6 Highly Rated Conveyancing Lawyers in Singapore (2024)

Last updated on January 1, 2024

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Conveyancing is a process in which legal ownership of a property is transferred from one person to another. If you’re looking to buy or sell property in Singapore, you may wish to engage a conveyancing lawyer who can guide you through the transaction. A conveyancing lawyer can assist you during this process by: 

  • Drafting the relevant conveyancing contracts (such as the Option to Purchase, a contract for the sale and purchase of property)
  • Witnessing the signing of contracts, engaging in negotiations with the other party’s lawyer; and 
  • Liaising with the relevant parties involved in the transaction (such as the bank and government authorities), among other things. 

To assist you in your search, here’s a list of six highly rated conveyancing lawyers in Singapore:

  1. Mona Oei
  2. Lim Fung Peen
  3. Mohammed Shakirin
  4. Abdul Wahab
  5. Lee Kim Kee
  6. Lim Kim Hong

1. Experienced and Dedicated: Mona Oei

Law firm Golden Law LLC
Address 51 Goldhill Plaza #18-06, Singapore 308900
Office hours 9am-6pm, Mondays to Fridays
Years of experience 29
Languages spoken English
Number of positive reviews received 6

With more than 20 years of legal practice under her belt, Mona Oei, who is the managing director of Golden Law LLC, is a highly experienced real estate lawyer. Her main area of practice is conveyancing, so you can be assured of top-quality legal advice and guidance for all your conveyancing needs. 

She is particularly skilled in matters regarding the sale, purchase, mortgage and refinancing of commercial, private and Housing Development Board (HDB) properties.

Client Review by Jason Lee Collins, 26 April 2018: 

“Mona and team were extremely thorough and helpful along the path of my conveyance for a second mortgage re-fi. The work was done seamlessly for me.

The team is professional and friendly, top-notch, a-plus. In this age of impersonal customer service, it’s Mona and team [who] bring us back to old school values.” 

Contact Mona Oei for your conveyancing matter here.

2. Professional and Efficient: Lim Fung Peen

Law firm Yuen Law LLC
Address 50 South Bridge Road #03-00, Singapore 058682
Office hours 9am-6pm
Years of experience 28
Languages spoken English, Mandarin
Number of positive reviews received 160

Lim Fung Peen is the Head of the Family & Private Wealth Practice Group at Yuen Law LLC. He is well versed in conveyancing-related matters such as tenancies and leases, actions for distress and recovery of rental in arrears. He also acts for and advises on a wide range of estate and trust matters, including the gifting of property, trust property purchase and tax advisory, and deed of family arrangement. 

Clients have described him to be efficient, professional and devoted to providing excellent service, which is a testament to the quality of legal service that you can expect to receive from Fung Peen.

Client Review by Eugene Chua, 22 January 2021:

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I engaged Yuen Law to help my parents with the conveyancing of their property sale. Fung Peen, the lawyer overseeing the transaction, and his team were not only highly competent in handling the transaction, they were also very patient in explaining the whole process, and guiding my parents and I, through the whole process step by step.

I would highly recommend them, because of their professionalism, integrity, and human touch.”

Contact Lim Fung Peen for your conveyancing matter here.

3. Competent and Responsive: Mohammed Shakirin 

Law firm Adel Law LLC
Address 190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #02-512, Singapore 310190
Office hours 9am-6pm
Years of experience 8
Languages spoken English, Malay
Number of positive reviews received 68

Mohammed Shakirin provides conveyancing services at reasonable prices, as his firm, Adel Law LLC, believes in providing affordable access to legal advice. 

He believes in breaking down complex legal issues to ensure that his clients fully understand their situation. Furthermore, clients have often praised his high level of responsiveness and described the process of working with him as “hassle and worry-free”. 

Client Review by Melvin Chua, 22 April 2021: 

“It was a pleasant experience engaging Shakirin’s conveyancing service for the sale of my property. Hassle-free, worry-free. He and his team take care of all the important events that lead to the completion of the sale and payment. Highly recommend for anyone who needs conveyancing services.” 

