

Thank you for your speedy completion of the required work. Really appreciate the help extended by the team one day before the CCB lock down.

P. Wong,

I know this is a last minute curve ball thrown at us. Thanks for handling it so well!

W. Tan,


[Thank you for your legal advice and help this time. I firmly believe that God will help me in the most appropriate way
at the most appropriate time. May your family and career be blessed by God!]

K. Lin,

I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, love, care and concern, and for your professionalism and responsiveness in handling my case.

F. Tsai,

Thank you so much for your help. This is by far one of the best customer experience I ever had with any notary. TOP CLASS!!

A. Lizarraga,


Yeo Marini Law Corporation | Website

  • 133 New Bridge Road, #15-04, Chinatown Point
  • Office Hours:

    By appointment only

Ronald started off his career as an economist before deciding to pursue a second degree in law. He has worked as a legal counsel in both public and private sector including various international banks. However, the corporate career gave him less satisfaction as compared to helping the layperson. Coupled with…



4 review

I am most impressed with Mr Ronald Yeo on his commitment to fulfill the various requirements of his clients, and his balanced views and advices. Sincere and with no other agendas, he seeks to provide his assistance, and advised us in the most time-bound, cost efficient ways. I have been a great beneficiary of his service and certainly have a peace of mind working with him. Coming from humble roots, I do strongly believe in his passion and commitment to serve, and to serve with excellence, in the rest of his law career. The law community standing will certainly be enhanced with someone like Ronald.

Kelvin Tang,

Ronald is a trusted lawyer friend who provides sound and practical legal advice to those in need. A few years ago, he helped me navigate through a potential contractual dispute with a vendor by advising me on how to position my negotiations to strengthen my case. The negotiations turned out in my favor and I am thankful for Ronald’s help.

Since then, I have referred others to Ronald and his firm when asked for lawyer recommendations, and feedback has always been positive.


Ronald has been a great friend and an even greater lawyer. Being my to go person on any legal advice, even though it’s just general day to day / family related, he advised me with utmost professionalism. Trivial matter such as private settlement of car accidents, he provided a holistic perspective, pre-empting what can happen and advised me on the necessary agreements to be signed between the parties. Recently Ronald helped my dad on preparing and documenting his will. Despite a very humble background without much complex assets to be documented in the will, he guided me to perform all due diligence checks to ensure everything is captured, and leave nothing to chances of inconveniences in the future.

David Quek,

Ronald Yeo is a highly skilled and compassionate family lawyer who has helped me to navigate difficult family situation. His expertise in family law is exceptional, and his ability to provide sound legal advice that allows resolution of matters, is invaluable.

He possesses a deep understanding of family law and procedure. What I appreciate the most is that he has a strategic approach to resolving dispute while protecting my best interest. He has excellent communication skills, explaining complex legal concepts clearly to me.

He also showed empathy towards my extenuating personal circumstances. For example, he go over and beyond in answering my queries even after office hours and reassured me on the procedure (despite being asked nth times about it). This alleviated the enormous stress that I was going through during the entire situation.

If you’re facing a family legal issue in Singapore, I would strongly recommend Ronald who is highly professional and reliable, and a lawyer with a heart.


Abdul Rohim Sarip

A. Rohim Noor Lila LLP | Website

  • No. 111 North Bridge Road Peninsula Plaza #29-03A Singapore 179098
  • Office Hours:

    9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

A Rohim Noor Lila & Partners was founded by Mr Abdul Rohim Sarip and Mdm Noor Lila Abdul Hamid in 1995. A Rohim Noor Lila & Partners was later established as A Rohim Noor Lila LLP (“Company”) from 1 April 2017 onwards. We provide practical and cost-effective resolution to your…


Abdul Rohim Sarip

5 review

I would like to personally thank Mr Rohim and Raudha whose rendered a wonderful service to me and at an affordable rate in getting the grant of probate from the court . Initially the time frame estimates was roughly about half a year however all things were settled by less than 5 months ! I would definitely recommend you guys to seek legal advice from A Rohim Noor Lila & Partners for their efficiency and no doubt transparency . May Allah bless you with an abundance of health and wealth.

