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Lawyer at Rajen Law Practice (*while setting up firm). Personally handle all my cases.


LLB from National University of Singapore (Class of 2008), Advocate & Solicitor Supreme Court of Singapore (18 May 2009), Associate Mediator at Singapore Mediation Centre (since 2009), and Commissioner for Oaths (since 2019).


Getting in-touch:

Contact me through my direct line +6594763230 (call / What’s App / text) or e-mail at lawyer@jinhuang.sg. Normally I will arrange an initial call (about 10 minutes) to get more background and explain some preliminary points on further arrangements to properly advise you on your matter.


About Me:

I am just your regular bloke earning an honest living to pay my bills and have a bit to spare.


Grew up on the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia, and later moved to another beautiful island, and my current home, Singapore. During my formative years, I enjoyed learning the many lessons learnt through sports, particularly rugby, where I had the privilege to captain the U-15 and U-18 teams at my alma mater, Penang Free School. I also ran (100m and 4x100m) for my school’s athletics team.


After a stint at University of Melbourne, I came to the National University of Singapore, where I obtained my Bachelor of Laws in 2008. I enjoyed every bit of student life and have fond memories of my time as Sports Secretary of the 26th Law Club Management Committee, as well as acting in my year’s play “Kopishop Rock” (proceeds from ticket sales went to charity).


Then “reality” set-in and I got called to the Singapore Bar in 2009. I then started my career in a shipping firm, where I benefitted from good exposure and top-notch guidance from my seniors and pupil master. Although I enjoyed the many “adventures” such as arresting numerous vessels, I soon realized that shipping was not my cup of tea and decided to set sail on my current journey.


I moved on to several firms where I primarily practiced Family Law and Civil/Commercial Litigation, before dropping anchor and sinking roots as a self-employed since May 2015. After careful consideration for several years, coupled with some push-and-pull factors, I finally decided to set up my own firm and I am in the process of doing so.


With my clients, I value a strong lawyer-client relationship built on mutual trust and respect. I make realistic assessments of your matter and will advise you on cost-effective solutions. I am glad to guide you along the way, and I only hope that my advice is heeded. As a default mode, I will assist you to look at the dispute / issue at hand, with your future happiness in mind. I believe that my charges are fair and reasonable, and I am transparent with my charges. Ultimately, I am here to protect you, so I will always give you a truthful view of your situation (even if the truth is painful to hear).


Areas of Practice:

My experience (apart from my focus area of practice) is broad. From shipping to insurance and personal injury claims, to bankruptcy, employment, landlord-tenant, Council of Estate Agents disciplinary proceedings, and criminal representation, I have always done my best for the clients my firm and I represented. However, I chose to focus on Family Law and this forms the bulk of my work to date.


Currently, my practice focuses on Family Law matters (e.g. divorce, maintenance, custody, care & control and access, personal protection orders, variation of ancillary matters orders, appeals, cross-border family issues (e.g. relocation, child abduction, injunction(s), etc.) involving various countries (e.g. Shanghai China, Taiwan, USA, India, New Zealand, UK), mediation (court and private). I also handle estate matters (e.g. Wills, Probate & Administration, Lasting Power of Attorney), civil / commercial claims, creditor-debtor claims, applications under Mental Capacity Act, landlord-tenant matters, and employment matters.


Reported cases / featured articles:

VLO v. VLP [2021] SGFC 68;

VLO v. VLP [2020] SGFC 79;

UFI v. UFG [2017] SGFC 102;

TDX v. TDY [2015] SGFC 95;

Custody row: Teary-eyed twins leave for US” by K C Vijayan, Straits Times 16 March 2011; and

Divorce Lawyers Share 5 Truths on Marriage”, Herworld 27 June 2019.


Some cases which struck a chord:

1. Securing shared care and control of a child for a father who had been denied access and excluded from his child’s life by his ex-spouse and her mother.


2. Obtaining a series of Orders to secure client’s child in Singapore including: (a) 2 injunctions for 2 separate abduction attempts by ex-wife; (b) application to hand over child physically for purposes of relevant immigration applications; and (c) other related orders to secure stable access for client. Eventually resisting other side’s application for relocation and securing shared care & control for client. *See: VLO v. VLP [2021] SGFC 68; and VLO v. VLP [2020] SGFC 79.


