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Is planking legal in Singapore?

The phenomenon of planking, pioneered by cartoon character Snoopy, adopting a different guise as “The Lying Down Game”, and making a dramatic comeback in recent years, has taken Singapore by storm. In fact, May 25th has been named Annual Planking Day for planking enthusiasts and newcomers alike to celebrate the…

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What can I do if someone hacks into my user account and uses my account without permission? (Hotmail, Blogspot, Facebook etc)

If someone accesses your account, such as a Hotmail, Blogspot or Facebook, without permission, you may have legal recourse against the perpetrator. Under the Computer Misuse Act, various offences involving the unauthorised access of computer material are punishable crimes. These include, for instance: Logging into your account without permission Logging…

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What should I do if I have been downloading media files illegally, and a lawyer’s letter has been served warning me to stop and to pay compensation?

In the 2007 ODEX anime saga, hundreds of illegal anime downloaders were issued letters demanding payment in place of litigation by ODEX. Payments asked for were as high as S$5,000 per downloader. ODEX was able to do so by first compelling Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to release personal information of…

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