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Hoe Shuen aims to provide fixed fee quotations for commencing Suits in the Courts once he is apprised of the relevant facts of the dispute. He aims for his clients to not only know their rights in any case, he also caps their fees so as to minimize their exposure to legal bills.

Since being called to the Bar, Hoe Shuen has been busy with assisting in High Court litigation. Hoe Shuen has been involved in a wide variety of High Court matters, including contractual disputes, disputes between companies, disputes involving directors and insolvency matters.


Hoe Shuen has gained exposure to and has assisted in a wide variety of matters at every stage of a dispute and at all levels of the Singapore Courts. He has experience in civil and commercial contentious matters, spanning debt recovery, landlord and tenant disputes, employment and other contractual claims. He provides swift, cost-effective and practical solutions to his clients based on their needs. His advice takes into account their unique personal circumstances and business realities. He is also adept at providing advice on non-contentious matters in relation to contracts.

With a strong belief that everyone deserves fair legal representation and access to justice, Hoe Shuen is also passionate about serving the community. As such, he has been keenly involved in defending accused persons in both blue-collar and white-collar criminal proceedings.

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Reviews (2)

Hoe Shuen had been very responsive and helpful since he took over my debt recovery case. He managed to pick the matter up quickly and had provided me with professional advice. He and the Team, which included Mr. Silvester, had worked very hard to recover the debt. Eventually, their concerted efforts led to a significant breakthrough which resulted in the receipt of payment. Further, Hoe Shuen had also been very understanding about my tight financial conditions and tried to minimise my legal costs whenever possible. I am very thankful to Mr. Silvester, Hoe Shuen and the Team for the meaningful breakthrough after more than a year of legal proceedings.


Hoe Shuen was part of the team who handled my legal problem. The team provided me with a practical and cost-effective solution, and the problem was solved swiftly. Hoe Shuen was also very responsive to my queries during that period.

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