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NEO & LIM Advocates & Solicitors was established in 1979 in Singapore. With legal practice experience spanning nearly four decades, we are honoured to have a history of representing our clients with great success and results. Many of our clients are dear friends who have remembered our practice through the years. 

At Neo & Lim, we appreciate each and everyone of our clients’ support greatly. We delight and find satisfaction in achieving the best outcome for you, your company and professional or personal objectives. Each client is highly valued and unique, and we seek to do our best for you as we have over the years. As NL approaches 40, we wish each of you, our esteemed clients the very best and continuing success in each of your endeavours.

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Media & Publications

Although Neo & Lim has not been featured in any news media over the years, nor can the firm be regarded as an “influencer” in the modern or contemporary vernacular, the firm is known and promoted by personal recommendations.

At Neo & Lim, we are content with being a small legal practice, serving clients of all socio-econmic backgrounds- from CEOs and retired heads of industry to current corporate and SMEs, all the way through to the single mother or widow battling hard to fight for her family’s survival- we have always esteemed each of our clients as precious and valuable and with the utmost regard and respect as a dignified client and human being, and we seek to serve each client uniquely and personally, in the most expedient ways.

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Fees are TBA based on each matter. Neo & Lim has always trusted that clients rely on the fact that we bill them as reasonably as is possible.

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