Eswira Salman,

A very big thank you to Mr Rohim and associates. I would definitely recommend his firm to friends and family. The welcoming feeling and the friendly gestures by the staff here makes me feel at ease.

Anddd, a special shoutout to Ms. Omairah.
Ms. Omairah went the extra miles and have been a really great help throughout the situation, she listens and is very genuine helping me. And, to Mr. Rohim, a very big thank you for taking up my case. I really appreciate your kind assistance.

Safirna Saleh,

Company Lawyer yg amat di percayai,perkhimatan yg memuaskan dan baik.
Encik Rohim serta kaki tangan nya amat peramah dan vbaik hati.
Terima kasih

Azizah Binte Maan,

I wish to sincerely thank Mr Abdul Rohim Sarip for his services in handling the matters relating to the estate of my late brother.

Puan Faridah,

I would like to commend on Mr Rohim and his team for their professional and honest legal advices. Thank you for the great help

DY Tan,

Markus Kng

I.R.B. Law LLP | Website

  • 1 Gateway Drive, #16-12 Westgate Tower, Singapore 608531
  • Office Hours:

    9am - 6pm

I am an Advocate and Solicitor admitted to the Singapore Bar and am a qualified legal practitioner. I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to legal representation and am committed to providing clear and concise advice to clients who look to me for guidance. Please reach out to me if you…

Singa Retnam

I.R.B. Law LLP | Website

  • 119 Jalan Sultan Singapore 199008
  • Office Hours:

    9:00 am till 11:00 pm daily. *Please call and make an appointment before coming to the office.

Murder Cases with a successful record of not having any clients facing death, penalty jail sentences were only between 5 to 10 years Capital Drug trafficking cases, as seen in PP v Theo Teo Leng where Mr Singa Retnam was the first council to rebut the presumption for the possession of drugs successfully. Motor Accidents/…

Jocinda Wong

Director of Esteem Law LLC | Website

  • 70 Shenton Way, #11-13 Eon Shenton, Singapore 079118
  • Office Hours:

    9am to 6pm (Weekdays) (other timings with prior appointment).

Represented many clients in various trial proceedings involving charges like criminal breach of trust, forgery, cheating, outrage of modesty, voluntary causing hurt. Some criminal trials will take at least 14 days to end. Represented clients in mitigating their sentence after pleading guilty. One of the reported cases is PP v Muhammad Farhan bin Adnan[2018] SGDC 67.…

Jocinda Wong

30 review

From our first meeting, Jocinda explained everything to me that I could understand and was always very responsive when I had questions. She helped me so much with my case and kept me updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of.
I am grateful of her for her aid of handling my case and I definitely recommend her.

Soh Wei Lih,

I had the pleasure of working with Lawyer Jocinda recently, and I can confidently say that my experience was exceptional. Jocinda’s office is conveniently located in the heartlands, making it easily accessible for anyone in need of legal assistance.

From the moment I walked into her office, Jocinda displayed a remarkable combination of efficiency and empathy. She was quick to grasp the nuances of my situation and showed a genuine sensitivity towards my concerns. This made me feel comfortable and assured that I was in capable hands. What truly sets Jocinda apart is the quality of advice she provides. Her guidance was comprehensive, addressing all my concerns and leaving no stone unturned. It was evident that she had a deep understanding of the legal intricacies involved in my case, and her advice was well-rounded and insightful.

Most importantly, the outcome of Jocinda’s work was nothing short of impressive. Her dedication and expertise led to a successful resolution of my legal matters, and there were no unexpected setbacks or complications. I couldn’t have asked for a better result, and I am immensely grateful to Jocinda for her outstanding work.


Exceptional Care and Meticulous Service!
I had the privilege of working with Jocinda during my divorce proceedings, and I can’t praise her enough. Jocinda’s caring and meticulous approach truly set her apart. She went above and beyond to ensure that every detail was covered and that my best interests were always at the forefront. It felt like having a friend by my side during a challenging time. Her dedication and commitment to my case were truly remarkable. I highly recommend Jocinda for anyone seeking a divorce lawyer who genuinely cares about their clients.

