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As former District Judge in the Family Justice Courts, Clement is well regarded and has decided cases across a wide spectrum of matrimonial matters. For more information on his specific expertise, please see below the list of Judgments Clement has written in various areas of Family Law.

As a former Deputy Public Prosecutor with the Attorney General’s Chambers, Clement is also very experienced with the criminal justice system and has familiarity with handling criminal matters. A list of his reported cases are also set out in the section below.

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Clement Yong is an exceptional divorce lawyer in Singapore. His expertise and knowledge in family law are truly impressive. I was impressed by his professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to navigate complex legal issues. He provided me with clear and practical advice throughout the divorce process, ensuring that my rights were protected. I highly recommend Clement Yong for anyone seeking a top-notch divorce lawyer in Singapore.

Raymond Lee,
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Media & Publications

As a District Judge, I had published the following Judgements on Family Law:

a) On child maintenance – VNG v VNH [2020] SGFC 100
b) On child maintenance variation – VSP v VSQ [2021] SGFC 71
c) On the welfare of children – VLI v VLJ [2021] SGFC 51 and VLI v VLJ [2021] SGFC 112
d) On the relocation of children – UKS vs UKR [2021] SGFC 103
e) On the custody and care and control of children – WBD v WBC [2022] SGFC 23
f) On switching care and control of children – WEJ v WEI [2022] SGFC 51
g) On divorce and division of matrimonial assets – VWO v VWP [2021] SGFC 108
h) On accounting and valuation of matrimonial assets – VZD v VZE [2022] SGFC 1
i) On family violence and Personal Protection Orders (PPO) – VYV v VYW [2022] SGFC 02
j) On the payment of costs by a legally aided person – WEJ v WEI [2022] SGFC 73

As a Deputy Public Prosecutor, I was the Prosecutor in the following reported criminal cases:

Drug offences

a) LT1 consumption – PP v Nur Ellesha Shahidah [2016] SGDC 11
b) LT2 consumption – PP v  Noor Amran Bin Mohd Ismail [2015] SGDC 351
c) Capital drug trafficking – PP v Gobi a/l Avedian [2017] SGHC 145
d) Drug consumption and trafficking – PP v Mohamad Shahli Bin Musa [2016] SGDC 313

Violence offences

e) Voluntarily causing hurt – PP v Md Abu Taher Md Shahbuddin & Ors [2015] SGDC 271
f) Voluntarily causing hurt with deadly weapon – PP v Vicknesh s/o Kuttaiyan [2015] SGDC 187
g) Causing grievous hurt by negligent act – PP v Koh Saw Khim [2015] SGMC 38
h) Robbery – PP v Mohammed Ridzuan Bin Hasan [2014] SGDC 247

Unlicensed moneylending

i) Harassing debtors – PP v Poh Chee How [2015] SGDC 330

Bail matters

j) Bail forfeiture – PP v Kaliamah d/o Kolanday [2017] SGDC 88


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