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Gino Hardial Singh, a Barrister of the Middle Temple, is the founder of Abbots Chambers LLC. He is an experienced and dedicated trial lawyer who focuses his litigation practice on white collar crime involving offences under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act, the Prevention of Corruption Act, Organized Crime, Criminal Breach of Trust, Fraud as well as Cheating offences. He is also adept in handling matters involving Murder, Drug Trafficking, Robbery, Rape, Sexual Assault, Rioting and offences against Public Servants. Prior to becoming an Advocate & Solicitor in Singapore in the year 2000, he had a 3-and-a-half-year stint in law enforcement.

In the past 9 years, he has managed to obtain more than 200 acquittals (pre-trial and post-trial) and discharges for clients accused of committing various kinds of offences including those under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act, Rape, offences against Public Servants, Robbery, outrage of modesty etcetera.  This includes warnings in lieu of prosecution and no further actions at the investigations stage.

In 2014, he was recognized as being the top volunteer under the Law Society’s Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (“CLAS”) and continues to assist the underprivileged on a Pro Bono basis as best as he can. In 2020 Abbots Chambers entered into a memorandum with CLAS pledging to take 50 cases. Thanks to a strong and dedicated team, the memorandum was honoured. Gino is also on the panel of the Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offences (“LASCO”).

“I learned quickly that Gino is a fighter, he cares for his clients, shows passion and is open with you. I was not alone from the moment I called Gino.” – Client’s testimonial dated Feb 2018

Gino started off his career as a shipping lawyer 21 years ago and is no stranger to matters involving commercial disputes. He has acted for plaintiffs in medical negligence law suits and was one of the lawyers who acted for parties involved in the “Slim 10” case where TV Media had been sued by a local television personality for negligently advertising and promoting a slimming pill, the consumption of which caused her liver to fail.

Abbots is currently handling a number of ongoing high profile matters, one of which is the USD100 Million dollar bunker theft from Shell’s Pulau Bukom refinery.

Presently, he is the Secretary of the Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore.

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Reviews (114)

Was cleared one and a half months after the letter of representation was raised ..for OOM..
Thank you

Joseph Tan,

Gino came through in time that was very stressful for me . My maid accused me of slapping her and my husband of molesting her. It was during the lockdown that the police informed us of the charges. The police claimed they had a video but were not forthcoming about what the video content was. We were shocked, didn’t know where to turn to. On the first call Gino understood our stress and the state we were as a family. We submitted our version of events and he wrote to the prosecutor. It took some time but the case didn’t go to the court. We are thankful to Gino who came through as a savior in a time that felt like we couldn’t go on with our lives.

Mrs T,

I had worst of time, when I was falsely accused for outrage of modesty. By god’s grace I came in contact with Gino , Gino called me to his office very next day and after carefully listening me , wrote the representation. Gino & team not only wrote a strong representation with relevant evidences but was very supportive and always reachable throughout this tough time. Finally after 20 months I was acquitted with no further action. For me and my family, Gino was strongest support. Many thanks for all his support.


I suffered a traumatic event being detained at Changi airport and arrested under a historical CBT allegation dating back 17 years. If found guilty I was facing a jail term.
I contacted Abbots Chambers to handle my case.
Even though this was a complex case that involved stakeholders in different countries, Gino Hardial Singh was confident that we could get a result of NFA upon reviewing all the facts.
Even though this this was one of the most traumatic and worrying situations I had faced Gino always remained calm and positive throughout and my confidence grew after each meeting.
Over a few weeks of trying to gather historical evidence and recall events from 17 years before, Gino had put together a strong and solid defence and submitted a representation to the Attorney General to review the case and consider No Further Action be taken.

Gino’s deep legal knowledge and his detailed review of my case and evidence available proved to be a godsend when 5 weeks after my arrest we were informed by the AGC that no further action would be taken, and the case was completely closed.

Without a doubt my family and I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Gino and the Abbots Chambers team for defending and representing me. Gino is an exceptional lawyer, is always available and works tirelessly to ensure that the best possible result is obtained. I would recommend anyone facing any legal issues to get in touch with Gino and his team.

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