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  • 141 Cecil Street Tung Ann Association Building #08-02 Singapore 069541
  • Office Hours:

    9.30am - 9.30pm daily


Silvester Legal LLC focuses on providing exceptional legal service at competitive rates in:

  • Commercial claims; 
  • Civil Claims; 
  • Arbitration; 
  • Disputes between businesses; internationally and locally;
  • Disputes between shareholders and directors; 
  • Divorce;
  • Claims for damages and collection of unpaid invoices;
  • Litigation at all levels of Court; Magistrate’s, State, High Court and the Court of Appeal; 
  • Employment Claims; 
  • Defamation;
  • Criminal Defence; 
  • Mediation and dispute resolution. 

Silvester Legal LLC also drafts water-tight and practical agreements at a reasonable fixed fee for: 

  • Sale and purchase of businesses; 
  • Sale and purchase of goods;
  • Shareholder Agreements; 
  • Termination Agreements; 
  • Employment Agreements; 
  • PDPA and privacy policies; 
  • Letters and Memorandums of Understanding; 
  • Letters of Undertaking; 
  • IOUs
  • Stakeholder Agreements; and 
  • Settlement Agreements. 

Silvester Legal LLC also provides fixed fee services for the following: 

  • Uncontested divorce at $1,500 all in including 2 x consultations 
  • Power of Attorney (local) at $250 all in
  • Deed Poll at $100


Walter Silvester has over a decade of experience in dealing with high-level litigation, drafting of commercial agreements and arbitration at Lee & Lee, Joseph Tan Jude Benny LLP and Rajah & Tann.

Silvester Legal LLC aims to replicate the exceptional legal work Walter has become accustomed to providing, at a reasonable cost with more personalised service.

At many bigger firms, partners do not actually do the work. At Silvester Legal LLC, Walter is involved in every file to ensure that the clients get exactly what they are paying for; outstanding legal services.

Walter will spend time with you to understand your problem and provide you with practical, cost-effective solutions. If you need to go to Court, you will be represented by someone who will champion your cause tirelessly and fearlessly.

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Number              : 6224 2214

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Reviews (30)

Walter arranged to see me the same day I contacted him. He gave calm and level headed advice during a difficult situation. He helped me understand my rights as an employee and I appreciate his help. Thank you Walter.


I engaged Walter regarding an issue over product liability in a contract clause. Walter answered to my satisfaction and provided insights that I have not considered. He was accommodating and genuine when giving his perspective on my legal issues.
I would certainly recommend him and his practice for those seeking legal advice.


Walter was recommended when I had a commercial litigation matter in 2013. He was sharp and his expertise in litigation allowed us to collect our dues quickly. He is highly recommended for litigation. In fact, I am using him to this day for all my legal matters.


So grateful that someone can give advise for free. He listened carefully and paid attention to my concern without asking anything in return.

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Write a review