7 Top-Rated Corporate Lawyers in Singapore (2024)

Last updated on January 1, 2024

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Corporate lawyers are equipped with the skills to best serve the legal needs of businesses, from drafting comprehensive contracts to providing insightful advice on regulatory compliance and commencing commercial lawsuits.

If you’re looking for a trusted corporate law advisor to partner with for your business’ legal matters, you’re in the right place.

To help you in your search for a corporate lawyer, we have handpicked some of the most capable and highly-rated corporate lawyers in Singapore for your consideration:

  1. Koh C-u Pinn
  2. Samuel Yuen
  3. Kenneth Pereire
  4. Ronald JJ Wong
  5. Walter Alexander
  6. Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss
  7. Joshua Tan

1. The Contracts Expert: Koh C-u Pinn

Law Firm Arielle Law Corporation
Address 51 Goldhill Plaza, #07-04, Singapore 308900
Office Hours All meetings or consultations are by prior appointment only
Years of Experience 25
Languages Spoken English, Mandarin
Positive Reviews 1

Contracts are Koh C-u Pinn’s speciality. Contract drafting, amendment and negotiation — the director of boutique law firm Arielle Law Corporation has done them all in her more than 20 years of corporate law practice. Whether you need a shareholder, employment or distribution and licensing agreement, or some other type of agreement, chances are C-u Pinn will be able to deliver a watertight contract that represents your interests.

C-u Pinn works with all her clients personally. In other words, you won’t be left in the hands of a less-experienced associate after approaching C-u Pinn. Instead, you’ll receive thorough advice and assistance from C-u Pinn herself.

Further, C-u Pinn is not just experienced in corporate law matters. As a registered patent agent in Singapore, she is also an expert on intellectual property matters. Among other achievements, she has published a book titled “The Business Owner’s Guide to Intellectual Property” for business owners seeking to protect their valuable intellectual property creations.

Client Review by Yi Hao, 9 March 2015

“C-u Pinn is knowledgeable and understands the needs of start-ups like us. Fast, to the point. We highly recommend her and her team to other fast-moving businesses.”

Contact Koh C-u Pinn for your corporate law matter here.

2. Business-Savvy and Well-Connected: Samuel Yuen

Law Firm Yuen Law LLC
Address 50 South Bridge Road, #03-00, Singapore 058682
Office Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Years of Experience 23
Languages Spoken English, Mandarin
Positive Reviews 26

Samuel Yuen heads Yuen Law LLC, a full-service law firm that offers services in corporate law, dispute resolution, and family, and private wealth. Though well-versed in various areas, Samuel’s expertise lies in the realm of corporate matters.

Having practised corporate law for more than 20 years, Samuel has garnered a reputation for helping clients navigate complex commercial issues in a cost-effective manner. He is no stranger to advising businesses on investment transactions, the sale and purchase of assets and seed funding, among other issues. Samuel’s clientele hail from various industries such as banks, F&B chains, retailers and social enterprises.

Being a member of a chapter of Business Network International, a reputable global business networking organisation, Samuel is also well placed to connect clients with other service providers they may need in the course of running their business.

Client Review by James Yeow, 23 March 2023

I went for the consultation for Corporate Law, the advice given was really great. I am really grateful that they manage to point out a few blindspots. They are very generous in their sharing just at the very beginning. Any business that requires advice on corporate stuff. Yuen Law LLC is highly recommended.

Contact Samuel Yuen for your corporate law matter here.

3. International Expertise Delivered Locally: Kenneth Pereire

Law Firm KGP Legal LLC
Address 10 Anson Road, #23-05, International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Office Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Years of Experience 13
Languages Spoken English, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia

Having worked in Singapore and the ASEAN region since his qualification to the Singapore Bar, Kenneth Pereire offers a breadth of experience in corporate law matters faced by businesses in Singapore and abroad.

Kenneth provides a full suite of corporate law services, such as contract drafting, litigation advice and mergers and acquisitions, to clients ranging from local startups to large multinational companies. His law firm, KGP Legal LLC, is also a member of the InterAsia Law Alliance, making the completion of cross-border transactions through Kenneth seamless.

As a nod to his international expertise, Kenneth is adept at serving the employment law needs of Singapore’s expatriate community. He provides competent assistance with common expat employment issues such as the application of employment passes, review of senior management-level employment contracts and advisory on employee stock option plans.

Kenneth is fluent in not just English, but also Malay and Bahasa Indonesia. Such proficiency makes him a strong candidate if Malay or Bahasa Indonesia is your preferred language of communication.

Contact Kenneth Pereire for your corporate law matter here.

