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Leonard graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Birmingham, a member of the Russell Group which consists of several world-class, research-intensive universities. He was awarded the University of Birmingham Law School Excellence Scholarship for three years running.

Leonard is a litigator at heart and his practice area includes both Criminal and Civil Litigation.

Despite his tender years, Leonard has amassed a vast amount of experience in criminal matters. He has handled numerous types of criminal matters, inter alia, molest, rape, shop theft, robbery, wielding a dangerous weapon, maid abuse, rioting, criminal breach of trust, cheating, corruption, drug offences, extortion, voluntarily causing hurt, traffic offences and police licencing regulatory offences. He has assisted many clients in securing better than expected results.  He understands it is not easy to operate one’s life normally while being investigated by the police.

Leonard tailors his strategy according to the nuances of each case and/or the circumstances surrounding his clients. In general, Leonard assists his clients through the drafting of representations, seeking for the withdrawal, reduction or composition of charge(s); preparing mitigation pleas and submissions for the Court; attending Court Hearings; and/or conducting meetings to negotiate with the Prosecution, in order to put his client’s best case forward. 

Leonard has successfully obtained several Stern/ Conditional Warnings and Discharges amounting to an Acquittal via well-crafted Representations, even after the commencement of court proceedings in some matters. In one of his cases involving an alleged outrage of modesty offence, as a result of his persistence and never-say-die attitude, Leonard secured an extremely rare result as the Prosecution dropped the charge against his client just 1 week before the commencement of the trial.

With regard to Commerical Disputes, although it may look like a complicated and perplexing process, Leonard prides himself in simplifying the issues for his clients so that they can better understand the procedures involved.

Leonard has considerable experience in contractual matters involving breaches and debt recovery in relation to employment contracts, leases, as well as business-to-business claims. In particular, Leonard acts for a major alcohol distributor and was able to assist his client to reclaim over $400,000 in value in cash, amounting to around 95% of the claimed sums, over one year.

Leonard has received praise from existing clients for providing legal advice that goes beyond scratching the surface and digs deeper, in that clients are well aware of any opportunity costs which may have either beneficial or detrimental effects in the long run. This is to ensure that his clients do not waste their hard-earned money on fruitless expeditions, but instead, focus on obtaining the best outcome.

Leonard believes that everyone deserves access to legal representation and is an active volunteer with the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme.

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Reviews (18)

Leonard has been very patient and understanding throughout the entire process. He guides me step by step and keeps me updated on the case regularly and he is easily contactable under any circumstances. He also helps break down the case step by step for me to understand the situation better. Thank you.


I decided to change lawyer in Feb 2020 to Trident Law Corp as i wanted to have lawyer argue on my behalf that i was negligent rather than rash.
There were many pre-trial conferences between defence lawyers Leonard and Thangavelu and the DPP.

Leonard did much of the work as he worked under Thangavelu.

Matters were attended to, like contacting the eye doctor and trying to trace the Mercedes Benz driver to testify for me.

The final negotiation came my way as the DPP offered to reduce the charge of rash driving to negligent driving.
In the court, Judge Victor Yeo sentenced me to 2 weeks taking into account some mitigation factors.
The initial charge asked for 4 months jail.
This i attribute to the work of Leonard and Velu to negotiate successfully with the DPP.
Leonard took time to explain the various legal terms used in the documents to be presented to the court.
He did his best and answered my queries promptly.

Soh Ah Soon,

Leonard acts promptly and professional for us. He is able to focus on the critical things and yet able to explain to us in layman succint manner. He is patient, helpful and responsible. We are grateful for his help and would highly recommend Leonard. Thanks very much again for your help.

CY Lim,

Leonard is a good and responsible lawyer. He will follow and concern about the questions. He also have patience to answer all the questions. He is very kind lawyer and experienced lawyer.

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