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Wei Chin is an Associate Director at Covenant Chambers LLC. He has a broad range of practice that includes litigation and providing commercial law advice to clients.

In the field of litigation, Wei Chin has handled cases spanning across different courts, including handling High Court applications himself. His wide range of experience in litigation includes tenancy disputes, writs of possession, claims concerning breaches of director’s duties, probate matters, criminal matters, matrimonial matters and various other types of litigation work.

Wei Chin’s diverse legal background enables him to merge litigation foresight with commercial sensibility, thus providing him a balanced outlook when providing legal counsel and advice.

In the areas of commercial practice, Wei Chin is proficient in analysing and drafting various legal documents for a variety of commercial settings. Due to his background in conveyancing, he is also proficient in aspects concerning property transactions. Wei Chin was also involved in providing legal advice and drafting legal documents for various government statutory boards.

In his free time, Wei Chin plays the guitar and bass, works out at the gym to stay healthy and plays recreational basketball for leisure.

Sample Cases and Experience:

  • Being lead counsel/assisting counsel in various civil and commercial disputes in the State Courts and Supreme Court of Singapore.
  • Assisting counsel in obtaining a Mareva Injunction for a claim amounting to more than S$3 million.
  • Submitting and presenting mitigation pleas successfully to obtain lighter sentences for clients charged in criminal matters.
  • Being lead counsel/assisting counsel in private prosecutions for a government statutory board and obtaining deterrent sentences against the offenders.
  • Advising and successfully negotiating a settlement for a government statutory board concerning a dispute with an oil supplier.
  • Being lead counsel/assisting in divorce and ancillary matters disputes, including helping parties through Court Mediation.
  • General solicitors’ work in extracting Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration.
  • General solicitors’ work in managing landlord and tenancy agreements and disputes.
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Mr C,




谢谢你对我的案子所做出的付出以及对我家人的关心,以及在诉讼过程中对我的案子的分析和开导。 才能在最后的庭审中诉方和检察官能接受你的求情信,最后撤销案子,我也没有留下案底,这极大地帮助了我以后的生活和工作,也帮助了我的家庭。


Mr Li,

Wei Chin provide great service and offer professional advice. I would strongly recommend his service.

Dion Chua,

Since the case happened, our family has been in a state of unease, and the children are under great mental pressure, sleepless and hard to eat. we really don’t know what to do.

Since we hired you as our lawyer, we have received great help from you and your team. We are very grateful! We often ask you all kinds of questions. Even outside working hours, you can answer them quickly and professionally. We really appreciate it.

It’s our luck to meet you. Your excellent business ability and patient and meticulous work make us full of confidence in the final successful result of the case!

Finally, I wish you and your team all the best!

Han Qiang,
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Other Positions and Achievements:

  1. Legal Advisor to the Xu Clan Association
  2. Guest Speaker for Nan Chiau High School: Bilingual Career Talk 2017
  3. Volunteer Lawyer at West Legal Clinic (FaithActs)

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