Learn How to Protect Your Business’ IP Rights with this New E-Book

SingaporeLegalAdvice.com has partnered with Koh C-u Pinn, lawyer and director of Arielle Law Corporation, to publish “The Business Owner’s Guide to Intellectual Property“, a practical guide to intellectual property (IP) law in Singapore. This e-book is priced at $15 per copy and can be purchased from the SingaporeLegalAdvice.com website from today onwards.

An e-book on Singapore intellectual property law by Koh C-u Pinn, produced in association with SingaporeLegalAdvice.com.

The Business Owner’s Guide to Intellectual Property is the product of SingaporeLegalAdvice.com’s expertise in producing accessible legal content for laypersons, combined with Koh C-u Pinn’s wealth of practical IP insights arising from her 20 years of corporate law experience.

Written with business owners in mind, The Business Owner’s Guide to Intellectual Property explains essential IP law concepts and how these rights could apply when running a business in Singapore. Among other things, readers will learn:

  • The types of IP that their business creations could be protected under (copyright, trade marks and so on)
  • Steps to take to ensure their IP rights are protected globally
  • How to protect their business in third-party dealings involving IP
  • Practical IP considerations in real-world business scenarios
  • How to commercialise their IP rights to grow their business further

This e-book is a must-read for business owners who see potential in their business model, and recognise that protecting their business’ IP today will go a long way in ensuring its success in the future.

The Business Owner’s Guide to Intellectual Property is available for purchase from the SingaporeLegalAdvice.com website now.