Vi Chien Chua,

Jocinda is very understanding , nice , kind & knowledgeable , the way she filed document efficient.
The way she handle the cases and also the very manner reach into that depth of the case is really commendable and also deserves my very thankfulness to have Jocinda as my lawyer.

Vivian Han,

Through this tough period, Jocinda has exercised her empathetic skill. Also, she has rendered great assistance to me while waiting for court official documents!

I will highly recommend Jocinda for her professionalism and services.

Calista Wong,

Cost was higher as compared to a few other law firms that I have checked, but it was definitely worth it..

The assistance, follow up and updates provided by my lawyer, Ms Jocinda Wong, was beyond my expectations.. She will always be ready and around to answer to my queries even after working hours and into the late night..

Her efficiency in handling my case was really impressive.. Other law firms told me that the case will take an average of 3-6 months, but she got my case handled and closed in less than 2 months..

I will strongly recommend Ms Jocinda Wong from FND Legal..


Ms Jocinda is very professional, helpful, and warm-hearted. She advised me and settled my case efficiently. She also supported me emotionally during my difficult times. I feel so lucky to have found a lawyer like her!

I highly recommend Ms Jocinda if you need any legal advice. Thank you!


I met Jocinda for my divorce case. She was polite and extremely helpful in my legal battle with my ex spouse. She took the extra mile to make sure my needs are well taken care of. In addition, she advised me the appropriate steps to recover what I deserved and at the same time fair to other party to avoid unnecessary legal expenses.

Ang Swee Keng,

I highly recommend Ms Jocinda Wong of EALC as She was very prompt and clear in her responses to my queries, and handled matters with a clear sense of professionalism and knowledge. Her patience and compassion made the interaction smooth and comfortable, bringing on a new level of trust! Thanks a lot Ms Wong.

Kek Beng,

Miss Kast & Miss Jocinda,

I really and honestly want to thank both of you from the very depth of my heart for the way you have helped me with all of your legal experiences as well as expertise.

You actually made me very much tension free just by accepting my case thankfulness to Miss Jocinda Wong. Thank you for helping me through this uncontested divorce trial, and for ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf. I am so grateful to you for representing me and being a powerful advocate for me. Thank you so much for your passionate, thoughtful, and brilliant work.

If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been settled by now. Thanks once again for your legal advice, time, and efforts.

Jocinda responded quickly, trustworthy and reliable advisor. She is also professional, patient, understanding and compassionate lawyer.

I highly recommend Jocinda to anyone who needs a lawyer to settle your case fast, gives you peace of mind and fights for what you deserve. I have no hesitation in recommending East Asia Law (Kast & Jocinda) to anyone in need of family law advice.

Thank you, Meci Beaucoup

Pingu K,

I had been a client with EALC since 2016. Kast and her teams are very professional and knowledgable. Kast helped me with my divorce case in 2016 and recently, Kast and her teams handle another case of mine, both of the cases they ended it beautifully.
Kast, Jo, Vicky and Shanti, thank you very much.

Priscilla Lim,

We are very satisfied for the sound advise and quality service.
Thank you Kast and Jo. I have no hesitation to recommend their service.

David Yip,

Compassionate and dedicated lawyers who are always there for me. Ms Kast and Jo, thank you for all you have done for me, and more until I am 70.

Serene On,

My mom desperately needed help – at risk of losing her retirement property – one which she entrusted in wrong hands. Despite constraints of narrow legal bandwidth, East Asia’s Ms Kast and Ms Jocinda nailed in at the point, pit their strongest case and broke down the counter party’s solicitor defense in the High Court in just one single hearing – victory with costs awarded. I would like to especially mention that we weren’t expecting to have two lawyers in this action for the fees quoted. I therefore must refer, being grateful and indebted, this affordable villian- slaying Ms Kast and her team to anyone seeking justice. I pray all be saved by her service.

