What can I do if my employer refuses to pay my agreed salary?

Last updated on May 2, 2011

If you are an employee working informally without the protection of a formal contract, you may find yourself in a situation where your employer flagrantly refuses to pay your salary.

Under the Employment Act, an employer must pay your wages within 7 days of a “salary period”. A salary period cannot exceed one month, to protect the employee’s interests by ensuring that he is paid on a regular basis, at least once a month. Most salary periods are either one month, or 2 weeks.

In contrast, overtime work can be paid by the employer within 14 days of the salary period. A different time limit also applies to the payment of salary for termination or dismissal of employment. For more information on the time limit for payment of salary, click here.

If your employer has not paid your salary in accordance to the above, you should contact the Ministry of Manpower to lodge a complaint. For details on how to do so, click here.

For more information on the payment of salary, as governed by the Employment Act, click here.

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