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Walter graduated from NUS Law in 2001 and was called to the Singapore Bar in 2002. He started practice at Drew & Napier LLC under Mr. Davinder Singh S.C. after being called to the bar and has several years of high-level complex dispute resolution experience.

His extensive dispute resolution experience includes:

  • Assisting Senior Counsel in representing a large Indonesian conglomerate in the then largest debt restructuring in the world (estimated US$16 billion) and related US securities action, bondholders litigation and class action litigation in multiple jurisdictions including Indonesia, Singapore, New York, California, various other parts of the US, Canada and Bermuda;
  • Assisting Senior Counsel in several defamation cases and counterclaims brought by former opposition members against the former Prime Minister, and vice-versa;
  • Assisting counsel in representing clients in a variety of contentious intellectual property cases including:
    • Trademark infringement
    • Trademark oppositions
    • Passing Off
    • Patent infringement
  • Representing clients on both sides of employer-employee disputes;
  • A wide variety of contentious work involving claims based on the Consumer Protection Act, landlord and tenant disputes, and aviation services; and
  • Providing advice and assisting in out of court settlements of several claims including a minority shareholders’ oppression claim.

Walter’s extensive experience in high-level litigation and his work in corporate and commercial law has given him a well-rounded perspective of what agreements should entail. This led him to focus his practice on assisting companies in Singapore and around the region with vetting and preparing agreements which further and protect their interests.

Walter’s team also provides fixed fees for vetting and drafting of agreements, including but not limited to:

  • Sale and Purchase of Shares/ Property/ Goods;
  • Shareholder/ Stakeholder Agreements;
  • Termination Agreements;
  • Employment Agreements;
  • Employment Policies & Handbooks/ Guidelines;
  • PDPA and Privacy Policies;
  • Terms & Conditions for Websites;
  • Letters and Memorandums of Understanding;
  • Letters of Undertaking;
  • IOUs
  • Settlement Agreements.

Walter took a break from the legal profession for several years, working at high levels in non-profit organizations in the United States, before resuming practice with Drew & Napier and thereafter at a boutique law firm specialising in corporate and commercial law in Singapore with a focus on cross-border transactions out of Indonesia. His experiences and practice have given him an acute sense of the commercial realities of doing business and he uses this knowledge to assist his clients.

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Reviews (8)

A disgruntled ex-employee sued our company for more than $155,000, alleging a non-existent commission agreement, alleged forced expenses, and expired outstanding medical fees.” We approached Silvester Legal for assistance in defending the Company against the ex-employee’s frivolous and fabricated claims.

Walter Alexander and Siraj Shaik Aziz took the case to trial and successfully resisted the case of the ex-employee to the point where only $50 of expired outstanding medical fees were granted to him in the end.

Throughout this dispute, which also required an understanding of Japanese work culture, we were very impressed by their professionalism and expertise. In addition, they tried every aspect to understand our situation and our communication never failed. They suggested all possible ways to fight against the ex-employee, which led us to think of a better way to manage our Company such as redrafting our outdated Employment agreement.

I highly recommend them for all your litigation needs.


Walter S was extremely prompt in returning my enquiries. He had empathy for the case and was realistic with each of the avenues to take. No overselling and I was extremely satisfied with the overall knowledge. Walter A was very efficient and clear with the drafting and corporate law. He wasted no time and brought a very quick resolution to my case.

The team delivered precisely as requested. They had an appreciation for my cost restrictions and gave concise, informed and relevant feedback.

Simon Christofides,

I am very grateful for Walter’s kind and dedicated support throughout the negotiations of a high value business sales transaction negotiation with Dow Jones. He and the team from Silvester Legal provided me with legal support from the early NDA stage through to completion of the transaction.
Thanks to the team, I was able to get what were the most important items accepted by the other side and we could all sign in a positive mood.

Sakura Y.,

I approached Silvester Legal to review and draft important documents pertaining to my company. They not only provided me with practical advice but went over and above by providing useful tips and counsel that has been helpful to my business. The matter was completed much quicker and for much less legal fees than I expected.

Professional, affordable and friendly legal service. Highly recommended.

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