C K Wong,

I was being referred to EALC and I totally understand why. This is a law firm that treats us like a friend, they sympathize and give us their best effort and advises. Jocinda has been my lawyer and always giving me her best listening ears and helped me handle my difficult ex spouse. I think she has done more than a professional lawyer could do. Not to mention the most wonderful Kast who has been such a dear boss too. She has also helped me and my 2 children a great deal to bring us to where we are now! Everyone from EALC are like our friends, not forgetting the friendly and caring Irene and Shanti, thank you for being here for me and my children ❤️

Nancy Yeo,

I was referred to East Asia Law by my friend. And I am very grateful for having found a lawyer like Jocinda for helping with my case. She was very professional and experienced with handling similar cases like mine. She represented me very well and I felt a sense of ease at the hearing. (The previous law firms that I went to could not handle my queries and case)

Thank you so much Jocinda and East Asia Law. You have given me assurance and compassion and for understanding my situation.

Cassandra Kumar,

Ms Kast and Jocinda are very good lawyers. Their support team is also very good. You can trust them fully. Thumbs up for EALC!

Lee Pei Xian,

Was referred to Jocinda for my annulment and I definitely recommend her service. Though I did not engage her at the end but that does not stop her from assisting me and providing me with lots of useful advice. I was in a state of confusion and feeling lost but she managed to clear my doubts and provide me with solutions. Thank you Jocinda!

Vicky Wang,

I engaged this law film to proceed with the divorce proceedings with my marriage. The case was settled efficiently and there were no loose end.

My case was handled by associate lawyer Joicnda. She is very straightforward, equal towards both parties and knowledgeable on handling the case. I highly recommend their service and assistance if you are in need of legal advise. Thank you!

Tan Jay,

Thank you Ms Kast and Jo for your help on all my legal matters. I have so many other previous lawyers but none of them are as special as these two ladies. They are hardworking and passionate lawyers – who will go for extra miles just for their clients. They are fast and responsive towards all my queries – None of them have been left unanswered. Put your trust on their legal team and you will be worry-free.

Henry Tan,

Ms Kasturi and Ms Jocinda Wong of EALC were recommended to me after i had discharged my previous council half way through my divorce proceedings.
This was the best switch i had made, Jocinda handeled my case and within a couple of weeks judgement was given despite all the messy proceedings that we went thru.
EALC has a wonderful team that works meticulously to ensure that their clients are well taken care of and get what they rightfully deserve.
It is rare to come across a team that shows empathy to their clients needs and requirements.
Kudus to Ms Shanti, Ms Jocinda & Ms Kasturi.
Thank you once again for all your assistance during my period of destress.

Alexis Lopez,

I am a Client fm EALC. My Divorce journey was like a rollercoaster ride .
Ms Kast and Ms Jocinda have been extremely supportive through this difficult time. I could not have gotten through it without you both.

Both Ms Kast and Ms Jocinda help me even on Wkends u both have ans my urg calls and settle my stressful issues on regards to my child assess rights.

Your support has made me a stronger person. I want to say Thank you for all your help and I appreciate that you both didn’t give up on me or my case .
And Ms Jocinda thanks for always checking on me and my child truly appreciate ur kindness.

Gowri Shamz,

Miss Kast, Miss Irene and Miss Jocinda.

Thank you for your patience and support for the past 2 years in handling my late grandfather estate case. It was truly heart warming knowing that you helped this case through the very end. I am truly satisfied with the service provided by EALC. To get the presumption of death from the high court is definitely not an easy task. Yet, your firm pressed on and managed to jump the hurdle. My dad( administrator) really appreciate your firm hard work and patience. Will definitely enganged this remarkable firm for future cases again.

Once again, your help is greatly appreciated by my family and myself. If there’s a 10 stars button, i would definitely select it.

