How to Get a Divorce Within 3 Years of Marriage

Last updated on December 24, 2018

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Generally speaking, a married couple is not allowed to commence divorce proceedings within 3 years from the date of marriage. They would have to either annul their marriage, or separate.

However, divorces may still be granted in certain exceptional circumstances within the 3 years, if one party has suffered exceptional depravity or hardship. The party who initiates the divorce petition must adduce evidence of such depravity or hardship.

Certain Extreme Circumstances that May Justify an Early Divorce:

  1. Extreme mental distress.
  2. Physical or mental spousal abuse.
  3. Unusually cruel adultery (normal adultery would not suffice to justify divorce within 3 years of marriage). This may include committing adultery multiple times, with multiple partners. Adultery with a maid, or with a relative or close friend of the applicant, may also be sufficient. In certain cases, committing adultery on the matrimonial bed is also considered sufficient enough to justify an early divorce.
  4. Adultery-induced pregnancy.
  5. Homosexual tendencies in either parties.

Should you require any guidance on the costs of engaging a divorce lawyer, please refer to our Divorce Fee Guide.

If possible, couples should also seek marriage counselling before concluding on divorce.

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