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Lim Joo Toon is formerly a District Judge, Subordinate Courts (now known as State Courts) and formerly Senior Assistant Registrar, Supreme Court. He was also a State Counsel, Attorney-General’s Chambers.

Joo Toon graduated from the National University of Singapore with LLB (Hons). He was awarded the prestigious Legal Service Overseas Merit scholarship and obtained Masters in Law from University College London (UCL), specialising in commercial and corporate law (with a Mark of Merit).

Joo Toon is an accredited Arbitrator with substantial experience both as arbitrator and as counsel. He is on the Panel of Arbitrators under the Law Society Arbitration Scheme (LSAS). He has served as an Arbitrator on the Regional Panel of Arbitrators, Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC). He was admitted as a Fellow at the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators. He is a trained mediator of LEADR (Lawyers Engaged in Dispute Resolution) Australia.

Joo Toon served in a committee of the Singapore Law Society. He served in academic teaching positions with the National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Management and the Board of Legal Education.

Joo Toon has a broad range of dispute resolution experience in all areas of the law and at all levels of the Court system.

The work we undertake extends to all areas of the law and all types of disputes:

  • Commercial Litigation;
  • Company Law;
  • Probate, Trust, Wills & Estate Disputes;
  • Land & Real Estate Disputes;
  • Building & Construction Disputes;
  • Business & Regulatory Crimes;
  • Copyright & Trademark Disputes;
  • Defamation;
  • Employment Disputes;
  • Insurance Disputes;
  • Medical & Other Professional Negligence & Disciplines; and
  • Tax disputes.

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I am grateful to Joo Toon LLC for their hard work in our family’s case involving a dispute over breach of contract. The case had caused a lot of stress to my family but the team’s affable personality and expertise in law made the trial less trying.

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Media & Publications

Media coverage

  • Battle over late tycoon’s $7M estate – The Straits Times, 16 May 2008
  • Siblings Fight Over S$50,000 in Cancer Mum’s Will – The Straits Times, 2 June 2008
  • “Sale of Property – When Prior Consent of the Seller’s Mortgagee is Required” – The Law Gazette
  • “Dealer Absconds with Money but Buyer Still Gets Merc” – The Straits Times, 16 December 2015


  • Domestic Arbitration and Mediation: Alternatives to Litigation – Lex Loci 2010, a publication of the United Kingdom Singapore Law Student Society
  • Review of Revenue Accounting and the 5R Revenue Theory (Revenue, Receivable, Recognition in Recording and Reporting) for Management Reporting: The Legal Implications – Singapore Accountant, Vol.18
  • Implications for Sale of Second-Hand Cars in Singapore: Kau Joo Guan v Kwek Seow Hui t/a Car Dynasty and ors [2015] SGDC 279 – 2015, Singapore Law Blog


Services & Fees


Services & Fees

Solutions to Legal Disputes

Joo Toon LLC is an established law firm, led by former District Judge, Subordinate Courts (now State Courts) and formerly Assistant Senior Registrar, Supreme Court, specializing in commercial and civil litigation, arbitration and mediation. It aims to provide timely, effective and costs-saving solutions to all types of legal disputes.

Credentials and Experience

Lim Joo Toon’s judicial experience as formerly District Judge, Subordinate Courts (now State Courts) and formerly Senior Assistant Registrar, Supreme Court, provide a unique advantage of being able to view and analyse legal disputes objectively from the perspectives of the Court.

His immense experience and in-depth knowledge acquired in the course of private practice, as formerly State Counsel, Attorney-General’s Chambers, and as an Arbitrator in international and domestic disputes also enhance the ability of the firm to provide solutions to legal disputes in an expeditious and effective manner.

Fixed and agreed fee

Our first consultation will provide you with clear information as to the options available to you and the costs involved.

I. Contentious matters

  • For the drafting of letters of demand, a fee range of $150 to $500, depending on the complexity of the letters.
  • For claims of under $60,000 (in the Magistrates Court), a fee range of $5,000 to $20,000.
  • For claims between $60,000 and $250,000 (in the District Court), a fee range of $6,000 to $50,000.
  • For claims of above $250,000 (in the High Court), a fee range of $8,000 to $100,000.

II. Non-contested matters

  • For review and drafting of all types of contracts, a fee range of $2,000 to $5,000.
  • For uncontested probate/letters of administration/resealing, a fee range of $1,300 to $5,000.
  • Note: fee ranges, exclusive of court fees and disbursements, may vary depending on the specific circumstances of your case.

Legal Services

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