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Jonathan believes that access to justice is for all, and that lawyers are gatekeepers who play a crucial role in ensuring this. His goal? To help others rightly understand how the law impacts and affects their lives, and thereafter, to work with them in resolving the situation they are in.

Jonathan’s training is in Dispute Resolution, which also involves processes such as Negotiation and Mediation before or amidst ongoing Litigation. His commitment is to holistic problem-solving through his practice of law, to bring about true reconciliation that will best satisfy his clients’ interests.

Much of his legal practice therefore involves the resolution of disputes, but also often includes non-dispute/contentious matters such as the drafting Wills and Powers of Attorney, Grant of Probate and Estate-related advice, Mental Capacity matters, as well as general advisory work, such as document review and drafting. 

With his training and experience in Dispute Resolution and Litigation, Jonathan is competent with handling a diverse range of cases both civil and criminal. His civil practice includes commercial matters and providing advice or representation to institutional clients of all kinds, which has given him a sharp commercial-mindedness in his approach to legal solutions.

His also serves individual clients, by providing assistance and representation in employment disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, matrimonial and divorce cases, community-related disputes such as protection from harassment applications, magistrate’s complaints and private prosecutions, or other private-client related matters.

Jonathan does take a special interest in criminal legal practice, enjoyed a full spectrum of legal work in this area of law, having handled cases which involve offences of varying severity and nature – from common offences to more complex matters such as financial crimes. He is also familiar with trial and appellate processes, as well as various alternative dispute resolution processes.

As part of his mission to make justice accessible to all, Jonathan contributes and serves the wider society by providing pro bono legal services to the vulnerable and under-served communities in society, such as acting for accused persons under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (“CLAS”).

He also invests his time in mentoring the younger generation both within the profession and in his local communities, and is also a mentor/module facilitator for the Singapore Bar Examinations and Prepatory Course.

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My experience with Covenant Chambers has been a very positive one. Prior to taking on my case, Mr Jonathan Cho took the initiative to arrange for a non-obligatory 30min phone consultation to listen and understand my case before offering practical and sound advice towards handling it. Upon appointment, he is also professional and attentive to the case, seeing it through from the start to the end. I’d definitely recommend Covenant Chambers/Jonathan to anyone who needs legal advice.

Tracy Yeo,

I recently came across Mr Jonathan Cho via the Singapore Legal advice website. He was by far the best & most understanding lawyer I have had the honour to consult with; he helped me by mitigating some of the enormous stress that I was facing with difficult tenant issues. For me, he’s truly a rare gem in the legal industry & I just can’t say enough about his professionalism, empathy & non-combative approach. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family & friends! Thank you, Mr Cho, for your continuing support & expert advice. Much appreciated as always.


Jonathan has been kind and understanding in all our interactions. During our consultation, he explained and clarified all my concerns about my rights , criminal law and possible charges regarding my situation. I was lucky to have consulted him before heading down to give my statement to the police.

Responsive with replies, clear plan of possible actions before any charges were brought up and has an answer or defense for any question no matter how paranoid or stupid. This combination of qualities in his work and approach towards his clients greatly assured me and gave me the confidence to deal with my mistake.

I was lucky to be given a second chance after a fine.


Jonathan has been so assuring in my ongoing employment law dispute. He is a sincere and upfront person. I truly am blessed to have him handle and advice in my matter. I will recommend his services highly .

Victor Nathan,
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