3. Successfully appealing and overturning an ancillary matters decision ordering client to pay about S$300,000.00 more than he should have had to pay, due to an overvaluation of his shares in the court below.


4. Representing mother in application to relocate back to her home country (Shanghai, China) with her son after marriage in Singapore broke down. Obtained 45% of division of matrimonial assets for wife in 7-year marriage and secured her and the son financially. [*Note: Sources reveal that the Order was so “good” (for us) that the client’s husband asked for a reconciliation]


5. Involved in successfully applying for the return of twin boys from Singapore to the U.S. after being abducted by their mother (*Note: In 2010, just before International Child Abduction Act came into force).


6. Represented younger son in a sensitive suit against him by mother (*suspected instigation by older son), for the division of a flat in joint names. Although we reached a favourable settlement at Court mediation, with my client’s blessings, I pushed for further terms in the agreement to ensure that the elderly mother would be protected against being instigated to sell her flat by the older son. We agreed that we could have just stopped there but we wanted to do the ethical thing.


7. In another sensitive suit, represented parents in cross-applications for PPOs with their violent son. While the suit was ongoing, we had to concurrently manage the eviction of the son from the parents’ flat, so that the parents could sell their flat and move on with their lives.


8. Representing mother who moved back to home country (India) from Singapore with daughter when marriage broke down.


9. Successfully appealing an Ancillary Matters order, resulting in father getting at least 50% more access time with his son.


10. Successfully defending against application by client’s ex-wife to reduce his access time with children. This was a classic cliché case of using the children as a “bargaining chip”. Not only did we get the ex-wife’s application dismissed, I also successfully persuaded the Court to grant more access to my client.


11. Advised client and successfully negotiated a resolution at Private Mediation that saved my client hundreds of thousands of dollars had the matter proceeded to a hearing. In employing much “soft-skills” and targeted diplomacy, an amicable agreement was reached which avoided the need for client to sell inherited family home.


12. Successfully negotiating for and obtaining sole care & control order for father of young boy. Many judgment calls had to be made and I am glad we made the right calls.


13. Successfully negotiating for and obtaining an order for sole custody of child for mother where her ex-husband showed no interest in the child whatsoever.


14. Successfully pleading for and securing probation for a teenage boy charged with Robbery with common intent.


15. Successfully defending against enforcement of, and rescinding, a Maintenance order.


16. Obtaining an order for 100% liability against the other party in a contentious road traffic accident trial, after the other side refused to accept a reasonable offer.


17. Securing unpaid wages for crew stranded on ship arrested in Singapore waters (and subsequently abandoned by shipowners) and arranging for their repatriation to their home countries.


18. All the other matters in which just 1 letter or some advice, was all it took to stop my clients from being bullied by their landlords, tenants, employers, ex-spouses, etc.



To communicate, I speak and write in English and Malay. I am also able to speak Mandarin and Hokkien. Even with different language proficiency levels between clients and I, communication is generally smooth as long as there are 2 willing parties.



In my own time, I make a conscious effort to stay connected to society. On the “legal” front, I conduct legal clinics at Cheng San CC once a month (started in 2012), and I was an Adjunct Lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic since mid-2015 to December 2020. On the “personal” front, I try to keep healthy by doing yoga, pilates and going swimming, as well as watching rugby (specifically the Hurricanes and the All Blacks). When going about life, I like exchanging experiences through a good old conversation with people I meet.

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I found a lawyer Teo Jin Huang of IRB Law to handle my case. He is a very helpful and pleasant person, and explained the cost and other charges. I would recommend him to others.

Melvyn Chan,

Had engaged Jin Huang for some simple legal service. He is very quick to respond to inquiries and and transparent in regards to fees and charges. He has a friendly demeanor, easy to talk to yet very professional. And yes, I would recommend his legal services.


Through the service, I manage to find Jin Huang to help me handle my case. I spoke to him and found him very friendly and reasonable. Should a need arise again in future, I would definitely engage his service. I would also strongly recommend him to others.

Pamela Ang,

Media & Publications

Custody row: Teary-eyed twins leave for US” by K C Vijayan, Straits Times 16 March 2011

Divorce Lawyers Share 5 Truths on Marriage”, Herworld 27 June 2019