4. The Dedicated Advocate: Ronald JJ Wong

Law Firm Covenant Chambers LLC
Address 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, #12-96, Clarke Quay Central (Office 1), Singapore 059818
Office Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Years of Experience 11
Languages Spoken English, Mandarin
Positive Reviews 53

Ronald JJ Wong is a big proponent of bringing about “justice and peace”, as evidenced by his experience in commercial dispute litigation. With a number of high-profile cases under his belt, Ronald has advised institutional clients in multi-million dollar disputes. He has also acted for clients defending against claims of misrepresentation and conspiracy.

But you will not find Ronald just in the courtroom — he has appeared in commercial arbitration proceedings as well. This Director of Covenant Chambers LLC is also an accredited Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Apart from contentious commercial practice, Ronald works with clients on a wide range of corporate matters such as intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions and the now hot areas of blockchain and fintech.

Client Review by U. Rudd, 11 November 2022

Ronald has been incredible to work with. He’s helped us from the startup of our business, guiding us around the legalities of setting up our own advertising agency. He was extremely pleasant and professional, and got us very swift and positive results the few times we had legal hurdles to cross. I would strongly recommend using Ronald and his firm should the need arise. Excellent person and an excellent lawyer, with years of experience.

Contact Ronald JJ Wong for your corporate law matter here.

5. The Seasoned Commercial Litigator: Walter Alexander

Law Firm Silvester Legal LLC
Address 1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre, #14-10, Singapore 179094
Office Hours 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Years of Experience 23
Languages Spoken English
Positive Reviews 8

With his 21 years of experience, Walter Alexander is well-regarded for his dispute resolution expertise. This comes as no surprise, given his prior four-year training under Senior Counsel Davinder Singh and extensive experience in high-value litigation matters. 

Notable achievements under Walter’s belt include:

  • Representing an Indonesian multi-million conglomerate in class-action litigation in multiple jurisdictions
  • Obtaining favourable minority oppression settlements for director/shareholder clients
  • Overseeing the large-scale collection of debts for a multinational company (MNC) based in the United Kingdom

Disputes often arise over contractual ambiguities. Walter’s dispute resolution background therefore gives him an edge in preparing contracts that exhaustively protect his clients’ interests.

Together with his team, Walter offers fixed-fee arrangements for drafting and reviewing shareholder agreements, employment agreements, privacy policies and other types of contracts.

Client Review by NN, 18 March 2020

“Walter advised and represented me in the resolution of a dispute between me and another shareholder in two separate companies. This was also a case that involved elements of minority oppression. Together with a partner at the firm, Walter handled all the negotiations and drafting of a settlement agreement that allowed us to move on with our lives. I would recommend him for all your legal needs.”

Contact Walter Alexander for your corporate law matter here.

6. Committed and Competent: Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss

Law Firm Robert Wang & Woo LLP
Address 1 HarbourFront Place, #03-11 Podium Block, Harbourfront Tower One, Singapore 098633
Office Hours Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to 6 pm
Years of Experience 35
Languages Spoken English, Mandarin
Positive Reviews 15

If you are entangled in commercial troubles, Jeannette is someone you will want in your corner. She will tirelessly champion your cause, reviewing your situation from all angles to advise you on optimal courses of action to pursue. She will also tap on her three decades of legal experience to evaluate how she can assist you in getting the best possible outcome.

Jeannette’s expertise also extends to drafting detailed corporate documents. Not only that, she renders thoughtful, practical advice to corporate clients with quick turnaround times.

Reviews left by Jeannette’s satisfied clients all paint the picture of a lawyer who is warm, meticulous, and committed to helping whoever walks into her office — regardless of the complexity of their matter.

Client Review by Rob T, 14 December 2020

“Jeanette was really helpful in providing not just the necessary legal advice, but also a broader perspective on the employment issue that I was facing during our consultation. I’m particularly grateful that she thoroughly explained the potential legal and non-legal consequences/outcomes of my situation so that I could make an informed decision on the way forward.

Not only that, I felt that Jeanette was really genuine in her approach in trying to “workshop” the possible solutions with me, and that her main focus was on trying to help me to achieve the best possible outcome given my circumstances. I would definitely contact Jeanette again if I were to face any other legal issues.”

Contact Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss for your corporate law matter here.

7. The Specialist Start-Up Advisor: Joshua Tan

Law Firm JT Legal LLC
Address 12 Marina Boulevard, #17-01, MBFC Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Office Hours 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
Years of Experience 25
Languages Spoken English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew
Positive Reviews 13

If you are a start-up founder, Joshua may be a familiar face to you. This Managing Director of JT Legal is a regular in Singapore’s start-up scene, with connections to investors in the venture capital and private equity sectors. Needless to say, Joshua is also an asset for start-ups and newly incorporated companies that need legal assistance with fundraising, contract drafting and fintech compliance.

