What is the monthly allowance for a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP)?

Last updated on May 15, 2011

As of 2002, the allowance for an NCMP is 15% of an elected MP’s allowance. That translates to an estimated figure of $2057 since MP allowances were raised to $13,710 in 2008. Strictly speaking, the sum of money is an honorarium and not an allowance. As then Minister for Home Affairs Mr Wong Kan Seng says, an allowance is for elected MPs because they represent a constituency and perform a larger role. NCMPs, on the other hand, simply receive an honorarium, which is a small sum of money in recognition of their services and contribution in Parliament.

The above information is from a parliamentary session on the budget for the Prime Minister’s Office in 2002.

Update: The allowance portion of the NCMP and NMP is $28,900 annually as of 21 May 2011, according to a White Paper released by the Public Service Division.