What Can a Divorce Lawyer Help You With?

Settle the divorce paperwork on your behalf

From the Writ for Divorce to the Affidavit of Assets and Means, a divorce lawyer will help prepare the necessary documents for finalising your divorce.

Secure custody and access rights to your children

Losing their children is every divorcing parent’s greatest fear. A divorce lawyer can advise on scenarios with your children’s interests at heart, so you can watch your kids grow up.

Seek a fair division of the matrimonial assets

Whether financially or non-financially, you may have made significant contributions to the marriage. A divorce lawyer can negotiate the split of the marital assets, and help you claim what rightly belongs to you.

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Lee Kim Kee 49 reviews

Ms Lee is one of the best family lawyers around. She was attentive and empathetic to my situation, and provided the best advice after listening intently to my issue. She has a calm and non-judgemental demeanor and her experience in dealing with family issues really showed. Thank you, Ms Lee for seeing me at such short notice and for your invaluable advice.

Kim Tan 18 reviews

I engaged Kim as my defending lawyer for my divorce and I must say that I am still awed by her efficiency and her determination on protecting her client’s interest. She went all the way to protect me and pursued for the best outcome for me. I am truly grateful that I’ve gotten her as my lawyer and I’d definitely recommend her!

Lim Fung Peen 166 reviews

I felt very secure after talking to Mr Lim about my divorce case and well-directed of what I should do next. The sincerity of help I got from him was very much appreciated.

I would recommend him to others for his honesty, kindness and good attitude be it a uncontested case. He is definitely a trusted lawyer to depend on for your case.

June Lim 5 reviews

June Lim was our lawyer in a marriage annulment case.
I can highly recommend her as she is highly professional and very pleasant to work with. She is quick to respond and as her clients, we always had a good picture of the risks and chances in our case. The communication on distance (as we live in Europe) worked very well. The costs are very reasonable and as agreed beforehand.
Thank you, June, very much for your support in my brother’s case.

Mohamed Baiross 467 reviews

I 100% recommend IRB Law LLP. Mr. Baiross represented me and was able to get my divorce final as quick as he could. I appreciate every bit of help and knowledge that he had given me. And I feel in my situation the price was reasonable. Grateful to IRB Law LLP! Definitely 5 stars.

Lim Chong Boon 45 reviews

I could not have asked for a better lawyer than Mr Lim and PKWA Law representing me in my divorce. He and his staff takes the time to explain the details of the process and my entitlement in a way I understand easily. The fees are very clear and reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

To file for divorce in Singapore, you must:

  • Live in Singapore and intend to do so in the long term, or
  • Have routinely lived in Singapore for at least three years.

Your marriage must have also lasted for at least three years unless exceptional circumstances apply. If you are seeking a divorce within three years of marriage, a divorce lawyer can advise on whether your situation qualifies for an early divorce.

The spouse seeking the divorce will need to file, to the court, documents such as a:

  • Writ for Divorce to indicate their intention to seek a divorce

  • Statement of Claim to provide information on the marriage, the reason for the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and what the spouse is seeking from the divorce, such as custody of the children

  • Statement of Facts which contains more details on how the marriage irretrievably broke down

  • Parenting Plan on how the spouses will parent their children (if any) after the divorce

The spouse seeking the divorce will also need to serve these documents on their spouse. After receiving these documents, that spouse will need to decide whether to agree to the divorce, and then prepare their reply accordingly.

A divorce lawyer can help draft all the relevant documents, and in a way that minimises hostility between the spouses for a smoother divorce process.

Yes, we offer a wide range of divorce lawyers to choose from. You may narrow your search to just lawyers of a certain gender (such as female divorce lawyers), or lawyers who can speak the languages you are most comfortable with.

If you and your spouse are able to agree on all the terms of your divorce, then you may be able to obtain the divorce within six months to a year. However, if one party disagrees on at least one term of the divorce, then the divorce may take a year or more to be finalised.

The exact duration of divorce proceedings will depend on the complexity of the divorce, and whether the paperwork has to be refiled to correct any errors.

The court will grant a divorce only if the parties can prove the marriage has irretrievably broken down. You’ll need to use at least one of the following options to prove irretrievable breakdown of marriage:

  1. Adultery: The spouse filing for divorce finds it intolerable to live with their spouse, as that spouse has committed adultery
  2. Unreasonable behaviour: The spouse filing for divorce cannot be reasonably expected to live with their spouse, as that spouse has behaved unreasonably
  3. Desertion: The spouse filing for divorce has been deserted by their spouse for at least two years
  4. Separation: The parties have separated for at least four years (or three years if both parties agree to divorce)

A divorce lawyer can work with you to identify the most appropriate option for your situation, in view of your spouse’s behaviour and the costs of proceeding with each option.

No, hiring a divorce lawyer is not compulsory. Spouses are free to prepare and file the divorce papers, as well as manage the divorce negotiations, on their own.

However, spouses who engage a divorce lawyer can:

  • Have an experienced legal professional guide them through the divorce process
  • Minimise errors in the divorce paperwork, which can delay the granting of the divorce
  • Come to a fairer and more amicable settlement on the divorce, with a divorce lawyer handling negotiations on their behalf

If you are intending to file for divorce, or have received divorce papers, we therefore encourage you to consider engaging a divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

If you and your spouse are able to agree on all the terms of your divorce, then you may qualify for a simplified uncontested divorce, for which a divorce lawyer may charge as low as $1,500 to $3,500.

However, if one party disagrees on at least one term of the divorce, then the divorce proceeds will become contested. The cost of hiring a divorce lawyer for contested divorce proceedings can range from $10,000 to $35,000, or even more depending on the complexity of the matter.

While these numbers may seem high, they may be a worthwhile investment for maintaining strong bonds with your children after the divorce, which is often priceless, or if your divorce involves splitting big-ticket matrimonial assets, such as a six- or seven-figure property.

If you had registered your marriage under Syariah law, you will need to file for a Syariah divorce with the Syariah Court. You may contact our Syariah divorce lawyers here to find out more.

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