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Clement Tan is a dispute resolution lawyer with extensive experience in a wide range of corporate commercial disputes, and has represented clients at all levels of the Singapore judicial system and arbitrations. He has previously acted in matters involving white collar crime, employment disputes, minority oppression cases, contractual disputes, defamation claims and construction cases.

Prior to joining the firm, Clement enjoyed a 6 year stint as a District Judge in the State Courts of Singapore. There, he had the opportunity to preside over both civil and criminal cases and has, over the years, penned numerous written judgments. Clement is able to offer clients a unique perspective, from his prior experiences as a practitioner and judge. Clement also served as a judge in the Subordinate Military Courts from 2018 to 2021.

His published cases include:-

LCS Optiroc Pte Ltd v Sorada Jingjid [2016] SGDC 147

Powercore Pte Ltd v D+B Projects Pte Ltd (United Overseas Bank – garnishee) [2017] SGDC 157

GBN v GBO [2017] SGDC 143

The Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 3250 v Yan Wen Ting [2017] SGDC 175

David M Hill Racing Stables Pte Ltd v Hong Kai Oh [2017] SGMC 49

The Management Corporate Strata Title Plan No. 393 v China Commodity Shopping Centre Pte Ltd [2017] SGDC 272

Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 3405 v Smile Inc Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd [2017] SGDC 288

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Reviews (12)

Clement provided succinct, sharp advice upon listening to the particulars of my case. I was impressed by how quick his intellect operated, offering sharp legal advice to every potential scenario I presented regarding the non-compete clause in my employment contract. His manner was kind, reassuring, and cerebral, and put me to ease about any issue that could arise. He was adept at explaining my issue in layman terms, while ensuring complicated legal concepts were clearly communicated. I was awed by the swiftness of his legal mind and his ability in tailoring his advice for the specifics of my situation. I would recommend Clement in all other legal disputes/situations.


I had the privilege of working with Clement on an employment contract case, and my experience was truly exceptional.

From our initial consultation, Clement exhibited an unparalleled understanding of employment law, providing me with confidence in their expertise. His professionalism and precise communication ensured I was well-informed throughout the process. He also demonstrated a creative and strategic approach to my case to navigate legal complexities with precision. His attention to detail and commitment to securing a favorable outcome were evident at every stage.

I highly recommend Clement as a lawyer because his advice helped to resolve the situation diplomatically with all the parties involved achieving a amicable outcome.


Clement Tan provided quick preliminary advice at no charge. Thanks, much appreciated.


Clement was a God send in my dispute. He has intricate knowledge of processes and is able to advise concisely, and simplify terms to help laymen and equip them to deal with the challenges that may arise in regular career pursuits. If you need a listening ear coupled with a sharp mind, he is the go-to guy, champion for the little guy. Top notch.
Thank you so much, Clement.

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Media & Publications

Clement is the contributing editor for the Practitioner’s Guide on Damages Awarded for Defamation Cases in Singapore (2019, Academy Publishing). He is also an editor of various chapters of the Singapore Civil Procedure.

Judge rejects condo’s bid to remove resident’s dog | The New Paper (

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