7 Experienced Female Divorce Lawyers in Singapore (2024)

Last updated on January 1, 2024

Asian female lawyer

A divorce lawyer can help you soothe your nerves when it comes to dealing with child custody, maintenance, and the division of matrimonial assets by guiding you through the divorce process.

With a lawyer, you will have an experienced and objective third-party advocating for you and acting in your interest through each stage of the divorce process. You will be able to share confidential information with the lawyer so she can give you an impartial assessment of your situation.

This article will help you find female divorce lawyers in Singapore if you prefer a female lawyer over a male lawyer.

It will also answer some frequently asked questions about divorce (below).

1. Professional and Pleasant: June Lim

Law Firm Eden Law Corporation
Address 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #06-05 Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924
Office Hours Monday – Friday: 9am to 6pm by appointment only
Years of Experience 16 years
Languages Spoken English, Mandarin, French
Positive Reviews 5

June believes firmly that doing good and a successful legal practice are not mutually exclusive. With this vision in mind, June became the Managing Director of Eden Law Corporation, a “low-bono” law firm. She is a quick thinker who is dedicated to acting in the best interests of her client.

June is also a professional and compassionate lawyer who maintains her patience and understanding with each client, ensuring that they understand the process of divorce.

Client Review by Jolanta Meyer-Helwege, 15 May 2019

“June Lim was our la[w]yer in a marriage annulment case.

I can highly recommend her as she is highly professional and very pleasant to work with. She is quickly to respon[d]se and as her clients we always had a good picture of the risks and chances in our case. The communication on distance (as we live in Europe) worked very well. The costs are very reasonable and as agreed beforehand.

Thank you, June, very much for your support in my brother’s case.”

Contact June Lim for your divorce matter here.

2. Personal and Thoughtful: Kim Tan

Law Firm Sterling Law Corporation
Address 137 Telok Ayer Street #07-05 Hokkien Huay Kuan Building Singapore 068602
Office Hours Monday – Friday
Years of Experience 30 years
Languages Spoken English, Mandarin
Positive Reviews 17

During her long experience practising family law, Kim has represented divorce clients from all walks of life. A dedicated and diligent lawyer, she is skilled at helping her clients through difficult periods in their life and guiding them through each stage of the divorce.

In addition to fighting for what her clients deserve, Kim thoughtfully checks up on her clients to make sure they are getting the help or assurance they need in order to achieve a peace of mind.

Client Review by WLS, 12 May 2016

“I was referred to Kim Tan by my best friend when I was looking for legal advice on divorce. During our first meeting, she listened with empathy and provided clear legal advice. I told her that I just wanted out of the marriage in the simplest way. She assured me that she would do her best to act fast and to do the right thing for me and my children.

Kim guided me through the relevant documentation and proceedings. She answered my calls and text messages at any time even at night. She kept me posted at every stage of my contested divorce process. She stood by me knowing I was frightened of filing the divorce. She went the extra mile to draft my response to my ex’s emails and text messages. My divorce proceedings went on smoothly. I received more than I wanted!

I highly recommend Kim if you need a lawyer who is diligent, creative, caring, compassionate, responsive, and professional. You are paying reasonable fees for someone who goes beyond your expectation.

Kim, I am grateful for all that you have done for me.”

Contact Kim Tan for your divorce matter here.

3. Experienced and Efficient: Lee Kim Kee

Law Firm K K Lee Law Corporation
Address 511 Guillemard Road #03-13

Grandlink Square

Singapore 399849

Office Hours Monday – Friday: 9am – 6.15pm Saturdays and weekday evenings by appointment
Years of Experience 41 years
Languages Spoken English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese
Positive Reviews 49

Ms Lee Kim Kee is an experienced and efficient lawyer with over 37 years’ history of handling divorce matters. She has advised and acted for clients from different backgrounds at highly competitive rates, and even helps her clients save costs where possible, without compromising on efficiency and diligence.

Friendly yet professional, Ms Lee is skilled at helping stressed clients calm down and assess their situation objectively. On top of this, she is also compassionate and sincere, and will be of great help to walk you through your divorce.

Client Review by Mr David Yeo, 30 June 2016

“Lawyer Ms Lee Kim Kee is efficient and has confidence in what she is doing. She also tries to save costs for the client. So overall, I shall recommend to the public to accept her way of doing wills and divorce. I am very satisfied.”

Contact Lim Kim Kee for your divorce matter here.