Contact Mohammed Shakirin for your conveyancing matter here.

4. Compassionate and Empathetic: Abdul Wahab

Law firm A.W. Law LLC
Address 133 New Bridge Road #12-07 Chinatown Point Singapore 059413
Office hours 9am to 10pm daily
Years of experience 9
Languages spoken English, Tamil
Number of positive reviews received 207

Abdul Wahab is the managing director of A.W. Law LLC. He is well-versed in all areas of legal practice and has also represented clients in contentious estate matters in the High Court and the sale of property in divorce cases.

“Client Centric Solutions” is Abdul Wahab’s motto, and what he strives to provide to clients: hands-on service to help clients make informed decisions, and high-quality work. The wealth of good reviews that he has received from his clients is a testament to his excellent service and skill. He has been described as kind, compassionate and empathetic, so you can be sure that he will handle all your legal matters with sensitivity and efficiency.

Client Review by Farzyn Korevli, 22 September 2021:

“Mr. Wahab and his assistant Leela [have] been accommodating towards me from the beginning. They have empathy and helped me with any questions I had. They assured me with each step taken and I am truly thankful for all their assistance and advice. Everything went smoothly and the results were satisfactory. I am truly pleased and will recommend their services to my friends and anyone out there!” 

Contact Abdul Wahab for your conveyancing matter here.

5. Wise and Selfless: Lee Kim Kee

Law firm K K Lee Law Corporation
Address 511 Guillemard Road #03-13 Grandlink Square Singapore 399849
Office hours Monday – Friday: 9am – 6.15pm

Saturdays and weekday evenings by appointment

Years of experience 41
Languages spoken Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, English
Number of positive reviews received 49

Lee Kim Kee is the sole proprietor of K K Lee Law Corporation, who is well-placed to advise clients on a diverse range of legal matters, including conveyancing and property law. She is highly experienced, having had 39 years in the legal profession. Client reviews show her to be both a wise and selfless lawyer who gives clear and sound legal advice.

She is also fluent in Mandarin as well as various local dialects (Hokkien and Cantonese), and is particularly experienced in serving elderly clients and clients with disabilities. 

Client Review by Ms Xu Cs, 8 September 2020:

“Ms Lee helped me when I did not know my legal rights. I am a tenant and was at a loss when the issue came up. […] She is very experienced and knew what was going to happen. She brought me through what might happened, my legal rights and the options that I could take. With this information, I was empowered to and have the confidence to make the right decisions. Thank you Ms Lee for journeying with me! […]”

Contact Lee Kim Kee for your conveyancing matter here.

6. Analytical and Meticulous: Lim Kim Hong

Law firm KIM & CO
Address 10 Anson Road #24-16A International Plaza Singapore 079903
Office hours Monday-Thursday: 9am to 6pm

Friday: 9am to 5pm

Years of experience 36
Languages spoken English, Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien
Number of positive reviews received 10

Lim Kim Hong (affectionately known as ‘Kim’) is the sole proprietor of KIM & CO, with conveyancing as one of the firm’s main practice areas. More specifically, the firm offers services pertaining to the sale and purchase of properties, property refinancing and property redemption.

Kim has been praised for being thorough and meticulous, and for offering practical legal advice to clients.

Client Review by J. Peh, 12 October 2020:

“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Ms. Lim and Nadiah for their legal assistance throughout this ordeal. They had been very thorough and meticulous in handling my case, ensuring that I’m not on the losing end of the battle. I’m really thankful for all they have done for me thus far! Thank you!” 

Contact Lim Kim Hong for your conveyancing matter here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I hire a conveyancing lawyer? 