Outside of the start-up sphere, Joshua has worked with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), MNCs and listed companies on a wide variety of corporate matters. These range from corporate restructuring to trademark registration and the negotiation of challenging commercial disputes.

As a testimony to Joshua’s commercial law proficiency, many of Joshua’s clients come to him via word of mouth. His clients also tend to return to him for their corporate law needs — even for years — after experiencing the effectiveness of his services once.

Client Review by Murphy Choy, 12 January 2021

“Joshua is a dedicated and brilliant corporate lawyer with years of experience. His work for my company has been seamless and efficient. The contracts drafted by him [have] strong legal foundations and comprehensive in [their] coverage. Even my clients commented on the quality of his legal contracts and advice. Highly recommended for any new companies seeking a solid lawyer to work with.”

Contact Joshua Tan for your corporate law matter here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an SME. Do I still need to hire a corporate lawyer?

It might seem like only large MNCs involved in high-value, high-stakes transactions need to hire corporate lawyers. However, this is not the case. Even SMEs can benefit from working with a corporate lawyer for the drafting and reviewing of contracts, resolution of shareholder disputes, regulatory compliance and the handling of other commercial law matters.

In short, as long as you operate a business, a corporate lawyer will likely prove an asset as you deal with corporate issues that crop up along the way.

What is the difference between a litigation lawyer and a corporate lawyer?

A litigation lawyer is a lawyer that specialises in the taking of legal action in court. Such legal actions can stem from different areas of law, such as corporate law, defamation or criminal law.

In contrast, a corporate lawyer is a lawyer who specialises in just the area of corporate law. Corporate law matters can be non-contentious in the sense that they do not involve a legal dispute. Examples of non-contentious corporate matters include contract drafting and employment advisory.

However, corporate law matters can also be contentious and involve a legal dispute among different parties. For example, some shareholders may want to sue a company director in court for a breach of director’s duties. In this case, the corporate lawyer representing the shareholders will be involved in corporate litigation work, and play the role of a litigation lawyer.

It’s a common misconception that litigation lawyers go to court while corporate lawyers do not. Unless they do only non-contentious work, however, corporate lawyers may also go to court if the need arises.

What are the kinds of legal matters that a corporate lawyer handles?

In general, corporate lawyers handle any kind of legal matters that involve businesses. These matters include:

  • Contract review and drafting;
  • Company incorporation;
  • Breaches of commercial contracts;
  • Employment advisory;
  • Fintech compliance;
  • Intellectual property registration; and
  • Resolution of shareholder disputes.

However, some corporate lawyers may choose to offer only certain types of corporate law services. Thus, as you contact corporate lawyers, do check if they can assist you with your specific matter.

How do I choose the best corporate lawyer in Singapore for my matter?

Among other factors, the best corporate lawyer for your matter will be the one:

  • Who has a depth of experience dealing with matters similar to yours;
  • Who understands the unique circumstances that your business faces;
  • With whom you can connect, and are confident that they will handle your matter well; and
  • Who charges reasonable fees that you can afford.

Acquiring the services of a corporate lawyer is an investment in the success of your business objectives. Take the time to identify the right lawyer for your needs.

What is the cost of hiring a corporate lawyer in Singapore?

There are various fee structures for corporate work. For example, corporate lawyers may charge an hourly rate for matters that are more unpredictable in nature. They may also provide fixed-fee packages for work with predefined scopes.

Fixed-fee rates are especially common for standard contract drafting work. Under this arrangement, for example, a corporate lawyer may offer to draft a contract for a flat fee inclusive of one or two rounds of revisions.

In contrast, hourly rates may apply to commercial litigation work, such as the drafting of the necessary court papers and attending court. Given the difficulty of predicting how a litigation matter will eventually be resolved, corporate lawyers may charge hourly rates to ensure they are adequately paid for their time and effort.

That said, recognising that clients value having fee certainty, corporate lawyers may also charge fixed fees for various stages of commercial litigation.

For more information, read our separate article on how corporate lawyers in Singapore charge for work.

Corporate lawyers play a vital role in protecting — and advancing — your commercial interests, especially when complex transactions are involved. When you hire the right corporate lawyer, you will have the peace of mind and confidence to pursue your business objectives.

Apart from the lawyers highlighted in this article, there are many other corporate lawyers in Singapore you can consider engaging for your legal matter.

Use our free Find a Lawyer service to browse our full network of trusted corporate lawyers here.

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