4. Approachable and Honest: Tracy Wang

Law Firm Tracy Wang Law Practice
Address 173 Jalan Loyang Besar #02-02 Ocean Front Suites Singapore 509424
Office Hours 10am to 7pm
Years of Experience 9 years
Languages Spoken English, Mandarin, Hokkien
Positive Reviews 32

Tracy is a professional and helpful lawyer who prides herself on her honesty and excellent service. She makes sure that her clients understand their legal rights by explaining every detail of the divorce process clearly, before providing them with sensible solutions.

In only a few years of practice, she has already acquired many positive reviews that rave about her approachability and patience when guiding her clients through their divorces.

Client Review by James, 24 October 2019

“Tracy is the most ethical lawyer I’ve connected with & I’ve hired a few to manage my financial settlement with my former spouse involving Singaporean & Australian family law. I was at a pivotal moment in my proceedings and had to make one of the most significant decisions in my life when I called Tracy. She was calm, collected and had the emotional intelligence to understand I was in a do-or-die situation and she gave me the best possible legal advi[c]e. Her decision allowed me to resolve a long standing matter and also helped me gain settlement with my former spouse in the most amicable way. Had it not been for Tracy’s accurate, straight forward & helpful legal advi[c]e, I would’ve incurred large financial losses. I am obviously very grateful to Tracy for everything she’s done in my family matter & I endorse her wholeheartedly for trusted legal advi[c]e. A lot of lawyers are motivated by financial benefits, however Tracy is one of a very few who practise law to help those in need. Most Judges who were once lawyers were motivated by a sense of justice and right, and Tracy in my calculation has those traits. She will go very far in her career and will be a boon to any client who engages her. Thank you Tracy.”

Contact Tracy Wang for your divorce matter here.

5. Diligent and Passionate: Sarah-Mae Thomas

Law Firm Sarah-Mae Thomas LLC
Address 12 Eu Tong Sen Street #08-168 The Central (Soho 2) Singapore 059819
Office Hours 9am to 6pm
Years of Experience 11 years
Languages Spoken English, Malay, German
Positive Reviews 9

Sarah-Mae is a passionate divorce lawyer who understands that going through a divorce can be one of the most painful experiences in a client’s life. With this understanding in mind, she maintains a high level of efficiency and meticulousness when helping her clients through their divorce. She strongly believes in putting the interests of her clients first in order to obtain the best possible outcome for her clients.

Client Review by Beatrice Chong, 26 November 2020 

“Sarah was recommended to me through an old friend of mine. After I met her and discuss[ed] my case, she started to process my case within 3 days!

She’s so efficient and together with her assistant, they send out the necessary letters to parties involved.

She continue[d] to follow up with my case even though she didn’t get any replies from the other parties.

With her efforts put in, my case is finally lodged with the court and final judgment from the Court is coming.

Prior to this, I approached a few lawyers regarding my case but none of the earlier lawyers can help me and this had troubled me for so long.

I want to thank Sarah and her team for being so efficient and professional in helping me and my case can be considered as settled!

Thank you so much Sarah! She’s definitely the lawyer I would recommend my friends to!”

Contact Sarah-Mae Thomas for your divorce matter here.

6. From an Award-Winning Firm: Beatrice Yeo

Law Firm Yeo & Associates LLC
Address (Main Office) 101A Upper Cross Street #12-13 People’s Park Centre #12-13 Singapore 058358 (Branch Office) 2 Havelock Road, Havelock II #01-23 Singapore 059763
Office Hours Open 24/7
Years of Experience 20 years
Languages Spoken English and Mandarin
Positive Reviews 4

Beatrice Yeo Poh Tiang, an experienced family lawyer, founded Yeo & Associates LLC, a Singapore leading and award-winning family law firm. She has handled more than 20,000 divorce cases and is known to be one of the best divorce family lawyers in Singapore.

She is a reliable and pleasant lawyer to work with who also offers competitive fees. When speaking with her clients, she provides a sense of security and reliability to help them move through this difficult time in their life.

Client Review by Jolanta Meyer-Helwege, 15 May 2019

“Beatrice and team provided more than I expected for the fixed fee. My Lawyers discuss settlement with my husband and I manage to get a simplified uncontested divorce without paying more. Highly recommended for anyone who wants fixed fee divorce WITH negotiation services for settlement.”

Contact Beatrice Yeo for your divorce matter here.

