How to Solve Neighbour Disputes

Last updated on April 2, 2018

Featured image for the "How to Solve Neighbour Disputes" article. It features neighbours making noise causing other neighbours to close their ears.

The first step to solving neighbourhood disputes is to think of why your neighbour is acting the way he is. Maybe your neighbour has a good reason that you may not be aware of for doing what he does. Think well of him but communicate your concerns to him politely. He might not have been aware that he had been annoying someone.

Resort to Mediation

The second step, if the first should fail, is to resort to mediation. Mediation can be done at a Community Mediation Centre. It brings both parties together and aims to resolve the matter amicably. The mediator will aim to identify the issues in dispute and come up with a win-win solution.

File a Magistrate’s Complaint

The third step, should the first and second step fail, is to file a Magistrate’s Complaint at the Community Justice Tribunals Division (CJTD) of the State Courts. The Magistrate can dismiss your complaint if there are insufficient grounds, direct the police to investigate if he think it is serious enough, or refer the parties for mediation.

Eventually, you may be required to prepare charges against your neighbour so that a summons can be issued against him/her. The matter may then be heard at the Community Court.

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