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I charge fixed fees upfront for my legal services so you are clear on how much you are paying for your matters.


  1. Criminal Defence
    1. Accused pleading guilty: starting from S$750/- onwards
    2. Accused claiming trial: starting from S$3,000/- onwards


  1. Applications under Protection from Harassment Act:
    1. Representation for Applicant (up to trial): starting from S$3,000/- onwards
    2. Representation for Respondent (up to trial): starting from S$1,500/- onwards


  1. Civil Litigation:
    1. Magistrate’s Court Matters (up to trial): starting from S$2,500/- onwards
    2. District Court Matters (up to trial): starting from S$5,000/- onwards
    3. High Court Matters (up to trial): starting from S$10,000/- onwards


  1. Consultations on contentious and non-contentious matters: starting from S$150/- onwards


Drop me an email or a call and my team and I will do our best to help you

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