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Amalina handles private client, family  and matrimonial disputes, ranging from divorce, probate, adoption proceedings and applications under  the  Mental  Capacity  Act. A  majority  of  Amalina’s  cases contain international  elements, with particular focus on cross-border disputes where issues of custody, care and control of children are highly contentious.

Amalina advocates for a collaborative approach towards the practice of family law with the view of achieving a solution that is practical and workable. Amalina believes that it is important for divorcing couples to be able to move on with their lives post-divorce in the  least acrimonious way as possible, especially where there are children involved and whose interests have to be protected.

Amalina also provides advice on succession planning, including estate planning for Muslims.

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Amalina is a very sincere and intelligent lawyer who thinks precisely to the point and also predicts the legal implications of the submission statements. She helped to present my case with added value to my legal application for sole care and control of my children, which was eventually granted by the Court. I was in financial difficulty when I approached her but she mentioned an affordable price. She has been very patient and helpful with excellent clear guidance on the Divorce proceedings, throughout the year. I would definitely recommend her for she gave me confidence and peace of mind, ever since she took over my case.

Divya R,

I was introduced by my siblings to consult Amalina for my ongoing case regarding court maintenance fees. It has been going on for more than 20 years to my ex-wife.

However, Amalina took on my case, and managed to turn things around in less than 2 years, with me eventually winning the case.

She handled my case with great speed and efficiency, and the case was finally settled in 2020.

I will not hesitate to introduce or recommend anyone to her services. She is a very approachable lady, and will provide a good listening ear to your plight, whatever it may be. She was also really meticulous and thorough in her research of my case, and picked up a lot of previously missed details which contributed substantially towards my eventual victory of the lawsuit.

It has been a great pleasure working with Amalina. Thank you very much.

R W,

I’m happy that my divorced case is finally have finished… All thnks to my lawyer Ms Amalina….

Nur Atiqah,

Thank you for all your help and patience in my divorce. You made a difficult time a little easier and less stressful. Which I greatly appreciate.

Jumariah. Y,
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