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Mato Kotwani is a lawyer at I.R.B. Law LLP. His practice broadly encompasses Civil Litigation, Commercial and Corporate Law, Employment Law, Criminal Defence, and others. He prides his practice on providing to-the-point advice with a view towards reaching the best outcomes for his clients.  

Mato is well-versed among a wide variety of legal matters. His main practice areas include:

  •  Civil litigation: Representing clients in contractual disputes, debt recovery, negligence proceedings, defamation and more. Mato takes a interest-centric approach to litigation and adopts strategies with a view towards minimising legal costs and maximising outcomes. Mato has successfully represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in claims involving breach of contract, breach of loan agreements, negligence/personal injury cases, defamation actions and more.  
  • Commercial/Corporate Law: Mato has acted for individuals as well as companies seeking to set up, structure and/or acquire new businesses, as well as businesses seeking to collaborate with other businesses to work on single/continuing projects.
  • Landlord/Tenancy/Strata Property Disputes: Mato has represented both landlords and tenants in tenancy disputes involving non-payment of rent, property damage, failure by the landlord to rectify defects, claims for refunds of security deposits and more. In addition to dispute resolution, Mato also provides advisory work on landlord/tenancy agreements as well as advising and drafting of tenancy agreements. Mato also advises and acts for clients living in condominiums who are involved in MCST disputes. 
  • Employment law: Mato advises and represents clients involved in matters of wrongful termination/breach of employment contracts and workplace harassment. Additionally, he also advises on and drafts employment contracts. 
  • Criminal Law: Mato has represented and assisted in the defence of numerous criminal cases including financial crimes, unlicensed moneylending, violent crimes (including rioting and murder) and sexual offences. Mato has successfully defended and assisted accused persons accused of various crimes. As a first measure, Mato tries to maximise outcomes through plea bargaining, and writing representations to have the charges reduced or withdrawn.
  • Wills & Probate: Advising on estate planning and drafting wills as well as carrying out probate/letters of administration applications.
  • Defamation & Protection from Harassment: Representing clients in Defamation proceedings and applications under the Protection from Harassment Act.


Mato is a versatile lawyer who puts his client’s interests at the forefront. He believes in access to justice and endeavours to provide practical advice which would maximize outcomes for his clients.He adopts a meticulous approach toward case analysis and attention to detail and aims to understand every aspect of each case. Clients throughout Singapore have remained highly satisfied with Mato, a “patient and calm” lawyer who is “able to explain complex legal advice in an easy-to-understand, digestible form”. Mato is a member of the Singapore Academy of Law, Law Society of Singapore, and also volunteers for legal aid schemes. He is highly involved in and aware of the inner-workings of the legal profession in Singapore. His care for the community is also reflected through volunteer work, as he feels strongly about providing whatever assistance he can to the common man. 

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Reviews (4)

I’m eternally grateful to Mr Mato Kotwani & his colleagues at I.R.B. Law LLP, for helping me to close an unhappy chapter in my life.

Mr Mato agreed to meet me at short notice and offered me the most professional & sound advice I could ask for, & more. Coupled with his calm & analytical demeanour, he was a pillar of strength, during a time of emotional distress & tension. Not only did he have to overcome time constraints, he was able to negotiate the foreign language barrier, in evidence & with the opposite party, with finesse. I felt very reassured that I was in good hands – he asked all the right questions & took into account my desired outcome while trying to protect my interests. He saw the bigger picture when I could not. Eventually, he helped me reach a resolution with the opposite party in just over an hour.

I’m extremely impressed by Mr Mato’s fortitude & will strongly recommend his services to anyone seeking legal advice. I will seek his aid, if I ever need legal counsel again in future. I wish to add that Mr Mato’s rates are very transparent & reasonable.

Once again, my sincerest thanks to Mr Mato & his colleagues!


I am forever grateful that Mr Mato Handled my case. I was proud to have him as my lawyer. I felt comforted by his portrayal of experience and knowledge. Throughout the court proceedings, Mr. Mato spent his evening hours preparing for the next day. He was protective, well prepared, thorough, convincing, and always accurate.

Mr. Mato did everything he promised and more. He comforted me when I was worried, and fought hard for me. My sincere appreciation for him.



I was worried, didnt know what to do when I first found out that I had gotten entangled in a commercial suit. It was between my ex-employers and their business partners.

I got to know Mato thru friend’s friend. He is my first lawyer and his calm and assuring disposition helped me to focus on what is the right thing to do. There were a lot of things to do – writing down narratives, putting together documents which Mato patiently explained and facilitated. It was not easy for me, and if it had not been for Mato, I might still be stuck.

I shared with Mato that he had been my great pillar of peace and assurance. And that I am grateful for all his help and support.

Mato is competent lawyer, knows the legal things well. And, Mato also take care of the soft side of things well too – I didn’t feel judged.


I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr Mato from IRB Law LLP for handling my debt recovery case until it was settled in my favour. Being a first timer in seeking legal advises, Mr. Mato have done extremely well to explain in details the processes, proceedings involved and the variable course of action that I can take. Constant updates were given even when I was away on oversea trip. Due to a small amount money involved ($5K) , I was minimumly charged with the same professional services provided. I would strongly recommended him & his firm to everyone seeking legal guidance & engage their service. Thank you so much Mr Mato & IRB.

Mohd Adom,
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