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Yew Teck is the owner of TYT LAW PRACTICE.

He was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor in 1999 and passed the International Entry Course in arbitration administered by the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators in 2019.

He is also a Commissioner for Oaths and Notary Public.

In the course of his 21-year practice, he has represented and advised individuals, companies, management corporation, liquidator, banks, insurance company and legally-aided litigants.

The matters that he has acted and/or advised on include:-

  • Trademark Infringement of Luxury Brand Watches
  • Anti-Competition Law (Vendor Restrictive Support Policy For Software Applications)
  • Building & Construction Claims, Progress Claims
  • Building & Construction Security of Payment Act Adjudication Applications
  • Liquidated Damages/Extension of Time Claims, Defects Claims
  • Performance Bond Claims
  • Construction Manpower Claims
  • Injunction
  • Restraining Payment Under Performance Bonds
  • Occupier’s Liability Claims (Involving Subcontractors and Seconded Labour)
  • Personal Injury & Workplace Injury Claims (Injury Caused By Ship Repair Hoist, Winch & Pulling Gear, Road Pedestrian Injury & Claim Against Construction Company-Lifting of Steel Beams)
  • Oppression of Minority Shareholders
  • Scheme of Arrangements
  • Companies Winding-up
  • Defamation, Malicious Falsehoods (Parallel Importer-Disparaging Authenticity & Title of Goods Sold)
  • Tort of Unlawful Interference of Business & Inducing Breach of Contract (Between Rival Business Entities and Involving Non-Exclusive Distributorship Agreements)
  • Fraudulent Misrepresentation of Investments
  • Passing-off of Business Names & Goodwill
  • Sale & Supply of Goods & Services
  • Debt Recovery (Secured and Unsecured Loans, Revolving Loans, Hire-Purchase Loans)
  • Mortgage Actions
  • Guarantees (Director’s Undertaking-Construction Contracts & Supplies)
  • Voluntary Arrangements (Debt Restructuring)
  • Bankruptcy Application
  • Post-Bankruptcy Administration-Advising a Liquidator on Registration of Legal & Equitable Charge, Lien on Company Shares, Undue Preference & Transactions At Undervalue Involving Loans & Quasi-Loans to Company Director
  • Enforcement Proceedings, Renewal of Writ of Execution
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement
  • Annulment of Marriages
  • Contested & Uncontested Divorce & Division of Matrimonial Assets
  • Custody and Maintenance
  • Probate & Letters of Administration
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes
  • Disciplinary Proceedings (Involving Allegation of Cheating During Accountancy Examination)
  • Striking Out Civil Suit On Grounds Of Implied Prohibition, Illegality & Considerations of Public Policy (Housing Agent Registration and Claim for Commissions) .

Yew Teck is fluent in English, Mandarin and Hokkien.




在他二十一年的职业生涯,他代表了个人、 公司、 管理公司、 银行、 保险公司和法律援助的当事人。


§ 商标侵权案

§ 反竞争案

§ 建筑与施工索赔

§ 建筑和施工审判申请

§ 进度索赔,违约金赔偿,延期时间索赔和建筑缺陷索赔

§ 担保债券索赔

§ 禁令限制付款

§ 个人损伤 和工作场所受伤索赔

§ 股东纠纷

§ 公司清盘

§ 公司债务重组

§ 商品与服务法律

§ 债务追回(担保和无担保贷款,循环贷款,抵押贷款)

§ 破产案

§ 公司破产清算案

§ 诽谤、 恶意谎言侵权

§ 非法干扰业务  诱导违反合同案

§ 欺诈和失信投资案

§ 造商业名称

§ 判决实行诉讼

§ 婚前协议

§ 撤消婚姻

§ 离婚及分割婚姻财产

§ 遗嘱遗产认证书申请

§ 车祸索赔

§ 房东与租客纠纷

§ 纪律处分案

§ 撤销民事诉讼案 


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