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As a Prosecutor

A seasoned litigator, Kalidass served as a prosecutor with the Attorney-General’s Chambers for more than 10 years from 2001 and 2012. In that period of time has had conduct of a large volume of criminal cases of various degrees of complexity.

Kalidass dealt with a wide variety of criminal matters as a prosecutor. These include serious drug offences and white-collar crimes such as money laundering, corruption and counterfeit currency and murder. He also advised regulatory bodies such as LTA and NEA on prosecution related matters.

He was awarded the National Day Commendation Medal (Pingat Kepujian) in 2009 in recognition of his commendable performance and conduct.

He also had a short stint as Principal Legal Counsel at the National Environment Agency.

As Defence Counsel

He is currently appointed as Lead Counsel on the LASCO Panel of the Supreme Court of Singapore.

As Defence Counsel, Kalidass has continued to excel professionally. He was commended by the Court for turning the case around for an accused person who was facing a drug trafficking charge. Despite having only been involved in the case at a late stage, Kalidass managed to argue that the presumption of trafficking against his client ought to be rebutted. He did so by a thorough analysis of the evidence and formulating a strategy to prove his client’s innocence of any intention to traffic in drugs.

He is effective on his feet in court. His extensive experience as a prosecutor and defence counsel brings a rare proposition to his clients.

*PP v Brendan Jeremiah Aw [2014] SGDC 384

“[2] Initially, the accused was not represented by a defence counsel. Subsequently, he was represented by a defence counsel, Mr Kalidass Murugaiyan. However, this was only after his defence was called, and after he had given his evidence-in-chief, but before he was crossed-examined by the prosecution. Mr Kalidass was also representing the accused pro bono. This court commended Mr Kalidass for this. Mr Kalidass had agreed to represent the accused at a very late stage of the trial. This was even more commendable.”

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Kalidass is indeed a man with great heart and personality. He is helpful, sharp and committed to provide solutions to your queries seriously. He is definitely experienced in his field of practice and willing to share his thought and justification openly and sincerely without reservation.

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