Fees for Commissioner for Oaths Services in Singapore

Last updated on October 22, 2018

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Who are Commissioners for Oaths and What Services do They Provide?

Commissioners for Oaths (“Commissioners”) are individuals appointed by the Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public, who are considered as fit and proper persons to be appointed to administer oaths.

A Commissioner is not necessarily a lawyer. Certain non-lawyers are eligible to apply to become a Commissioner as well – officers in the employment of government ministries, departments, statutory boards, government-linked companies and employees of designated non-profit organisations.

The services that Commissioners provide include the administration of oaths or affirmations for affidavits or statutory declarations to be used in Singapore. Exhibits, which are documents attached to the affidavit or statutory declaration, must be signed or marked by the Commissioner as well.

Keep in mind that the services provided by Commissioners are different from the services provided by a notary public, as documents that need to be notarised are either from overseas, or are going to be used overseas. Refer to our other article if you are looking for the fees for notarial services instead.

How Much do Commissioners for Oaths Charge for Their Services?

The fees that Commissioners for Oaths can charge for their services are fixed by the Senate of the Singapore Academy of Law, and can be found in Part II of the Schedule to the Commissioner for Oaths Rules.

The fees are:

Service Provided by Commissioner for Oaths Commissioning Fee
Taking of documents such as affidavits, affirmations and declarations (including statutory declarations) $25 per document per person
For each exhibit referred in the document $5

Additional fees may be charged if the oath is administered outside of the Commissioner’s office. The Commissioner is also allowed to charge a reasonable additional rate for translating, interpreting or reading the contents of the document(s) to the deponent (i.e. the person having the document commissioned), or for travelling time.

Free Commissioning Services

Commissioners who are lawyers may also offer commissioning services for free through facilities established for such purposes. However if so, they are not allowed to publicise their legal services to the deponent, or act as the deponent’s lawyer.

Non-lawyer Commissioners may also render their commissioning services for free if their organisations allow them to do so.