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Fluent in Mandarin / Bilingual 双语诉讼律师。

One of Singapore’s most responsive lawyers. Believes in being reasonably priced, fast and good.  Access to justice is important.

Handles a wide range of matters, including but not limited to debt recovery, commercial disputes (defamation, harassment, construction, medical negligence, etc), criminal, divorce, probate matters, drafting agreements, etc. 民是,刑事, 离婚,遗嘱认证 之类等等。

Placed top 8 in the Bar Examinations in 2011.

Commissioner for Oaths with effect from 1 October 2022. Video commissioning available 24/7!

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Reviews (30)

Kelvin was very helpful and detailed in going through my cases and made it easy to understand my legal position.

Ultimately, helped me get a very good outcome on many cases.

Will recommend.

R Lee,

Kelvin provided a clear explanation and the different scenarios of what will happen in my case. Very professional and thankful for his legal advice and approach to providing solutions for my case. Appreciate his kind help and assistance.

Andre Chia,

Mr Kelvin is a knowledable man. He is very much dedicated and sincere towards his work. He takes care of his client superbly well. He is very direct and firm on his desicion. As a client, I felt very comfortable and secure in his hands. Nevertheless, Mr.Kelvin has a very strong and dedicated team as well. Mr.Jordan is as excellent lawyer too. I am very much touched with thier hospitality. Apart from work, I persived these 2 lawyers are humble people. They are my strength and a good friends too.
Herewith, I will always support Mr.Kelvin & Mr.Jordan on their career path to be successful.
Thank you again Mr.Kelvin & Mr.Jordan and not forgotten the teams for the great thier great support. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU….

M Ravichandar S/O V Murugiah,

Engaged kelvin for an enterprise legal issue. Not only is he detail, straight to the point, he’s also full of empathy and patience. He analysed the pros and cons, leading you back to the objective you are after. Very sincere too – definitely highly recommended.

Sherie Loh,
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