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As former District Judge in the Family Justice Courts, Clement is well regarded and has decided cases across a wide spectrum of matrimonial matters. For more information on his specific expertise, please see below the list of Judgments Clement has written in various areas of Family Law.

As a former Deputy Public Prosecutor with the Attorney General’s Chambers, Clement is also very experienced with the criminal justice system and has familiarity with handling criminal matters. A list of his reported cases are also set out in the section below.

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Media & Publications

As a District Judge, I had published the following Judgements on Family Law:

a) On child maintenance – VNG v VNH [2020] SGFC 100
b) On child maintenance variation – VSP v VSQ [2021] SGFC 71
c) On the welfare of children – VLI v VLJ [2021] SGFC 51 and VLI v VLJ [2021] SGFC 112
d) On the relocation of children – UKS vs UKR [2021] SGFC 103
e) On the custody and care and control of children – WBD v WBC [2022] SGFC 23
f) On switching care and control of children – WEJ v WEI [2022] SGFC 51
g) On divorce and division of matrimonial assets – VWO v VWP [2021] SGFC 108
h) On accounting and valuation of matrimonial assets – VZD v VZE [2022] SGFC 1
i) On family violence and Personal Protection Orders (PPO) – VYV v VYW [2022] SGFC 02
j) On the payment of costs by a legally aided person – WEJ v WEI [2022] SGFC 73

As a Deputy Public Prosecutor, I was the Prosecutor in the following reported criminal cases:

Drug offences

a) LT1 consumption – PP v Nur Ellesha Shahidah [2016] SGDC 11
b) LT2 consumption – PP v  Noor Amran Bin Mohd Ismail [2015] SGDC 351
c) Capital drug trafficking – PP v Gobi a/l Avedian [2017] SGHC 145
d) Drug consumption and trafficking – PP v Mohamad Shahli Bin Musa [2016] SGDC 313

Violence offences

e) Voluntarily causing hurt – PP v Md Abu Taher Md Shahbuddin & Ors [2015] SGDC 271
f) Voluntarily causing hurt with deadly weapon – PP v Vicknesh s/o Kuttaiyan [2015] SGDC 187
g) Causing grievous hurt by negligent act – PP v Koh Saw Khim [2015] SGMC 38
h) Robbery – PP v Mohammed Ridzuan Bin Hasan [2014] SGDC 247

Unlicensed moneylending

i) Harassing debtors – PP v Poh Chee How [2015] SGDC 330

Bail matters

j) Bail forfeiture – PP v Kaliamah d/o Kolanday [2017] SGDC 88


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