7 Top-Rated Wills Lawyers in Singapore (2024)

Last updated on January 1, 2024

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It is well known that wills are important in allowing you to protect your assets, and therefore one should make a will before the inevitable occurs. However, when it comes to writing a will, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Wills lawyers can provide invaluable assistance in this regard by helping you prepare your will, ensuring that it complies with all the relevant validity requirements. A wills lawyer can also come up with the best way to reflect your wishes in the will such that your interests are well protected after your demise.

To kickstart your search for a competent wills lawyer, here’s a list of seven top-rated wills lawyers in Singapore:

  1. Lim Chong Boon
  2. Mohamed Baiross
  3. Bhavini Shah
  4. Lee Kim Kee
  5. Cherie Tan
  6. Lim Fung Peen
  7. Tracy Wang

1. Professional and Honest: Lim Chong Boon

Law firm  PKWA Law Practice
Address 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #16-01 HDB Hub East Wing Singapore 310480
Office hours 9am to 6pm
Years of experience 35
Languages spoken  English, Mandarin
Number of positive reviews received  45

Heading the Family Law and General Litigation Practice at PKWA Law, Lim Chong Boon has more than 30 years of experience in legal work. At PKWA Law, Lim Chong Boon and his team promises “fixed, clear and transparent” fees for will writing, with their fee for making both a will and a Lasting Power of Attorney (a legal document appointing someone to make decisions and act on someone’s behalf in the event that they lose mental capacity) starting from $690. In addition, they offer a free initial consultation.

Mr Lim is known to help clients save costs wherever they can, and is honest in advising them on the best approach to take for their case. He has also been complimented for his ability to explain matters to clients in a manner that is simple and easy to understand. Hence, you can be sure that he will do his best to ensure that your interests are well protected when preparing your will.

Client Review by Mr Lee, 10 October 2016

“I have been using Mr Lim’s services since 2009, the first time for my will and the second for my divorce. Both times, he was efficient and listened patiently to my problems.”

Contact Lim Chong Boon for your wills matter here.

2. Practical and Strategic: Mohamed Baiross

Law firm  I.R.B. Law LLP
Address 119 Jalan Sultan, Singapore 199007
Office hours 9.30 am to 9.30pm daily

Note: Please call and make an appointment before coming to office

Years of experience 16
Languages spoken  Malay, Tamil, English
Number of positive reviews received  467

Mohamed Baiross is the founder and managing partner of I.R.B. Law LLP which is known for its competitive rates and offers “a free no-obligation chat” to better understand your will-writing needs. Mr Baiross provides comprehensive legal advice and is strategically focused on achieving practical and speedy results.

He makes sure to keep services affordable and advises clients in a manner that is easily understandable. As seen from his wealth of good reviews, his clients trust him deeply to assist them with a wide range of legal matters.

Client Review by Marcus, 16 July 2021

“Mr. Baiross and the staff at IRB Law have all the attributes I expect in a good law firm: knowledge and seasoned experience, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and responsiveness. They are there to help you and to achieve the best possible outcome. They have earned my most enthusiastic recommendation.”

Contact Mohamed Baiross for your wills matter here.

3. Competent and Collaborative: Bhavini Shah

Law firm  Bhavini S Law Practice
Address 10 Anson Road, #14-15 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Office hours Monday to Friday excluding Public holidays.

Note: By appointment only.

Years of experience 28
Languages spoken  English, Gujarati
Number of positive reviews received  141

Bhavini Shah is a highly personable lawyer who focuses on coming up with rational long-term solutions for all her clients (be it businesses, families or individuals) in order for them to obtain maximum benefit.

She believes in building long-term relationships with her clients, and achieves this by fostering an open and collaborative style of practice. Ms Bhavini has been praised for being able to clearly and patiently explain the will-making process, and she makes the effort to ensure that her clients understand the importance of making a will. Additionally, she has been commended for providing fuss-free services with a quick turnaround time.

Client Review by R Rajasegar, 28 March 2023 

“From the start to the end, my wife and I found Bhavini and her staff very courteous and professional.

Bhavini responded personally to all my emails. Bhavini also called me up personally to explain very clearly on the process of making a Will.

