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Peggy Yee is the Founding Director of PYLegal LLC. She was called to the Singapore Bar in 1988 and her areas of specialization are Family & Matrimonial Disputes, Property & Conveyancing, Probate & Wills as well as Criminal & Employment matters. Having been in the legal practice for more than 30 years, Peggy is highly experienced and particularly interested and invested in Family Law and Estate matters. She considers it a privilege to be entrusted with a client’s personal family matters.

In respect of Conveyancing matters, Peggy has handled all transactions relating to land, including sales, purchases and mortgages. She has acted for housing developers in projects and is well-versed in the procedures and legal aspects relating to land development, conversion amalgamation and subdivision of title, and the sale/ tenancy of commercial and residential properties. She specializes in offering practical options for seemingly complicated transactions. 

Aside from her varied legal experience, Peggy is:

  1. An accredited Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre
  2. An accredited Family Mediator of the Family Justice Court
  3. President of the Catholic Lawyers Guild
  4. Vice-President of the Disabled People’s Association of Singapore
  5. Vice Chair of the Canossaville Children & Community Services
  6. Board member of Caritas Singapore
  7. Board member of Canossa Foundation
  8. Member of the Charities Council
  9. A member of the Management Committee of the Canossian Schools
  10. A Commisioner for Oaths and a Notary Public
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Reviews (4)

I submitted a request form via Peggy’s firm at 10pm and received a call directly from Peggy early next morning. She eased my anxiety and empathized with my situation. She is professional, and she is the go to person if you need any legal advice.

Ang Puay Lun,

Throughout the whole legal process Miss Yee and her team at PY Legal, including Miss Audrey Liaw, were very professional and yet compassionate, guiding me at every stage. To a layperson like me, the whole process is very daunting. I cannot thank Miss Yee and PY Legal enough to help me through.


You are allowed to be emotional, express your feelings and just be yourself. My job is to listen to you, be a voice of support while keeping cool and focused on standing by your side through these trying times” –> these were the words of support and encouragement which Peggy greeted me with. It was exactly what I was looking for. ​

Throughout my case, Peggy stood unwaveringly by my side, offering great advice and encouragement while giving me the space to recoup when needed. Her professional advice offered in calm, but encouraging, tone often brought stability throughout the tribulations of the legal case. ​

Her extensive professional expertise and ability to find solution to any issue were very much welcome as to keep me focused on getting through. Peggy helped me to feel useful as she put me hard at work to help myself and in way she made be become a part of her team. That gave me the chance to contribute towards the successful outcome of the case. I am very much satisfied with the case outcome. ​

And yet, her work didn’t stop there. After the court ruling Peggy and her staff worked tirelessly to get all paperwork and associated tasks processed, filed and done in time. ​

I will highly recommend her to anyone as it is rare to find someone to stand by your corner, be your friend and supporter in trying times. ​

Peggy, you did a great job!

Dobrin Dobrinov,

The staff are professional and meticulous. I’m a long-time client and would always turn to them for any legal issues.

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Media & Publications

PY Legal was the co-sponsor of the 25th Anniversary of the Mini-Enthusiasts club, 14 October 2018

Peggy gave a talk organised by Mamre Oaks on 22 September 2018

Law Society Cross Country, 4 August 2018

Fund Raising for Assisi Hospice, 24 June 2018

Assisi Hospice Kampong Fun Day, 18 June 2017 – Following the overwhelming success of Assisi Hospice Fun Day 2016, the PY Legal Team participated again this year, selling cheese nachos to raise funds for the Assisi Hospice! We had a steady stream of satisfied customers from 9am up to 2pm (when we sold out 500 boats of cheese nachos!)

Legal Talk for Parents of Children with Special Needs, 5 May 2017 – Peggy extended her legal expertise and gave a talk to a group of over 200 parents on issues in family law, property law and contract law, which affect people with special needs.

Symposium on Divorce, Separation and Annulment, 25 July 2015 – Peggy Yee spoke on civil divorce and separation at a Symposium titled “What the Catholic Church Actually Teaches About Divorce, Separation and Annulment”.

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