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Ronald started off his career as an economist before deciding to pursue a second degree in law. He has worked as a legal counsel in both public and private sector including various international banks. However, the corporate career gave him less satisfaction as compared to helping the layperson. Coupled with his passion to serve and connect with people on the ground, Ronald decided to go back to his original roots and to practise community law.


A person-oriented individual with a practical and realistic mindset, Ronald is able to provide advice with sound reasoning, and at the same time, ensure that it is in the best interest for the client. Hardworking and output driven, he is a hands-on lawyer who sees through any matter from start to finish.


Ronald has a particular interest in family law. Being a father of 3 children himself, he is a strong advocate of being a present parent and understands the challenges one faces during the course of marriage. He believes that the child’s interest is of utmost importance in any marriage. Ronald is able to empathize and apply his legal mind in matters relating to child custody, care and control, and maintenance quantum for children. When push comes to shove and marriage is no longer possible, Ronald is able to represent clients for any divorce proceedings, both contested and uncontested.

Ronald is able to speak both the Chinese and English language.


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I am most impressed with Mr Ronald Yeo on his commitment to fulfill the various requirements of his clients, and his balanced views and advices. Sincere and with no other agendas, he seeks to provide his assistance, and advised us in the most time-bound, cost efficient ways. I have been a great beneficiary of his service and certainly have a peace of mind working with him. Coming from humble roots, I do strongly believe in his passion and commitment to serve, and to serve with excellence, in the rest of his law career. The law community standing will certainly be enhanced with someone like Ronald.

Kelvin Tang,

Ronald is a trusted lawyer friend who provides sound and practical legal advice to those in need. A few years ago, he helped me navigate through a potential contractual dispute with a vendor by advising me on how to position my negotiations to strengthen my case. The negotiations turned out in my favor and I am thankful for Ronald’s help.

Since then, I have referred others to Ronald and his firm when asked for lawyer recommendations, and feedback has always been positive.


Ronald has been a great friend and an even greater lawyer. Being my to go person on any legal advice, even though it’s just general day to day / family related, he advised me with utmost professionalism. Trivial matter such as private settlement of car accidents, he provided a holistic perspective, pre-empting what can happen and advised me on the necessary agreements to be signed between the parties. Recently Ronald helped my dad on preparing and documenting his will. Despite a very humble background without much complex assets to be documented in the will, he guided me to perform all due diligence checks to ensure everything is captured, and leave nothing to chances of inconveniences in the future.

David Quek,

Ronald Yeo is a highly skilled and compassionate family lawyer who has helped me to navigate difficult family situation. His expertise in family law is exceptional, and his ability to provide sound legal advice that allows resolution of matters, is invaluable.

He possesses a deep understanding of family law and procedure. What I appreciate the most is that he has a strategic approach to resolving dispute while protecting my best interest. He has excellent communication skills, explaining complex legal concepts clearly to me.

He also showed empathy towards my extenuating personal circumstances. For example, he go over and beyond in answering my queries even after office hours and reassured me on the procedure (despite being asked nth times about it). This alleviated the enormous stress that I was going through during the entire situation.

If you’re facing a family legal issue in Singapore, I would strongly recommend Ronald who is highly professional and reliable, and a lawyer with a heart.

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