Fees for Notarial Services in Singapore

Last updated on January 11, 2021

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Notaries public are qualified lawyers appointed by the Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public to notarise documents, i.e. to certify that these documents are authentic or have been validly executed (depending on the situation).

Most of the fees for notarial services in Singapore are fixed under the law. Here are the fees for the more common notarial services (for the full list, see the First Schedule of the Notaries Public Rules):

Fees Charged by Notaries Public in Singapore

Notarial execution to any document

By one person $40
For second party, to same document $20
For each additional party to the document $10
For each exhibit marked on or attached to the document $10

Certificate of declaration (with seal) that a document has been validly executed

Apart from executing the document, the notary public will also need to issue a notarial certificate. In Singapore, the fee for a notarial certificate is $75 (on top of the fees for execution).

For one person $75
For each additional party in the same certificate $20
Where the document is prepared in the notary public’s office Half the above fees

Where the document is to be executed by a company

(With certificate of declaration and exhibit) $150

Certified true copies

Examining and certifying as to the correctness of the copy of any document (where the notary public is required to affix a seal) $10 for the first page and $2 for each subsequent page
Examining and certifying as to the correctness of the copy of any document (where the notary public is not required to affix a seal) $5 for the first page and $1 for each subsequent page
Where a notarial certificate and seal are required to be affixed $75
Preparing and completing a special notarial certificate, in addition to the above charges $75 (No additional charge to be made for each certificate)

Statutory declarations

For one party $40
For a second party to the same statutory declaration $20
For each additional party to the statutory declaration $10
For each exhibit marked on or attached to the statutory declaration $10

Notaries public are also free to charge reasonable fees for all other notarial acts which do not have their fees fixed under the Notaries Public Rules.

Compulsory Fees

Issuance of notarial certificate

Please note that from 15 February 2017 onwards, notaries public are required to issue a notarial certificate for each document that they verify, as mentioned above. In Singapore, this notarial certificate will cost an additional $75 (see above table), payable to the notary public.

Singapore Academy of Law authentication

From 1 October 2019 onwards, all notarised documents must also be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). Authentication will be done at the SAL counter at:

Singapore Academy of Law
1 Coleman Street #08-06
The Adelphi
Singapore 179803

Operating hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 4.30pm (9am to 12.30pm on the eves of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year)

SAL charges an authentication fee of $85.60 per notarial certificate. The notary public will collect this fee from you before issuing you the notarial certificate.

After the notary public has notarised your document and issued you the notarial certificate, make an appointment for SAL authentication at its Legalisation portal.

Then on the day of your appointment, head over to the SAL counter to have your document authenticated.

Example of How Notarial Fees are Calculated

For example, if you need to get a certified true copy of one page of your passport, the total fee will be:

$10 (to certify one page of your passport as true copy) + $75 (for the issuance of the notarial certificate) + $85.60 (for authentication of the certified true copy at SAL) = $170.60.

Need a notary public to have some notarisation done? You can find one here.