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Amarick (also known as Rick), is the Director & Founder of Amarick Gill LLC. The Firm focuses on many areas and Amarick especially loves Criminal Defence and Motor Accident claims: –


  • Commissioner of Oaths
  • Family matters (Divorce, Wills, Probate, Letter of Administration)
  • Debt Recovery & Bankruptcy (including voluntary bankruptcy and creditors bankruptcy application)
  • Defamation
  • Employment Law
  • Tenancy agreement / disputes
  • Arbitration / Mediation
  • Letters of Administration and Probate (Muslim and Non-Muslim)
  • Criminal defence (Capital Cases like Drug Trafficking and Murder, Drug Possession and/or Consumption, White & Blue Collars fraud, Sexual Offences, Violent Crimes & Hurt, Rioting, Juvenile Crimes etc)
  • Motor Accidents negligence claims including Personal Injury and Non Injury Damages.

Amarick has been in this battlefield for 21 years. Amarick spends most of his time in the High and State Courts as well as the Men’s & Women’s Prison. He is no stranger in media too, for his achievements in many high-profile cases in Singapore.

Amarick has a small and efficient team, his staffs have a wealth of experiences. As Amarick believes in keeping his fees reasonable and yet delivers quality as he is hands on with all the cases entrusted to him. Amarick keeps himself updated on all changes of the Law.

Many clients have became personna friends of his.

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Reviews (5)

Thank you for giving me the practical advice and solution to my problem! You’re very friendly and helpful. I will definitely come back to you if there is any legal issue in future

Lee WY,

I’m a private hire driver. I met in a small accident last October, this lawyer helped me claim my loss of income & rental and settled my case fast. Thank you

KH Ng,

Rick is so helpful! I was knocked down by a drunk driver 4 years back, badly injured and lost. My friend recommended me to Rick and he helped me to fight my case in court and got me some compensation.


Your service is very good, I was unfortunately involved in 3 accidents last year.
Your services is the most reliable and not troublesome at all. Thank you very much

Ng Choon Meng,
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Media & Publications

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“Woman left with $99 after losing $55k in scam”, Straits Times (19 Jan 2020)

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“Public can make a citizen’s arrest but must not break the law while doing so”, Straits Times (10 Nov 2019)

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“Death-row convict’s appeal reopened for new evidence to be received”, The Online Citizen (5 Aug 2019)

“Ex-ambulance driver fined $1,500 for OSA offence by taking photo of dead body while on duty” Straits Times (11 Sept 2018)

“Second chance for mentally ill offenders”, Straits Times (30 Jul 2017)

“Man linked to Laksaboy vice website charged”, Straits Times (23 Jul 2017)

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“效仿色情片图强奸女子 青年入狱八年鞭打12下”, Zao Bao (30 Aug 2016)

“Uncle and nephew jailed for attacking man outside Shaw House”, Straits Times (27 Jun 2016)

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[2012] SGDC 263 – Public Prosecutor v Mohamad Shafuldin Bin Ebrahim

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[2011] 3 SLR 719 – Public Prosecutor v Phuthita Somchit and another

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[2010] SGDC 96 – Public Prosecutor v Hussein Bin Kamarudin

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[2010] 4 SLR 1119 – Daniel Vijay s/o Katherasan and others v Public Prosecutor

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