Md Alfian,

Lawyer Jocinda has been most helpful! Ms Kast and Jo was very accessible, diligent, and dependable when it came to me and my legal rights. Jo was very patient with me, always answered my questions and gave me objective counsel when needed. She was someone that I could trust easily. Her attention to detail and knowledge of laws are unsurpassed. Her hard work and diligence has resulted in a favorable outcome in my case. I have used multiple law firms in the past and East Law Corporation has proven to exceed my expectations. Thank you Ms Kasturi, Vicky and Shanti.
Highly recommended!

Parinita Kanoje,

I am glad that I have made the right decision to engage EALC in my father’s property matter. I was really about to give up because I went to 3 other law firms and nobody could solve it. It has been unsolved for several years. It took less than 6 months for EALC to solve the case with 100% full amount of the property value claim.They acted very fast and efficiently. I was fortunate to find lawyers like them. I would like to thank Mdm Kasturi and Ms Jocinda for their excellent service and their help in expediting the whole process. May God bless them!

Meta Rani,

Miss Kast & Miss Jocinda,

I really and honestly want to thank both of you from the very depth of my heart for the way you have helped me with all of your legal experiences as well as expertise.

You actually made me very much tension free just by accepting my case thankfulness to Miss Jocinda Wong. Thank you for helping me through this uncontested divorce trial, and for ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf. I am so grateful to you for representing me and being a powerful advocate for me. Thank you so much for your passionate, thoughtful, and brilliant work.

If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been settled by now. Thanks once again for your legal advice, time, and efforts.

Jocinda responded quickly, trustworthy and reliable advisor. She is also professional, patient, understanding and compassionate lawyer.

I highly recommend Jocinda to anyone who needs a lawyer to settle your case fast, gives you peace of mind and fights for what you deserve. I have no hesitation in recommending East Asia Law (Kast & Jocinda) to anyone in need of family law advice.

Thank you, Meci Beaucoup

Pingu K,

Ms Kast and Ms Jo, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations throughout my case. Grateful for all of your efforts. I should have done it sooner and save myself from all the stress and sleepless nights. I highly recommend East Asia Law Corporation who needs an excellent lawyer to represent them. Thank you Dr Xavier G


Dear Mdm Kast and Jocinda,

I want to thank both of you and your team from the bottom of my heart.

I am so thankful and grateful for all your professional and excellent service in my kids maintenance case.
I was very worried when I came to your office, but you, Jocinda, together with your wonderful staffs Shanti, Irene and Vicky made me and my kids feel so comfortable and was very assuring that our case will be taken care of.

Jocinda, I want to thank you personally for all your dedication and hard work that you have put into my kids maintenance case. You are one amazing soul that I have met, you were very patient, understanding and caring person who went all out for us. I’m so thankful to God for taking me to East Asia Law and got you to handle my case.

Mdm Kast, I also wanted to thank you for all your help and kind words that you gave us during the difficult times. You and your team was always there for us. It made us feel so blessed to have known all of you.

I will strongly recommend you and Jocinda to anyone who needs legal help in family matters. You all have been a great blessing to us. I wish you all the very best and God bless!


My deepest gratitude and appreciation to Ms Kast, Ms Jocinda, Irene and their wonderful team. I am so grateful for their compassion, dedication and professionalism in guiding me through my uncontested divorce. Apart from legal matters, they also ensured that myself and my child’s well-being were addressed at all times. I’ve met several lawyers but Ms Kast & Ms Jocinda are the most warm-hearted, patient and helpful lawyers I’ve ever met. No amount of words can express how thankful I am for their amazing legal work they have done on my behalf.

For anyone who needs/is contemplating to seek family law advice, I strongly recommend East Asia Law. Thank you for creating a new peaceful beginning in my life


East Asia Law Corporation took up my case one year ago and with the help from Ms Jocinda and the team, my case was successfully concluded. I have nothing but gratitude. Even now, I am so thankful to Ms Jocinda for replying and advising me promptly to my questions. Doing her best to assist me and I am very grateful to that. Anyone needs legal help should consult EALC. Rest assure it is more than those fancy law firm. Thank you so much EALC.

Jag Lee,