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Jeevan John has been in practice since 1998. He was first a Barrister of the Middle Temple
before he was called to the Supreme Court of Singapore. In Singapore, Jeevan started practice in
civil, criminal and family matters under a Senior Counsel. Thereafter, Jeevan became a partner in
in a leading full service law firm focused on Maritime & Shipping.

In matters of disputes and disputes resolution, Jeevan’s areas of practice and experience now
includes: commercial disputes (contracts, credit and security, insolvency proceedings,
enforcement of judgment debts, corporate and shareholder disputes); intellectual property
disputes (breach of confidentiality obligations and general infringement of intellectual property
rights); family law (divorce, maintenance and personal protection orders); employment law
(breach of employment obligations and breach of employee/fiduciary duties); criminal law
(regulatory offences, penal code offences, cheating, gambling offences and criminal breach of
trust); contentious probate (disputes between executors and beneficiaries of estates); sale of
goods; and personal injury.

Evidence of Jeevan’s myriad of experience and ability, some of the interesting cases that Jeevan
has handled recently include the following: estate matter involving a prominent entertainment
mogul; online gambling operators; sale of a particularly “capricious” yacht; a David and Goliath
dispute where he acted for a start-up against a MNC; a patent infringement dispute; and claims
pursuant to the Security and Futures Act.

Whilst Jeevan fights valiantly to further his client’s case, Jeevan firmly believes that fair chance
ought to be given to alternative dispute resolution so as to further his client’s interests by
reducing legal costs through early resolution of disputes via mediation and compromise. Further,
Jeevan’s ability to negotiate and careful analysis of the strengths and weakness of a case has
allowed Jeevan’s clients to reach settlements in the favour of his clients.

Beyond disputes resolutions, Jeevan also has significant experience in advisory and corporate
matters. Jeevan’s clients range from sovereign wealth funds, MNCs, mid-sized companies and
start-ups. He has acted in matters including the negotiation of sale and purchase of companies
and businesses to more esoteric matters such as the sale of technology. It is Jeevan’s
understanding that it takes a good litigator to comprehend the nuances and risk in business
transactions and to negotiate a better deal.

Jeevan is supported by his team and is well placed to meet your needs and to best further your

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Reviews (3)

In an overdue vehicle accident case, Jeevan was not only extremely knowledgeable, but he was highly sensitive to the fact that it was proving to be a complex experience for all involved because of the lack of time. Jeevan would ‘check in’ with us and make sure we knew what was happening at all times. He explained clearly what we needed to do to ensure we could even have a case in the first place.

His legal representation restored my faith in the justice system. If you’re seeking legal help as a victim of an accident, call Jeevan today.


Jeevan ‘s legal representation restored my faith in the legal profession and Justice System after I got into a dispute with my former lawyer.
I highly recommend Jeevan as in my experience working with him on my case. I find him to be trustworthy, sincere ,knowledgeable and always put client’s interest first .Once you have engage his legal services you will look no further as you will find no other lawyer will work as hard for you to represent you except Jeevan.

Chloe Ong,

Dedicated lawyer with sound and professional advice. Knowledgeable and sensitive in handling all aspects. Definitely a recommend. Good job Jeeven John!

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