7. Patient and Knowledgeable: Judy Ang 

Law Firm JS Law Chambers LLP
Address 18 Cross Street, Cross Street Exchange, #02-101 Singapore 048423
Office Hours Nil
Years of Experience 13 years
Languages Spoken English and Mandarin
Positive Reviews 17

Judy Ang is a knowledgeable lawyer with substantial experience in divorce matters. She has even worked on contentious divorce cases with assets valued at more than $100 million, and has experience as a mediator at the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Compassionate and patient, she uses her excellent advising and counselling skills to meet her clients’ needs. On top of it all, Judy is also honest and professional when handling her cases.

Client Review by Amanda, 27 November 2019 

“I was lucky to have engaged Judy as my divorce lawyer and am grateful I did.

Judy is a very personable and professional lawyer who is very prompt in her replies and efficacious in her delivery. She made me feel at ease from the first time we met and adeptly handled all the proceedings.

Greatly appreciate the work and support she has given.”

Contact Judy Ang for your divorce matter here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

How much will it cost to hire a divorce lawyer in Singapore?

Divorce fees usually range from $1,500 to $3,500 for simplified uncontested divorces (where both spouses can agree on all terms of the divorce), and $10,000 to $35,000 for contested divorces (where both spouses are contesting at least one term of the divorce).

Depending on your lawyer, disbursements and/or GST (if the lawyer’s law firm is GST-registered) could be included in, or charged on top of, your lawyer’s initial fee quotation.

For more information on fees, please refer to our comprehensive guide on divorce fees in Singapore.

Will I get custody of my children if I divorce my spouse?

There are typically three different orders that the court makes when deciding on child custody, care and control, and access.

The courts generally tend to grant custody to both parents because they recognise that the presence of both parents in the life of their child is pivotal to his/her development. Having custody will allow a parent to make major decisions regarding their child such as decisions on education, religion, and healthcare.

However, sole custody, split custody, or a hybrid order may be granted if it is in the best interests of the child. For example, sole custody may be granted to just one parent in exceptional circumstances where the child has been physically, emotionally or sexually abused by the other parent.

Apart from a custody order, the court will also grant orders for care and control and for access. These orders respectively determine which parent the child should live with, and the extent of contact that the child will have with the parent who does not obtain care and control of the child.

For more information, please refer to our guide on child custody, care and control, and access in Singapore.

Will I get to keep my HDB flat if I divorce my spouse?

If you divorce your spouse, you are free to mutually agree on what should happen to the HDB flat after divorce. However if you and your spouse cannot decide what will happen to your matrimonial property, the court will decide what will happen to your property after your divorce.

Even then, you still have to meet HDB’s eligibility conditions to keep your HDB flat. To keep your HDB flat, you have to either have care and control of your children, or are eligible under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme. If not, you will have to dispose of your HDB flat upon divorce.

For more information, please refer to our article on what happens to your HDB flat after divorce.

How do I go about choosing the best divorce lawyer in Singapore for my divorce?

You should first educate yourself on the divorce process in Singapore. This will help prepare you for the upcoming divorce proceedings, should you decide to go ahead with the divorce.

Next, you should find the correct divorce lawyer for you – your options are typically the solo divorce lawyer, the divorce law firm, and the high net-worth divorce lawyer.

Which divorce lawyer you should select will depend on whether you place more weight on word-of-mouth reviews, online reviews, or online advertisements when you are selecting a lawyer. Also, you can refer to our list of experienced divorce lawyers – such as the list of female lawyers above.

Lastly, you should ask yourself what your legal needs are, and what your budget is. If your legal needs are complicated, you may want to approach a bigger firm as it may have more capacity to take on a complex case. However, the legal fees for a complex case may be higher.

For more information, please refer to our other article on how to choose a good divorce lawyer.

What if I can’t afford a divorce lawyer in Singapore?

If you cannot afford a divorce lawyer in Singapore, you may refer to legal aid services such as the Legal Aid Bureau (LAB) under the Ministry of Law to assist you.

If you meet the eligibility criteria for seeking help at the LAB, the LAB will appoint a lawyer to help with your divorce at a significantly lowered fee as compared to approaching a divorce lawyer on your own.

For more information, please refer to our article on getting legal aid in Singapore.

All in all, who you prefer to hire as your divorce lawyer depends on your budget, and the level of expertise you prefer. This also depends on the level of complexity of your case, and the comfort level you are expecting with your lawyer.

Apart from the 7 female divorce lawyers we’ve highlighted in this article, there are also other divorce lawyers (both female and male) in Singapore you can consider engaging. Do refer to our Find a Lawyer directory to explore other divorce lawyers who may be able to help you with your divorce matter.

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