Yes. Although conveyancing might seem straightforward, it can be a rather risky process if you are not aware of the legal process involved. A lawyer can help ensure that you meet all the legal requirements and adhere to the correct documentation. They can also guide you through the processes accordingly to avoid any delays in your transaction, making sure that important timelines are followed. This is especially important since the purchase and sale of property could be a time-sensitive matter. 

However, when deciding whether you should hire a conveyancing lawyer, an important consideration is the type of property you’re dealing with. If you are buying/selling an HDB flat, you do not necessarily have to hire a conveyancing lawyer as you can engage HDB’s conveyancing lawyers to assist with your transaction (see below).

What is the difference between hiring a conveyancing lawyer and getting the HDB to oversee a conveyancing transaction for my property?

The HDB provides legal services if you are:

  • Buying an HDB flat
  • Sell your HDB flat
  • Refinancing your HDB loan (whether you are taking a loan from HDB or from other banks).

The legal fees that you will have to pay if you appoint HDB to act for you will be based on the Housing and Development (Conveyancing Fees) Rules 2002.

A general conveyancing lawyer handles conveyancing matters spanning all property types. This includes private property (such as condominiums or landed properties), as well as the sale and/or purchase of HDB flats. However, each law firm/lawyer would set their own legal fees if they are engaged to act for you in a conveyancing transaction.

What does a conveyancing lawyer do? 

In Singapore, conveyancing transactions need to be overseen by a conveyancing lawyer, who also ensures that the necessary documents are compiled and submitted to the authorities as required.

A conveyancing lawyer’s typical responsibilities might include:

  • Conducting a title search to gather more information about the property that you would like to purchase. This includes information as to whether the property is freehold or leasehold, whether any encumbrances exist (such as whether the property is protected by caveats or has been mortgaged), as well as the identities of the property’s owners. 
  • Engaging in negotiations with the other party’s lawyer for the Option to Purchase (OTP). This is an agreement for the purchase and sale of property.
  • Lodging a caveat on the property with the Singapore Land Authority, which notifies third parties of your interest in the property.
  • Liaising with all respective stakeholders involved in the transaction, such as the other party’s lawyer, the bank and government authorities.
  • Registering the title transfer with the authorities upon completion of the conveyancing process.

For more detailed information on the conveyancing process in Singapore, check out our article on the conveyancing process in Singapore

How do I choose the best conveyancing lawyer for my matter?

When considering which lawyer to choose, it is advisable to look for lawyers who are experienced in handling your specific type of conveyancing transaction (e.g. HDB transactions).

In addition, it might be a good idea to consider your rapport with the lawyer in question. The typical conveyancing process takes around 12 weeks, during which you will have frequent contact and interaction with your conveyancing lawyer. Hence, you should engage a lawyer whom you believe you can get along with, who understands your needs and concerns, and one to whom you feel confident entrusting your conveyancing matters.

What is the cost of hiring a conveyancing lawyer?

Most conveyancing firms in Singapore charge on a fixed-fee basis. This means that you do not pay your lawyer by the hour but rather, a single fixed-fee for their conveyancing services.

Generally, it costs around S$1,300 to S$3,000 to engage a conveyancing lawyer in Singapore. The average cost of hiring a conveyancing lawyer is around S$2,500, which is the rate charged by most firms.

The final fees payable ultimately depends on the complexity of the transaction and the seniority or years of experience of the lawyer you choose to engage, among other factors. It is therefore advisable to confirm the exact fees that you can expect to pay with your lawyer upfront so that you avoid paying additional hidden charges.

Ultimately, the purpose of a conveyancing lawyer is to assist you with making the process of a property transaction as smooth and hassle-free as possible. This is especially helpful when it comes to more complex conveyancing matters or transactions.

For more information on conveyancing lawyers (and more detailed responses to the FAQs above), do refer to our article on conveyancing lawyers for property transactions in Singapore.

For a more detailed overview of Singapore’s conveyancing process, check out our article on the conveyancing process in Singapore.

Finally, you may review our full list of conveyancing lawyers through our Find a Lawyer service

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