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Fazal’s main areas of practice revolve around commercial, family, probate and criminal matters.

Fazal strongly believes that everyone deserves a fair trial and is truly passionate in getting the best outcome for his clients. Since practice, he has successfully appeared in many open court trials from the High Court, the State Courts, the Family Justice Courts, the Syariah Court and the MUIS Appeal Board of Singapore.

Fazal also undertakes non-contentious matters such as the drafting of power of attorney, wills, grants of probate, letters of administration, adoption and mental capacity. He is also familiar in drafting and advising on employment disputes as well as commercial contracts.

Fazal is also an active lawyer in the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) and in the Legal Aid Bureau (LAB). Given his outstanding contributions towards the Legal Aid Bureau, he was awarded the NOVO award in 2016. He received the 5-Year appreciated award in 2020 from LAB.

Reported cases:

  • VFD and Anor v VFF and 6 Others [2020] SGFC 10

Successfully acted in a contentious probate proceeding concerning the validity of a testator’s will.

  • UWQ v UWR [2019] SGFC 82

Successfully acted at appeal in a contentious divorce proceeding concerning the division of matrimonial assets.

  • UOQ v UOR [2018] SGFC 81

Successfully acted in a matter involving the maintenance of children.

  • TVT v TVU [2016] SGFC 151

Successfully acted in applying for a committal application against the contemnor for numerous breaches of court order.

Non–reported cases:

  • Successfully overturned decisions given at the Syariah Court before the MUIS Appeal Board.
  • Successfully defended decisions given at the Family Justice Court before the High Court (Family Division).
  • Successfully defended a claim against a previous employee for damages arising from an alleged breach of employment contract for S$2 million at the High Court.
  • Successfully defended committal applications for alleged breaches of court order at the High Court and at the State Court.
  • Successfully mediated claims on various disputes at the High Court and at the State Court.
  • Successfully obtained an arbitral award constituted under the Law Society Arbitration Scheme for S$60,000.00.
  • Advised high-profile individuals on defamation suits.


  • Member, Yellow Ribbon Fund Main Committee (2020 – 2022)
  • Member, Yellow Ribbon Family & Children’s Welfare and Fund Allocation (2020 – 2022)
  • Member, Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee (2020 -2022)
  • Panel of Counsel, Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offences (2020 – to date)
  • Member, M3 @ Jurong (Mesra, Muis and Mendaki) (2019 – to date)
  • Member, Law Society’s Muslim Law Practice (2015 – to date)
  • Assigned solicitor, Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) and Legal Aid Bureau (LAB) (2014 – to date)
  • Volunteer Lawyer, Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (2014 – to date)
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Reviews (103)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Very grateful to have Mr. Fazal assisting and advising with a personal legal issue that I have. It’s rare to find someone exceptional and dedicated in this industry with a high level of empathy and understanding.

Wish you all the best and will definitely recommend to everyone.

Zulhilmi Suginin,

I would like to share my experiences with lawyer Mr Mohamad Fazal.

2. I had engaged him in 2019 to provide legal advice and to represent me in my divorce case. An initial meet-up was arranged and he had provided me with relevant, succinct and clear advice pertaining to my divorce matters and expectations.

3. Apart from his commitment to handling my case, he also provided emotional support mostly in dealings concerning my daughter and future plans. He had exhibited immense professionalism in guiding and importantly listening to my concerns and addressed them accordingly without fail.

4. In addition, his professionalism and commitment was further displayed during the court sessions of which he was much better prepared as compared to the defendant’s lawyer e.g.

a) presented 2 precedent cases that were resided by the judge as references

b) clearly states and justify matters on housing, iddah, mutaah and child access

c) focused on the objectives i.e. to achieve fair results

5. Lastly, I am deeply appreciative and thankful to have engaged Mr Fazal as he was supportive, confident, diligent and meticulous in his pursuit to acquire a fair dealing in my divorce proceedings. On several occasions, the defendant had constantly reminded me that she has the best lawyer in Singapore. However in my personal capacity and experience with Mr Fazal, he is the best lawyer that everyone should engage for legal/Syariah matters.


I engaged Mr fazal for my case, and he is a very friendly and approachable man. i cannot thank him enough for all his assistance, his legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations throughout the course of my case. I would like to thank you for your support once again, and for guiding me through the legal process smoothly. Thank you, Mr fazal! (:

Zafira Tan,

Thanks for support me behind about my divorce i appeciate your help!

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