When I went to the office on Tue, 28 Mar 2023, the services provided by Bhavini and her Staff [were] was excellent and seamless. Bhavini again made it a point to explain the main points in the Will and how to proceed with the Letter of Probate when the need arises. Bhavini took pains to ensure we understood the purpose and importance of making a Will. My wife and I left the law firm impressed with their attitude and approach.

My wife and I will strongly recommend Bhavini S Law Practice to my relatives and friends if they plan to make a Will. Thank You.”

Contact Bhavini Shah for your wills matter here.

4. Empathetic and Compassionate: Lee Kim Kee

Law firm  K K Lee Law Corporation
Address 511 Guillemard Road #03-13 Grandlink Square Singapore 399849
Office hours Monday – Friday: 9am – 6.15pm

Saturdays and weekday evenings by appointment

Years of experience 41
Languages spoken  English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese
Number of positive reviews received  49

Lee Kim Kee, the sole proprietor of K K Lee Law Corporation, is known for going the extra mile by taking a client’s personal circumstances into consideration and charging reasonable fees. She is experienced in drafting and executing wills for all kinds of assets and family situations.

Ms Lee has acted for a diverse range of clients, and is especially experienced in advising elderly clients as well as clients with physical and/or mental disabilities.

Client Review by Denise O, 7 October 2020

“My parents have drawn up their Wills and LPAs by Ms. Lee at the KK Lee Law Corp. [S]she took the time to explain to them in Hokkien. Providing clear and concise legal advice. Very friendly, patient, kind, and compassionate lawyer. Will recommend KK Lee Law Corp. to my network!”

Contact Lee Kim Kee for your wills matter here.

5. Passionate and Dedicated: Cherie Tan

Law firm  I.R.B. Law LLP
Address 42 Sam Leong Rd, Singapore 207932
Office hours 9:30am – 6:30pm [Mon-Fri].

Note: For after office hours and weekend appointments, please text to arrange beforehand.

Years of experience 9
Languages spoken  Hokkien, English, Mandarin
Number of positive reviews received  107

A lawyer with a firm belief that everyone should have access to justice regardless of background, Cherie Tan focuses on the human element of the legal profession and is committed to doing her best for her clients. When it comes to will-making, she makes sure that her clients know exactly what they are signing off on. Additionally, she will take care to flag important clauses in your will and inform you of any potential implications that you should be aware of.

Ms Cherie has been praised by clients for her strong work ethic, excellent service and highly responsive nature. Hence, she is highly recommended by her clients for a fuss-free and smooth experience.

Client Review by Wong Kf, 15 March 2023

“I am glad my family engaged in the service of Ms. Cherie Tan. Cherie listened and provided good service throughout to ensure my mom knew exactly what she was signing on the final Will.

Your firm has provided prompt service, which others lack in this aspect. This helped me juggle my parents’ wishes and manage my dad’s medical issues.”

Contact Cherie Tan for your wills matter here.

6. Experienced and Knowledgeable: Lim Fung Peen

Law firm  Yuen Law LLC
Address 50 South Bridge Road #03-00, Singapore 058682
Office hours 9am-6pm
Years of experience 28
Languages spoken  English, Mandarin
Number of positive reviews received  160

A director at Yuen Law LLC and head of the Family Practice Group, Lim Fung Peen is well-versed in asset protection and family matters. The Family Practice Group at Yuen Law LLC has been commended by The Straits Times – Singapore Best Law Firms for 3 consecutive years for its outstanding work in Family Law, Inheritance and Succession.

As a testament to his knowledge and expertise in will-making, Mr Lim has written a book titled “Where There’s a Will: A Guide to Setting Up a Will and Managing a Loved One’s Estate”, which educates readers on will creation and displays his strong personal belief in the importance of asset protection.

Client Review by YH, 14 November 2022

“We wish to offer our sincere appreciation to Mr. Lim Fung Peen and his team (Si Xuan and Brendan) [for] in providing their great supports for our Wills and LPA. It was a pleasant experience working with them. Mr Lim Fung Peen and Si Xuan were patien[t]ce in explaining on the details and providing valuable considerations that we would not have thought of. Thank You.”

