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Nithya, a legal associate of Kalidass Law Corporation, is actively involved in criminal and family law matters.

Nithya advises and represents clients in a range of matrimonial disputes involving the breakdown of marriage, division of matrimonial assets, maintenance, custody, care and control of children, cross-border divorces and family violence. Nithya understands that every family case is unique and relationships continue even after the matter has concluded. She is a strong advocate for mediation of family disputes and takes care to protect the interests of vulnerable parties such as the children.

Apart from family matters, Nithya has dealt with both State Court and High Court criminal cases involving a spectrum of offences such as moneylending, cheating, theft, harassment, road traffic and drug offences. Nithya also represents applicants under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme by the Law Society Pro Bono Services.

Nithya is a guest speaker for Oli 96.8 FM’s legal segment, through which she raises awareness on key legislation and provides free legal advice to members of the public.

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Reviews (6)

In transitioning through an episode of an ever-changing world, I seek professionals not only for their experience but also their ability to understand my personal situation. Nithya Devi is one such professional. I require someone who will listen to my questions and provide answers in words I understand. Nithya Devi is that someone. My circumstances required respect for the loss of my marriage along with genuine care and compassion while assisting me in putting my affairs in order. More than once, Nithya went the extra mile and was always there for me above and beyond our client/lawyer relationship. It is my pleasure to recommend Nithya as a very qualified attorney who can handle your unique situation.

Joyce wee,

I was fortunate to have met Nithya and have her as my defence attorney. She is earnest, helpful without compromising on standards of professionalism. I was impressed by her attention to detail, and her willingness and patience to explain technical legalese to me. On a personal level, she also took time to listen and come to understand my unique circumstances, which she then reflected in the representations for me. She was meticulous, but also managed to convey my circumstances with palpable empathy. I also appreciate that she welcomed my feedback and input. I am grateful for Nithya’s dedication to my case, and the subsequent outcome, which was what we had hoped for.

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