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Amirul Hairi

I.R.B. Law LLP | Website

  • 117A, Jalan Sultan, Singapore 199007
Amirul is a litigator who specialises in shipping and international trade.

Amirul Hairi

1 review

I was introduced to Mr. Baiross to advise me on a company matter and my dispute with the other shareholders. After understanding my case he recommended some solutions and options for me to consider.

Mr. Baiross assembled his team comprising of his partner, Mr. Amirul Hairi Bin Mohamed RawiI and their associate Ms Darshini Yoganathan to assist me. Like Mr. Baiross, Mr Amirul is just as patient and understanding. Mr. Amirul very patiently update me as the case proceed and was able to give me timely legal advices and opinions which help me to understand what is my position at each stage of the case.

Mr. Amirul made every effort to update me via WhatsApp and also arranged to meet me personally after office hours to update me if they find it is necessary, which most lawyers do not. Unlike other lawyers, he will patiently discuss with me, the merit of the case without imposing an attitude not like other lawyers, “I am a lawyer, I know better”, he respect client’s suggestion or concern and find solution or suggestion to these concerns.

Mostly importantly I am impressed that even during his annual reservist, he make arrangement to meet me together with Mr. Baiross after his official reservist hours. In comparison to other lawyers, they are truly responsible lawyer to their clients. They do not measure their clients whether they are rich, not so well to do or lack of financial means to engage a lawyer. They will make every efforts to assist their clients.
I like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr Baiross and his team, Mr. Amirul Hairi and their associate Ms Darshini Yoganathan, who have gone to a great extent to provide assistance and help me achieved my objective of winding up the company.

If anyone has need legal help, I strongly recommend Mr Baiross and his team from I.R.B Law LLP.

Henry Tan,