2020 Parenting Trends All Parents Need To Watch Out For

To embrace them or not, you decide.

Raising children has become increasingly demanding in the modern age with parents found to be spending more time and energy trying to balance between the demands of work and family. Modern parents are also found to be more invested, conscious and savvy when it comes to their parenting choices. While there really is no one-size-fits-all option to the ways of parenting, there are certain notable trends and cultural shifts to consider.

Trends being trends, they come and go—especially in the social media age. While some trends have continued to flourish over the years, some have died down. Here are some of the 2020 parenting trends we think might seem a little more different (or not) than in 2019.

To embrace them or not, you make the call.

2020 Parenting Trends To Watch Out For

1. Self-care habits

Facebook IQ revealed its 2020 Topics and Trends Report after gathering data from what Facebook users shared with each other, the conversations they had on each others’ posts, as well as what users searched most.

It is found that individuals in the U.S. are embracing more self-care rituals, from using speciality soaks and chill-out music to destress. But parents, it does not have to be fancy like that. 2020 could be the year when you actually start to take better care of yourself, starting from life’s simple pleasures: taking a walk, having a proper bath or allowing yourself to crave for certain things without having to feel guilty.

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2. All things Gender-neutral

From gender-neutral Barbie dollsmodern names to raising a gender-neutral baby, it is definitely one to make waves this 2020, if it hasn’t already.

Whether or not you believe in the stereotype that pink is only for girls, and blue for boys, or if you can accept that boys are to play with dolls, this brings up a hot topic of discussion. Fad or not, time will tell!

3. The move away from Instamum culture

It is easy to get into the motion of scrolling through your Instagram feed and feeling like your life pales in comparison with the world out there. Seeing another mum enjoying a getaway with her family while you’re stuck with a pouty toddler can be demoralising—the guilt, envy and everything else that kicks in.

But remember mums, what you are seeing might be just a snapshot of the great that’s going on in another person’s life. While it can be difficult not to be FOMO (fear of missing out), perhaps a social media cleanse can give you the breather you need.

4. Normalising anxiety

In 2019, according to Mashable, being “sad” and “depressed” has somewhat seemed to have become a norm—even trendy.

School stress is of an all-time high. People, and even kids, are encouraged to speak openly about their mental health, and seek help, even if that means encouraging the use of social media such as school confession Facebook pages to speak about it. While the intention might have been to help ease their troubles, it could also have inevitably caused the normalisation of the more genuinely distressed.

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5. Tinker Time

Another 2020 parenting trend we can expect as revealed by the same Facebook report is the hands-on approach to creativity and education.

Consumer technologies are becoming more affordable and in Brazil, the maker culture or DIY culture is thriving. Even schools are incorporating technologies in their curricula like 3D printing, electronic prototypes and laser cutting. Something to look forward to certainly in raising an all-rounder.

6. Embracing postpartum bodies

How do I get rid of my postpartum belly? That’s one of the most common questions mums ask, as seen on this post on theAsianparent app. Getting back into shape is at the top of many mums’ minds.

However, we are also seeing an increase in beautiful images of mums and their postpartum bodies on social media. Hashtags like #this_is_postpartum and #everywomanisanangel gives mums the inspiration and confidence they need.

In 2020, it is all about instilling positivity, uplifting each other and seeing the beautiful even in imperfections.

#postpartum body, I see you. And I thank you. Even now, you’re still giving of yourself to feed my babies, to bring them comfort, peace, nourishment and life. | Photo: @tabithablue /Instagram

7. Environmental consciousness

Whether we are looking at eco-friendly baby products, taking a more conscious approach towards fashion purchases, or environmental activism as identified by the Facebook IQ report, environmental consciousness is one of the key 2020 parenting trends to note.

How does it affect parents and parenting then? Having an environmental consciousness mindset translates into mindfulness in living and the home. When you adopt this at home, your kids learn how to be aware as well. When it comes to parenting, role-modelling is always the way to go.

8. Less screen time, more audiobooks

Audiobooks are said to have doubled in popularity in 2019 as compared to last year.

Listening to audiobooks presents an alternative to devices which can be distracting for little ones. Does this sound like great news, parents?

Audiobooks are said to also help in developing crucial listening and concentration, which are important skills to have. It also allows kids to multitask while they engage in other activities.

9. Health at the forefront

When it comes to health concerns, and especially with the little ones, parents definitely do not want to take the risk.

Consumers are no longer laid back as before, doing their research before committing into something. In the Facebook IQ report, it is found that in France, the more health-conscious ultilise popular apps to screen everyday food and personal care items that could contain harmful ingredients, nutrients, antioxidants and pollutants.

Parents these days are more conscious on what they feed their child, even searching for ways to improve health and brain development.

So many things to consider, right? But with information being so accessible, and google as our best friend, this 2020 parenting trend is definitely here to stay.

Source: Facebook IQ 2020 Topics and Trends Report

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Written by: Jia Ling