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Balakrishnan has been a practising lawyer for more than 20 years, having been called to the Singapore Bar in 1997. He has considerable expertise in various areas of law, including criminal defence, civil litigation, arbitration, family law and general solicitor’s work. His extensive experience includes:

  1. Criminal defence involving traffic, personal, property and drug related offences;
  2. Arbitration and litigation involving commercial and construction disputes;
  3. Advising and litigating property ownership and management and MCST related matters;
  4. Debt recovery work including mortgagee actions for major financial institutions;
  5. Insolvency litigation including bankruptcy and company winding up;
  6. Personal injury claims arising from traffic accidents and industrial accidents  and workmen compensation claims;
  7. Family related matters including divorce, guardianship and adoption applications.
  8. Solicitors’ work including conveyancing representation, drafting corporate/business documents and agreements, wills, power of attorney and probate applications.

It is this extensive experience that enables him to render sound legal advice for all your legal problems and offer solutions which are always cost-effective and in the client’s best interests.

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Reviews (11)

Bala assisted me during a challenging period of my life here in Singapore. His legal knowledge and together with clearly formulated legal strategies help me to win a case which many previous lawyer whom I consulted said was weak. He guided me with each step of the process and was very professional and courteous. He wear his heart on his sleeve. An outstanding lawyer.

June Lim,

Thank you Mr Bala for helping me claim back my money. Although the amount is not huge, it means a lot to me. I am very very grateful to you and Mr Rudy Marican for helping me during this difficult time.

Chin Chin,

My ex-spouse made my life hell and painful. There’s more to a divorce or custody than just mere paperwork. There are complex emotions involved. Bala and his team provide open and honest legal help which I am thankful of. He guided me through the emotional struggles and difficult decisions.

Everyone at Lexcompass is very friendly and professional . They made me feel more at ease in a very difficult situation and time in our lives. They answered our questions completely and always returned our messages in a timely manner. A Big Thank You, Mr Bala.

Mike Cheng,
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