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I am currently an associate with Ann Tan & Associates practising family law with Dr Anamah Tan. Prior to joining Ann Tan & Associates, I was an associate with I.R.B. Law LLP where I similarly, practised family law. This has been my core practice since my admission to the bar in August 2017. I am well versed in Family Justice Courts and Syariah Court proceedings, and am particularly experienced in mediation as I believe that this is the best outcome for any couple undergoing a divorce.

In addition to family litigation, I also have experience in bankruptcy, debt recovery and civil litigation.

I have independently conducted two (2) trials as well as numerous chamber hearings. I was also involved in the landmark Court of Appeal case of ADP v ADQ (2012) SGCA 6 when I was doing a long-term internship at Kim & Co between 2009 and 2010, and most recently in the cases of UMF v UMG and UMH (2018) SGFC 52 and UYP v UYQ (2019) SGHCF 16.

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When i decided to use IRB, I had selected Baiross but Rebecca advised that she would be handling my case, i was a little unsure but it turn out be better than i expected.

Rebecca was attentive to my needs, paid great attention by remembering little details and was just super efficient and very quick to respond to my queries via phone or email at any time of the day. Couldn’t be more satisfied!

Rosheila Ariffin,
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