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A Step Towards Affordable Legal Resolution

In response to the significant legal costs of bringing a claim through the courts, the Primary Justice Project has been launched as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism. It is a collaboration between the State Courts, the Law Society of Singapore and the Community Justice Centre (The Community Justice Centre is…

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Illegal strikes in Singapore

In December 2012, 29 mainland Chinese bus drivers were deported from Singapore, while five others were prosecuted and jailed for their participation in an illegal strike. The state of Singapore does not make light of disruptions to its labour machine. In accordance with Part III of the Criminal Law (Temporary…

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Is planking legal in Singapore?

The phenomenon of planking, pioneered by cartoon character Snoopy, adopting a different guise as “The Lying Down Game”, and making a dramatic comeback in recent years, has taken Singapore by storm. In fact, May 25th has been named Annual Planking Day for planking enthusiasts and newcomers alike to celebrate the…

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