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MR SINGA RETNAM IS A CONSULTANT AT I.R.B LAW LLP. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts Degree before proceeding to read law at the Inner Temple, London, eventually graduating as a Barrister-at-Law.

Please Whatsapp or SMS him today to discuss your case @ +65 9824 3020.

Mr Singa Retnam has accumulated an immense wealth of experience while practising law in Singapore for over 40 years. His long list of credentials are on a league of their own, with only a very few other prominent lawyers with similar vintage.

Mr Singa Retnam is well-versed in various areas of law but not limited to areas such as Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Family Law, Debt Recovery and Personal Injury. His vast experience allows him to handle a broad spectrum of cases and further allows him to be a versatile consultant to I.R.B Law LLP as he understands the finer nuances of matters and thus he can provide robust solutions to his clients quickly and efficiently.

Mr Singa Retnam has also litigated a variety of cases in his legal practice, of note, are his practice in Administrative Law and Criminal Law. Among the early cases that he defended included doctors with medical malpractices and negligence, lawyers and police officers when they faced disciplinary tribunals and has successfully got them acquitted.

Mr Singa Retnam is also no stranger to the Court of Appeals and the High Court. Of the over 800 cases that the esteemed Yong Pung How has enacted judgement in his 16 years as Chief Justice, Mr Singa Retnam has appeared before him on several occasions, of note are cases of Murder, Rioting, Outraging Modesty, Criminal Force, Corruption, Grievous Hurt, Assault and Trafficking of Controlled Drugs which he has defended his clients for. He has also concluded countless Civil and Arbitration cases as set out above from the State Courts, the High Courts and to the Court of Appeal. His wealth of experience allows him to handle a broad spectrum of cases from civil to criminal cases.

Mr Singa Retnam has represented both local and international clients and serves individuals from all walks of life as well as corporate entities regularly. As a patient and compassionate man, Mr Singa Retnam’s practice is all about client care and robust representation of his client’s interest. Being both a Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths, Singa Retnam is widely considered as one of Singapore’s most revered counsel of choice and a veteran in the legal profession.

Mr Singa Retnam is assisted by teams of lawyers and paralegals for each and every one of the abovementioned areas of practice, as such you will find that YOU still get the full services and quality of work expected from a larger law firm but at the competitive price of a smaller law firm.


Singa Retnam has handled countless high-profile and complex matters. His notable cases include:

  • A Habeas Corpus application for the unlawful detention of a person which is a breach of his or her right to personal liberty guaranteed by Article 9(1) of Singapore’s Constitution. He used precedents of Habeas Corpus cases handled by the late Mr. David Marshall and Mr. T.T Rajah.
  • PP v Theo Teo Leng Criminal Case No.71 of 1992 – Successfully defended Theo Teo Leng by rebutting the presumption clause, section 17 of the Misuse of Drug Act securing the client’s release, being the first counsel to rebut the presumption for the possession of drugs successfully. A letter acknowledging this was given by Lianhe Zaobao.
  • He successfully defended a police officer facing 24 charges under Section 6(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act (Chapter 241). He was successfully acquitted of all 24 charges.
  • Tan Boon Chee David v Medical Council of Singapore [1980] SGHC 15 – He successfully defended Dr Tan against disciplinary proceedings by the Medical Council.
  • Re Yap Lack Tee George [1991] SGHC 96 – He successfully defended Telecoms against wrongful dismissal claim by employees.
  • PP v Roshdi [1994] 3 SLR – Successfully appealed a murder charge of one Insp Rajab, a CNB Officer, on the grounds of self-defence. The charge of the crime for murder was reduced, and the accused was convicted of culpable homicide instead under para (b) of s304 of the penal code Cap 224.

For each of the above areas of practice, competent teams of lawyers and paralegals are always on hand to assist Mr Singa Retnam. This enables him to assist you diligently and effectively and ensures you receive the full services of a big established firm at the competitive prices of a small firm.

As a people’s person and an all-rounded lawyer, Mr Singa Retnam makes it a point to make sure his clients understand the situation they are in, advising them in a manner that is easily understood. He works hard to keep his services affordable for the common man and is transparent and honest in his assessment of your cases.
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