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Lee Shen Han is a lawyer with Lavocat Litigation. At a time when specialization in the law seems to have become a catchphrase, Shen Han is a throwback to a simpler time when lawyers were “generalists” and worked closely with their clients.

As a “generalist”, his focus is on civil, probate and family matters, with a side practice in trade mark work. He also has a keen interest in technology and startups, and can assist your startup with its legal issues. Even if you’re bootstrapping your startup and not looking for venture capital, it always helps to have a proper legal framework in place.

With this keen interest comes a belief that technology can be married with legal work so that it can be done better, faster and with lower costs. However, unlike the many naysayers out there, he doesn’t believe that the legal industry is “broken” or ripe for “disruption”.

Enough buzzwords already. People are always going to need lawyers. They just want affordable and more efficient ones.

Before he became a lawyer, Shen Han spent a number of years navigating the numerous pitfalls in the financial markets as a stockbroker. Now, he navigates the processes of the Singapore court systems, and the potential pitfalls are just as numerous. If you’re looking for someone to help you find your way around these processes, he’ll be more than happy to assist.

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Would highly recommend Shen, he listens to what his clients needs, is highly professional, knowledgeable and prompt in whatever is set before him.The best part of the whole experience ,was definitely the fact that he made it all so easy and hassle free.

Jacqueline yap,

I had engaged Shen Han to handle the extraction of grant of probate. The process was extremely fast, efficient and hassle free. All it takes was 2 meet ups and settled! The charges was very reasonable and without any hidden cost. I would highly recommend Shen Han for anyone seeking legal advice.


Shen Han is extremely professional, approachable and helpful. He made the whole legal process seamless and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal services.


Shen Han handled the extraction of grant of probate in a professional and fuss-free manner. He went out of his way during the circuit breaker period on this matter, and provided sound and useful advice along the way.

ZH Chen,
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