Have Your Agreement Professionally Drafted by a Lawyer

So you’ve reviewed the template you downloaded from us and decided that it’s not sufficient for your needs. That’s all right!

We understand that everyone’s situation is different. And your situation requires a different approach that our template cannot provide.

You’ve explored your options and have decided that you will need to hire a lawyer to draft your agreement from scratch.

But where can you find a lawyer?

Use Our Find a Lawyer Service to Draft Your Agreement

Through our flagship Find a Lawyer service, you will be able to easily obtain free, non-obligatory quotations from up to 5 lawyers on drafting your agreement and decide who to hire after that.

Here’s how it works…

At the Find a Lawyer page, fill in the details of your query and your contact information. There’s no need to go into all the details of the drafting help you need at the moment. Keep your message succinct!

Next comes the fun part: choosing the lawyers you want to obtain quotes from. As mentioned, you can choose up to 5 lawyers.

Scroll down the page after filling in your message. You will see a list of lawyers you can choose from. We have already pre-selected 5 lawyers for you, but feel free to choose other lawyers if you prefer.

At the moment, our lawyer directory is the only one in Singapore that contains client reviews. We would recommend making full use of this!

Read each client review carefully to see how the lawyers have been rated for their service. The more positive reviews a lawyer has managed to obtain, the more they have proven themselves to be trustworthy and capable.

After choosing your lawyers, scroll back up to your message and hit the “Send” button. Your query will automatically be sent to the lawyers you’ve chosen.

And that’s all there is to it! Your selected lawyers will get back to you with their quotes shortly.

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What Happens after You’ve Received Quotes from Your Selected Lawyers?

When you’ve received a quote (or more than one) from your selected lawyers, you have the choice to decide whether to accept their quote.

That’s right – these quotes are non-obligatory. You don’t need to accept any quote you’ve received if you aren’t satisfied with them for whatever reason.

But let’s say you’ve compared the quotes for drafting your agreement and decided to go ahead with one of them. Great! You should then follow the lawyer’s instructions on how to accept the quote so he or she can start work.

Use of Find a Lawyer is Free!

You read right!

Find a Lawyer is free to use. We want to make finding a lawyer as painless as possible, which is why we don’t charge for this service.

Ever since Find a Lawyer was launched, we have processed over 11,000 queries (and counting!) from people looking to a hire a lawyer. Here’s what some of them had to say about using Find a Lawyer!

“It is fast, easy & convenient to find a lawyer through your website as there is sufficient information provided that helped me to narrow my search. Great help and would do it again!” – Victor Yeo

“Portal is user-friendly and provide (sic) reviews from previous users to enable us to better select a lawyer for our requirements.” – A. Kwok

“I found an excellent and kind lawyer who had a lot of empathy with my situation” – Bruno Kistner

“Prompt and professional response. Sound legal advice and effective resolution with no hassle” – H. Rouhotas

“The site is so easy to use plus responses from law firms were quick and relevant” – Joice G.

Find a Lawyer provides a convenient way of getting up to 5 non-obligatory quotes from experienced lawyers of your choosing, and at zero cost to you. Try it out today!

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