Contact Lim Fung Peen for your wills matter here.

7. Affable and Down-to-Earth: Tracy Wang

Law firm  Tracy Wang Law Practice
Address 1 North Bridge Road #08-08 High Street Centre Singapore 179094
Office hours 9am to 5pm (Strictly by Appointment Only)
Years of experience 9
Languages spoken  English, Mandarin, Hokkien
Number of positive reviews received  32

Friendly and amiable, Tracy Wang makes sure that her clients understand their legal rights and comes up with practical solutions to their problems. She is well-loved by her clients for her caring and supportive nature, so you can feel comfortable entrusting potentially sensitive matters to her when consulting her about your will.

Client Review by Deng Yi, 17 November 2020

“Not only is Tracy very professional, she is also extremely kind and helpful. Not only did she provide useful advice for my case, she also took a lot of time to patiently explain every single detail clearly to me, making sure I understood. Tracy was successful in seeking a good outcome for my case. Tracy was there for me during my difficult time. She provided support to me and walked through my entire case with me. I am immensely grateful for her care, support and professionalism, so much so that she has become a lawyer turned friend to me. Thank you Tracy for all that you have done for me. Having met a few other lawyers before Tracy, I must say that her work ethics are impressive. I highly recommend Tracy to anyone who needs legal service.”

Contact Tracy Wang for your wills matter here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wills and Wills Lawyers

How much does it cost to write a will in Singapore?

Generally, it costs between $200 and $400 to hire a lawyer to draft a simple will for you. However, for more complex wills (e.g. multiple asset types that are worth large sums of money, or with assets located overseas etc), the cost of making a will could go beyond $500.

Alternatively, we offer an online WillMaker service for you to make your own will yourself at a flat fee of $89. This comes with unlimited edits and downloads of the will document for a period of 1 month. 

However, do note that the WillMaker service is more appropriate for straightforward wills governing simple types of assets. Ultimately, bearing in mind that a poorly drafted will could give rise to disputes and lead to unwanted litigation in the future, it is still advisable to engage a lawyer for your will-related needs. This is especially so for vulnerable clients e.g. those with mental capacity issues or if there are any complexities regarding your estate or your instructions.

What is the difference between a wills lawyer vs. a probate lawyer?

While will-writing is something that occurs while one is still alive, probate is the process that occurs after one’s death. Put simply, probate is the legal process of distributing assets in accordance with the will. Hence, a wills lawyer helps you with planning for your estate before death, while a probate lawyer will ensure that after death, your estate is administered by your executors according to the will that you had written.

Besides drafting wills, how else can a wills lawyer help me?

Aside from drafting wills, a wills lawyer usually can assist with other matters too, such as helping you set up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), which is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone to manage your affairs and make decisions on your behalf should you lose mental capacity.

To find out more about why one should make both a will and an LPA, do refer to our article on the roles of a will and an LPA in estate planning.

A wills lawyer can also help you reduce your estate tax burdens, and help you set up trusts to protect your assets if necessary. Trusts are often used to protect assets from creditors, manage a family’s wealth (for example, by specifying how the assets are to be invested) and are also often used in succession planning. In the past, trusts were generally considered to belong to the domain of extremely wealthy people, but today, many families and individuals turn to trusts as a useful asset management mechanism. By engaging a wills lawyer, you can therefore be better informed about the various options to safeguard your assets and manage your wealth.

How do I choose the best wills lawyer for my matter?

Given the potentially sensitive nature of wills, it is important to choose a wills lawyer that you trust and feel comfortable with. It would be a good idea to seek recommendations from peers who have already had their wills made, or check out reviews online. You can also talk to several different lawyers first before deciding which one best suits your needs.

To conclude, a wills lawyer can assist you in planning and protecting your assets so that all your wishes regarding your estate are fulfilled. Hiring a wills lawyer would be particularly helpful for clients with significant assets or high net-worth, or those who foresee complex legal issues involved in making their will.

Apart from the list of lawyers that we have provided above, you can also reach out to other wills lawyers of your choice via our Find a Lawyer service here.

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