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Cheryl is an experienced litigation lawyer whose practice includes commercial and civil litigation, family law and criminal defence representation. She is highly communicative and adopts a solution-orientated attitude for her clients’ needs. Cheryl understands her clients’ strategic needs, and couples that with her diligence in helping them achieve the best outcome possible. She has represented and advised clients on the matters such as contractual disputes including employment, injunctions, intellectual property litigation, personal injury, property damage claims, debt recovery, and tortious actions.

Cheryl’s work experience has further honed her into a dedicated counsel for clients facing criminal charges. She has represented clients at trials as well as plead-guilty matters in a myriad of matters at the State Courts, High Court, appellate level, and even at the SAF’s Military Court. She has advised and represented clients in areas such as white collar crime, traffic offences, drug trafficking, murder, causing hurt, theft, abuse, and juvenile offences.

Cheryl also represents clients in family and matrimonial matters. She has advised and represented local and expatriate clients on separation and divorce matters, both contested and uncontested. These consequently include issues on custody, maintenance, and division of matrimonial assets.

In her spare time, Cheryl also volunteers as a defence counsel for Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) matters and various initiatives by the Pro Bono Services Office of the Law Society of Singapore. Cheryl is also a volunteer for the Legal Aid Scheme for Capital Offences (LASCO). She offers legal advice for the indigent at various community legal clinics, migrant workers’ legal clinics and gives talks to various schools in Singapore educating the young.


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Reported judgments:

  • Tan Hing Sing v Tan Check Peng [2013] SGDC 190
  • Total English Learning Global Pte Ltd v Kids Counsel Pte Ltd [2014] SGHC 258
  • PP v Ian Damery Fitzgerald [2015] SGMC 39
  • Han’s (F&B) Pte Ltd v Gusttimo World Pte Ltd [2015] 2 SLR 825
  • PP v Ang Wei Sheng [2016] SGMC 28
  • PP v Loew Zi Xiang [2016] SGDC 251
  • PP v Lim Poh Loon Desmond [2016] SGDC 307
  • PP v Cheng Teck Hai [2016] SGDC 359
  • PP v Kavitha d/o Mailvaganam [2016] SGDC 218
  • PP v Ong Jack Hong [2016] 5 SLR 166
  • PP v Chandrasekran s/o Elamkopan [2016] SGDC 20
  • PP v GBE [2016] SGDC 223


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Cheryl offers a free 10 minutes’ phone consultation to assess your needs. She believes in fair and transparent pricing, and will work with you within your means to help you achieve your strategic goals. Highly communicative, you will be fully apprised of your matter at every stage, and you can rest assured that she will always be available for your needs.

Please contact her at with a brief description of your case and to set up the free phone consultation.

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